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Toilet Aisle
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: April 7th, 2012

The Goddess watched as he got closer and closer to the demonstration toilets, she smiled inside her head as he stole glances at her magnificent booty. He couldn't be blamed but, with his attitutude, he had to be punished. She'd give him one more chance.

She walks up to him, "Excuse me," she said sweetly, "Could you tell me which of these could handle massive loads?"

He laughs, barely trying to hide it, "Why do you ask?"

"That's the wrong answer," the Goddess said strangly sweetly; her foot came up to make contact with the employee's balls. He doubles over in pain right near the toilets on display; he leans his head back against the seat thinking nothing of his folly.

The Goddess smiles as she slowly approaches the toilet laying against the toilet; she turns and hovers her ass inches above this man's face.

"What the fuc..." his exclimation quickly turns to a yell as a burning hot gust of beany gas blows past his face and suffocates him, a putrid dryness possessing his mouth as he coughed and gagged on the raw sewage that poured, in gaseous state, into his face.

He screams as the massive booty of the Goddess consumed his head within its cheeks.

"I think I know which toilet...uhhh," the Goddess groans in pain, "takes massive loads..."

The man is struggling for air in the stinky caverns of the Goddess' ass, he cannot hear her words but for audible echos heard from inside her body between interspersant, blowouts of gas.

"...whether HE wants to or not!" The Goddess exclaims with a sadistic laugh as a fierce log busts out from her anus with a disgusting crackle, it smashes against the toilet's face with soft putrid force as he gags and chokes on bits of log and digusting odor.

An earthshattering fart, bubbles against the otherwise still poop and pushes it's toxic odor past the dumps and locks in near the toilet's moaning face.

A few minutes to simmer in shit and the Goddess rises; quickly, feeling free, the toilet lifts his head from the demonstration toilet bowl but the Goddess hovers her ass near him.

"No, please, stay down," she sweetly commands as her booty parts for an outpouring of several heavy logs that rained down on the toilet's face pounding him back into the bowl and quickly burying him under several pounds of shit.

For a few secnds, the Goddess watches as the employee, futily, tries to lift himself before finally having to resort to slowly digging himself free from her disgusting waste. As she headed towards the exit, she touched her toes and blasted a hurricane force fart through the store; she laughed as she walked back to her newly aquire truck.

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