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Under the Desk
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 19th, 2011

The rest of the class had finally filed out and it was only the teacher and I that remained. He called me to the front of the room; I walked up, my head hung in shame though I had no idea what I had done.

"Becky, I'm really disappointed in your assignment."

"I'm sorry Mr. Perkins."

"Yeah, that really doesn't help anything; what happened?"

"I didn't understand it."

"Excuse me?"

I am fearful, "I...didn't understand."

"Oh? So I'm stupid; I don't know how to write a question?"

"What? No, I didn't say that!"

"Really? Because that's what it's sounding like."


"You're going to come with me?"

"Where are we going?" I ask, terrified.

Mr. Perkins just smiles as he grabs my arm; his palms moist but held firm around my wrist. He jerks me towards the desk, pulling a small ring on the floor with his free hand. He pulls open a small door that leads to some steps going down; Mr. Perkins drags me with him.

As we descend, I notice this room looks something like a dungeon and in the center is a short box sitting on the ground; it's all black, maybe about a seven inches tall with a cushion on top. As I get closer, I see the cushion has a hole; I look at Mr. Perkins who is smilingly widely as he pulls open the top on the box and starts pushing me in. I try to fight him but he's strong as he eventually gets me in and closes the box; he shows me the padlock before clicking it closed.

"There now; that suits you Becky."

"No...please...what are you going to do?!" I plead, trying to shake free, trying to get out but it was useless.

Mr. Perkins didn't say anything, he unbuckled his pants with a smile and then turned; I saw his tight, hairy bum. Then, like a flash, it was coming down at my face and then it was sitting on me, my nose up his ass. He laughed as I started to smell how putrid it was, like he didn't wipe or something; it smelled like pure shit and I couldn't get free.


Ready for what I thought to myself.


A big hot fart blasted out all over my face and hung around my nose and mouth waiting to be sucked in; waiting to torment me with it's noxious odors. I cough and sputter violently; I scream but it's suffocated in ass.

"Don't bother; if you wanna do something productive you can lick my ass."

Ugh...fucking disgusting.


Another fart pushed out and filled my nostrils with it terrible stink; it burned my nose and made my eyes water. I start to cry.

"Oh, baby Becky crying?" Mr. Perkins asks tauntingly as he rises off my face finally; I suck in frantically, remembering how great fresh air is.

I watch Mr. Perkins grab a jar and put it to his butt; he blows a full ten second fart in it; his face almost euphoric as he fills the jar with an almost colored gas.

He chuckles to himself as he approaches; I shake my head no, pleading.

He puts the jar on the hole and twists it tight; the huge blast slowly drifts from the jar and I watch it as it hovers, falling, falling and crashing into my nose; it makes me want to vomit it's so rank. Mr. Perkins leaves laughing; I fall in darkness as I sob softly in a hell of stink.


Mr. Perkins came down everyday after class to give me his 'fresh' farts and then leave me with a big fart in a jar that lasted until the next time I saw him; I vomited at least twice over the six times I saw him. The seventh time, he came with a jar already; I watched, horrified, as he put it on the floor, his pants already down, and begin to release turds into it; a little squirt of liquid shit.

"Now the real thing toilet."

I plead with him; I scream to him but he doesn't care. He lowers the jar, the liquid shit splashing against my face first before the poops slide down and splatter against my face and hang around my nose smothering it in shit smell.

Mr. Perkins laughs hysterically as the darkness falls in the dungeon again; when will I get out of here? The shit rests against my face; I vomit again...I swallow it.

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