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Welcome to the Suburbs
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 16, 2011


"Oh, honey! Tell me how that one smelled!"

"Great babe," I manage to choke out the lie.

Her farts smell like rotting cabbage but if I told her anything but good things she'd make this worse. She is already sitting on my face and making me sniff her farts; I couldn't imagine anything worse but I couldn't risk it either.

"Good; I don't know what you are going to do the week I'm gone on business."

Oh thank God; a week to rest finally.


I pass out from lack of oxygen.


When I wake I see the sky moving slow above me; I'm outside.

I look around and see I'm in a wheelbarrow; being pushed by my wife.

I try to say something but there is something in my mouth. I yell out but it's muffled. My wrists are bound behind me; my ankles are ties.

My wife looks down at me, "It's okay dear."

She's so reassuring.

I see Donna's house coming into view; what on Earth is going on.


Donna answers the door and her eyes light up upon seeing me in the wheelbarrow.

"Well hey there!" she exclaims as if to a dog.

"Here he is Donna; take care of him while I'm gone."

"Sure thing dariln'; we are just gonna have a lot of fun, aren't we?"

She lifts me from the wheelbarrow and says goodbye to my wife.

"Well, you came just in time; I'm making lunch, you're going to be my seat."

I shake my head no.

"No?" She asks, then slaps my face.

"Don't you tell me no! Now get in that kitchen!"

I shuffle my way into the kitchen and wait for her to place my head against her seat. When she returns with a bowl of something; my face becomes cushion to her butt.

"Ahhhh, very comfy to enjoy my beans."

She smiles as she takes the first bite; I whimper and cry.

A few minutes into the meal she lifts one leg.


"Oooohhh, that feels good!"

The fart was obnoxious in sound but not nearly as potent as my wife's; yet still, it was hardly pleasant.

"Does that smell good, little slave?"

"Yes ma'am," I mumble out from under her ass.

"Good; are you hungry?"

I nod. I hadn't eaten yet today.

She drops a bean near my mouth; I open my mouth to grab it. She moves slightly and farts in my open mouth.


The sound echoes around my mouth; she laughs.

"Taste good? It's my own recipe."

I pass out again.


When I wake up I notice I'm in a bathtub that is slowly filling.

Carol, another neighbor, suddenly walks in; she's naked. She is a big woman but apparently her clothes hid a good hundred pounds.

"Hey you're awake. That's great."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to take a bath and you're going to help."

Carol gets in the tub and starts to sit on my head.

"I'll drown!" I scream as my head starts to submerge.

"No you won't; I have plenty of air for you," she says as she pushes my head all the way under."

I can hear nothing from above the water.


A huge fart blasts putrid air up my nose which I breathe to stay alive but this is no kind of living.

She farts once more; I pass out.


"You better eat my shit!" A voice yells; it's another woman but I'm not sure who.

I hear screaming and see a puckered asshole descending upon my face.


She farts as she starts to push out a log from her butt straight into my unwilling mouth.

I close my lips around the log and get a taste of the awful thing; I gag as I choke more of it down my through, avoiding tasting it as best I could.


She lifts up a little to spray me with liquid shit and then laughs.

"Clean me up now."

She lowers her asshole back for my tongue and I begin to lick the shit off her; choking all the while.

I'm not even finished when she turns and lays her cunt over my face; she starts fucking it like it's an inanimate object. She moans and coos softly before screaming in orgasm; she lies there and let's her juices flow. She falls asleep in this position.


I woke up once more; this time in darkness. The light flips on; it's my wife, I'm home.

I run up and hug her legs like the good pet I am.

"Oh, I know honey; mamma's back," she says with a smile; stroking my hair.

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