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What a Shit Day
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 24th, 2014

It's 12:14 am. I'm only just driving home from work now; I can't believe they expected me to finish two manuals before morning. What bullshit!

It's a foggy night, I can't see too far ahead on the road; just a sea of green lights. The roads are quiet.

A soft tone rings in the car. Ah, fuck; gas light. Another fucking delay. What a shit day.

I pull into the gas station; I step out. I rub my eyes; I'm barely awake as I stand there, staring blankly at the road.

A white SUV comes, parks at the pump on the opposite side of mine. No one comes out right away.

My pump clicks finished; I turn to reach for the handle.

Shuffling feet. Then a sharp pain on the back of my head; I hit the side of my car on the way down; then I was out.

I wake in darkness. As I come to, moving slightly, I hear rustling all around me. Every move I make seems to rustle like paper.

I try to take a breath, but something covers my mouth; I deeply inhale from my nostrils, breathing through my uncovered nostrils.

What the fuck is this?!

I hear voices. Soft voices; they sound like they are approaching. Should I call out, try to make a sound? Am I hidden?

I softly moan out. The voices just continue, louder now, as if nearby, but in hushed tones; I can't hear make out a thing.

I moan out, louder this time; more deliberate.

Then I hear soft giggles.

I hear more deliberate footfalls approach; coming quick.

"Happy Birthday mom!" I hear two young women yell out in unison.

"Oh my! What a surprise; and what on Earth?"

"We wanted to get you something special," one of the girls says.

"Something you couldn't get anywhere else," says the other.

Rustling again, and I feel paper pushed against me. Am I wrapped?!

Loud ripping around my head and a bright light comes in, blinding my eyes.

As they adjust, I see two young women at my sides; they beam down at me.

And in the center of them; a middle-aged woman. Beautiful, hair mussed; wearing a bathrobe wrapped tightly around her waist. She smiled too; her eyes filled with tears.

"Oh my god! Sweeties. This is so nice...," the mother says, looking down straight at me.

I look over to one of the girls, "I knew you'd love it mom!"

My eyes go wide; I look to the other girl.

"It's just for you, try it out!"

The mother disrobes, her body as beautiful as her face; wearing only a bra and panties; the robe drops to the floor.

She steps towards me, "I guess it's a good thing I didn't fart yet this morning."

The girls laugh out loud. What did she say?!

I moan, trying to yell; trying to protest.

They all just smile down at me, grinning evilly; they didn't care about my protest. They were going to do whatever they wanted with me; and what they want to do is...

The mother's tight butt, panties pulled down around her thighs, crashes roughly against my face; the girls giggling.

"Ouufff, I can tell this is going to be a big one...," the mother strains.

The girls laugh.

The mother groans just a little.


She sighs euphorically; looking back at me.

I scream in pure terror as the hot gas rushes up my nostrils with such force; I feel the wind blowing roughly around my brain.

And then the smell; oh, god, the smell! Like eggs and garlic; oh god please...I gasp and gag, dry heave as the putrid crack of the mother's ass is pressed against my face; holding the smell there.

I beg, I plea under the retched torture but it just comes out as muffled cries that just incite laugher from the women.

The mother chuckles as she lifts up, my head goes back by the force of her ass pushing until she sits down; putting most her weight on my face. God it hurts so much; my neck is going to break off! Please.....don't do this!

"This feels so good girls; I feel his breath as he's sucking up my gas. I can't believe I've waited so long to do this. Thank you, girls," the mother says.

Oh god....I feel her butthole opening against my, please!!!


She sighs in relief. The putrid veggie smell pours up my nostril like an ocean wave; and I choke in the same way but unable to cough.

I puke but have to swallow it; taking in deep, desperate sniffs of gassy tainted air. I wheeze heavily, my throat dry; my nostrils burn. I sob openly, crying between screams.

The mother slides forward, finally dropping from my face; my neck cracks as she moves down but still maintains her butt pressed directly in my face.

She looks down, right at me, my eyes which are pleading with her to stop; to remove her toxic ass from being pressed against my nose. Tears roll down my face, down my cheeks to hers.

The mother smirks, "Are you enjoying this?"

She digs her bare heel into my crotch; I moan out in pain. Fucking sadistic bitch!

One of the girls pipes in, "I think he is! Gross!"

"Ah, this is great; thank you so much. I am really going to enjoy this; were you planning on staying in with me and using him?"

"Uh...," one of the girls answers, hesitant.

The other pipes in, "We figured you'd want to use him yourself today...right?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Nice girls...real nice; make plans on your mother's birthday."

"Well...we could be back for dinner, I guess."

A long silence. "Urm...yeah...I guess."

"Well, I'd hate to burden you girls."

"Great! So we'll see you when we see you!"

"Happy birthday mom!"

Footsteps rush out and the door slams.

The mother finally moves her butt off my face and I get my first nostril full of fresh oxygen in a long while. I try to shuffle forward but tip and fall on my face. I wiggle around until I'm finally on my back; the mother standing tall over me.

"Now then," she starts, authoritatively, "how to proceed with you," she asks herself; looking at me. "I figure you probably haven't learned your place yet."

I look at her, still recovering on the floor, my nostrils flaring wildly to the clean air; perplexed.

"That's what I thought."

She rushes over, squatting her panty-covered butt just inches from my face; I scream...


She stays there, "Smell that!"

Is this bitch insane?!

"You're my property now; you exist to sniff my farts and whatever else I may think up for you. Do you understand?!" She demands.

I scream louder, like bloody murder; somehow her atrocious gas is worse this time. Or the break to sweet and too short to end to this horror.

She sits down, FFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppp!

And endless fart ripples against my face with a hot spread that overpowers me; I feel my eyes roll back in my head as my nostrils take a big, unwilling inhale of the monster blast she ripped through my face.

And she gets up; my nostrils gaping and sucking in as much oxygen as it can, as if this was the last time.

"You'll do what I say, do you understand that?" She asks, calmly again.

I look at her, tears running from my eyes; maybe agreeing will end this torture, god I'll do anything at this point. Anything just to end it.

I nod.

"That's a good boy," she says, walking away, to another part of the kitchen.

I smile behind my bind, my eyes squinted. Is it over?

She walks back casually, "Of course, I can't release you until I'm sure I can trust you."

She leans down near my face; shadowing mine with hers, "You understand, don't you?"

She wrinkles her nose, "Phew, you really stink." She grins, not waiting for an answer; and stands again.

Oh god, I think she's going to keep me here forever.

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