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Thick Punishment
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: Jan 14th, 2012

The Goddess crept slowly up to young Adam; he is carelessly drawing on the walls with washable crayon. It wasn't the act but merely the need to teach the boy what is and isn't done as he grows; for the Goddess, she also needed to reinforce his, and all her brothers' positions as toilets to her supreme booty.

"What do you think you're doing?!" The Goddess asks her brother.

He jumps, startled by his sister's booming voice in the quiet room; he mumbles pathetically, "I...I just...I didn't..."

"None of your excuses! Mom said I could discipline you and that's what I'm going to do...toilet."

"Please, don't!"

She smiled as she pulled her panties down with her jeans; her booty rumbled loudly as she bent over. She looked up at Adam's shaking face and smiled evilly.

The Goddess saunters over to her brother; his head is plastered up against the hard wall and he watches in horror as his sister's smelly booty parts to engulfs his head in its fleshy prison.

"Better open really wide; I haven't unloaded in at least a week!" The Goddess says excitedly.

The youngest boy does as his sister demands; he can feel her booty pulsing with dirty hot air in and out against his face before it opened to unload a five gallon flood of soupy sludge. The endless spray blasts like a fire hydrant against the poor boy's face; the Goddess slowly pulls her brother along the wall as she paints the lower half with her diarrhea, smearing it further with Adam's small head.

"When you make a mess Adam, mom always winds up cleaning it up; so now I'm making...ugh...a mess and when I'm...oh...hang on."

The Goddess strains as she pushes a massive foot long log; she savors the feel as it extrudes from her booty and she giggles sensually as she can hear the logs smash up against her brother's face.

With a relieved sigh, she finally releases her brother who falls lifelessly forward; his landing pillowed by the pile of logs that cover his face.

The Goddess makes note to remind Adam to clean up the mess; she giggles to herself as she goes to Timmy's room.

The light in his room is on but he doesn't seem to be in there; on a hunch, she opens his laundry hamper and he peers up fearfully at him.

"Do you ever learn Timmy or are you just completely useless?" The young Goddess asks as she pulls down her pants. Timmy rises to try to leave but she pushes him back down and seals the hamper with her big booty.

"Oh, yeah, mom's mad that you stole her credit card to buy porn so I want you to think about the women doing this when you pleasure yourself."

The Goddess groans, just a little to unload a bucketful of liquid sludge on her brother's face; it quickly begins to pool over Timmy's clothing and his feet.

"Just think; you're looking at this really hot girl, perfect ass and all of a sudden she just..."

She silently squeezes and giggles as an elephant sized log smacks against her brother's face.

"That's what you're born to do? Do you understand? You are a pathetic toilet Timmy; that's all you'll ever be."

The Goddess groans painfully before releasing a sprinkler-like spray of soupy diarrhea that rained down over Timmy but especially in his face. He sobs softly as he gags on the logs that cover his face.

The Goddess finally rises her booty off the hamper; she looks down at Timmy who, weakly looks up at his sister.

"Better do your laundry; it stinks pretty bad, mom won't like that," she said as she closed the lid on her brother's hamper, leaving him inside.

The Goddess walks softly to Darren's room; she sees him engrossed in a book as she enters his room and shuts his door with a wide smile on her face.

Darren immediately gets defensive, "I didn't do anything; I've been good!"

"I know you have; mom didn't say anything about you, just relax."

"So...why are you here?" He asks, immediately relieved by his sister's nurturing tone.

"Can't I come visit my brother once in a while?"

"Just seems odd."

"Well I am a little concerned Darren."

"About what?"

"Well, I saw you smoking pot..."

Darren's expressionless immediately drops and he goes to run but the Goddess puts a hand on him; she holds him back with ease.

"Listen! I didn't tell mom or anything because I wanted to talk to you."

"About what?!" He asks, still frantic, still trying to get away.

"It's dangerous; drugs are dangerous. I get the feeling of wanting to be high but there are safer ways to do that."

He calms, "Yeah?"

"Yeah, I'll show you; come sit down on the floor if you want to do this right."

Darren, predictably, does as he is told; his paranoia no longer serving him well. The thought makes the Goddess smile realizing she can basically talk a toilet right into her booty and by the time he regrets it, it's already too late.

The Goddess quickly stands and drops her jeans; she lowers her massive booty onto Darren's face, forcing it against his bed.

He screams loudly; it vibrates in the Goddess' booty and, in response, it rumbles back louder, as if challenging the boy's screams; perhaps giving credence to his yells.

"Calm down; this is what you wanted, now close your mouth and sniff hard."

The Goddess pushes just slightly to blast her brother with terrible flatulence; the smell made his eyes water and he moaned loudly as he inhaled the thick fart.

"See, don't you feel high already?" The Goddess asks.

Darren shakes his head frantically no.

"Well, give it time; here take another."

The Goddess' booty opens up to a silent stream of deadly fart that makes her toilet brother shake and claw at the floor for some kind of relief; this made her smile.

"They say, concentrates get you higher..."

Her brother screams loudly, mumbled pleas for mercy could be heard.

"Now come on, you're the one who like this stuff; you could at least act like it," the Goddess says with a sly smile.

The Goddess pushes harder and then sighs, eventually breaking down into laughter as thick cement like sludge blasts from her mighty booty and splats against her brother's face with such force.

"That feels so good Darren; I'm glad it's something you can enjoy too."

Her brother convulses violently as a brief halt gives way to a clogging log that blocks the flow with its three-inch girth. The Goddess with pained strain births the mighty log that smashes against her brother's face. A squirt of liquid diarrhea seals the deal and acts like frosting on the towering pile of logs that rests disgustingly on her brother's face.

She rises off Darren's face finally and heads towards the door; she turns, before exiting the room, "Mom'll be home soon; you better clean up."

The Goddess smiles to herself.

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