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Tough Mistake
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 30th, 2011

"Get away from me, loser!" She says, pushing me away.

Fucking bitch, I think to myself as I walk away. I look down and notice my penis poking my shorts out; Oh God! How fucking embarrassing; I'm near a bathroom, I dart inside.

Weird, no urinals.

Pink tile.

Oh shit; girl's room.

Oh....girl's room; I peer under the stall. Yes! They have it too; a weird vent in the back of the handicap stall. I enter the stall and hide away in the vent; it's dusty, I think there's a dead rat near my foot but a real naked woman, that was worth any price of disgusting.

I hear the door open; yes, she's taking this stall. Oh no; ugh, she's huge. And a teacher, gross. I still watch her pull down her pants, her perfect crack, though big, is pretty awesome. She takes a seat on the toilet.

PRRRRRRPPPPP! As something, I don't wanna think about, hit the water.

Oh God! What's that smell; I hold stifle a gag only to cough. She turns and looks at the vent.

I try to go down but I can't quite make the hard corner; she grabs my shirt collar and pulls me out with ease. She steps on me with one foot to hold me in place.

"Well, what have I caught myself? A little pervert?"She asks as she wipes her ass quickly and tosses the shit covered sheets into the toilet. She hasn't pulled up her pants; I can't help but stare at her cooch, a little hairy, looked wet; gross.

"No, no, not at all."

"Oh really? You were just checking the vents? Listen, if you wanna hide out in the bathroom then you're gonna get exactly that."

"Huh? Please don't tell the principal! I won't do it again."

"That'd be a shame."

I look at her confused; she pulls me away from the toilet and towards the center of the large stall.

She grabs one tan cheek and parts it as her massive ass comes crashing down on my face; it pins me to the floor. Her asshole knocks me back with its putrid stench but there's no where to go. I try to wiggle my way out from under her but her five trillion pounds holds me in place.

"Mmmmmm, sexy isn't it boy?" She asks cruelly.


"Sniff that up!" She yelled.

The horrible smell hit me almost immediately; it dropped like a bomb. Beans and cheese; I choke on the air, it's so thick and god awful! I scream loudly.

"Yeah, smell that; that's good, isn't it...oh, I hear someone coming. Hey!" She slaps my chest to get my attention. I shudder with fear. "If you so much as make a fucking sound, I'll shit in your mouth, okay? And then I'll tell the principal you're a dirty pervert, got it?"


She sealed our deal with a big fart; it smelled like a dumpster. I guess I agreed; did I have a choice?

I hear the door open, foot steps; they go into an adjacent stall. I feel the teacher's hands over my chest, as if to hold me down.


"Whoa; you okay in there?" the woman in the next stall says; sounds like anther teacher.

"Fine, just, lunch isn't sitting to well with me; kinda gassy....ahhhhhh!" She sighs in relief.

The silent fart hits me then; its heat burns, as much me as it did her coming out. But the smell, that was all for me; oh joy.

The woman in the next stall gags, "That's pretty smelly."

"Yeah, sorry; be glad you're not under my ass right now."

"I'd probably be dead."



I her a flush and a hurried exit, "Well, good luck with that," the other teacher says. The door opens and closes again. Alone again.

I feel her rise off me; the sticky stench keeps me connect to her like glue a few inches. I breathe frantically once I'm out; at last, the sweet taste of pure air.

She plays with her pussy lips while towering her butt hovering over me.


I try to jump up before the smell can set in but she grabs my shoulders; "Where do you think you're going?! I'm not done with you little pervert!"

She forces me back flat on the floor and sits again; she lovingly rubs my cock a little, oh God, it's good...then she punches it. She laughs evilly as my legs writhe in pain; the rest of me trapped in a sea of smell.

"One more for the little pervert." She says as she scrunches her face grossly.


She lets it soak in before rising up off me; I'm barely conscious.

"You know, I don't think I'm going to wait for you to do this again; I'm going to find you and do this to you everyday and there is nothing you can do about it."

"Please, no..." I weakly plea.

"It's what you get for spying on ladies. Now I'll leave you to find you're own way out of here."

When she leaves, I stand up and lock the stall door. I hear her laugh. I cower in the corner.


I skipped the next class; I finally left the bathroom and made it to English. School was over after that and I'd be safe.

Class ended rather quickly, we worked in groups on a project. When the bell rang, the teacher stopped me; told me the guidance counselor needed to see me; room 631. I went there.

I open the door and look around; looks like a classroom. Suddenly, the fat teacher grabs me; puts a hand over my mouth.

"Welcome back pervert!"

"No! Please, you can't do this!"

"Of course I can; I'm the teacher."

She pulls me to her desk in the center-front of the room; she shows me her seat. My eyes go wide.

Her chair has a hole which leads to a person-sized box.

"That's right, you're going to be under me for my after-school study group." She pushes me into the contraption. "See, I fart a lot in class and I couldn't deal with the embarrassment, so I came up with this. It's smell proof, but most importantly, sound proof; no screams, no loud farts blasting over your face."

There's a rumble in her stomach, "Mmmmm, and you know what else; the last two periods boiled eggs...and I didn't want them to go to waste." She's about to sit down, I shake my head for one last plea; "It'll be a nice quiet period; oh, not where you'll be though," she says with a laugh as she greets the first student. She sits down, sealing the chamber in darkness and stench.


The eggy smell makes an entirely new hell for me as my eyes start to water.

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