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The Train
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 16th, 2012

The train had only left the station no more than five minutes ago but the Goddess could hardly wait a second more and quickly moved down the corridors into the coach cabins. She looks about the room as a few toilets make eye contact but most keep their noses in whatever they were doing; this wouldn't persist much longer. The toilet nearest the Goddess, sitting near the aisle, pays no attention to her; she approaches the toilet. He looks up only to have a flood of snot shot into his face from the sneezing Goddess; the thick, dark green snot flying free, coating the man's face and invading the man's mouth.

"Ewwww," she says cutely as the toilet attempts to spit out the snot but the Goddess covers his mouth with her hand.

A wide smile crosses her face, "Swallow my snot, toilet; do not deny what has been gifted to you." The man vomits to the slimy, egg-like consistency against his tongue but she forces him to swallow it all before stepping up, with her jet black boots, on the toilet's chair, making sure to step on to the man's balls. She quickly lowers her tight jeans as she sits her ample booty upon her first toilet.

The Goddess rubs her stomach and moans softly, looking down upon her toilet, "Oh, I haven't taken a shit in so long; you're the first one, better hope I can close the valve or you might become more shit than toilet." She laughs as the toilet in her booty whimpers pathetically. "Here comes...," she declares as she pushes just a little.

An explosion of hot, putrid air scorches the toilet's face and torments his senses. "Oh, just gas that time," The Goddess said, only a little disappointed. The Goddess could feel another sneeze coming on due to the fetid odors that were now leaking from this useless toilet's mouth; she looked around the train car. She pointed to a toilet near the back; one who'd have to watch all the other toilets get used, heightening his terror for when it was eventually his own time.

"Front and center toilet, stand right here." He hesitates at first but Goddess' piecing green eyes drew him from his chair and to where she wanted him. "Good toilet, wait there until I say otherwise." She turns her attention back to toilet one as her open mouth smile reveals her sweet relief as she unloads massive logs into the toilet's mouth. The toilet quickly finds himself choking but the Goddess neither rises nor ceases; she continues to unleash her shit in this toilet's unwilling mouth. Without warning, she sneezes in the direction of the toilet she called from the back; a huge spray of snot shooting at him and covering his face and chest. It dripped like a fountain off his nose for several seconds; this delights the Goddess.

The toilet moves to return to his seat but the Goddess stops him; "No one said you could leave toilet; stay where I have you or I'll make sure you end up like this toilet." She rises slightly off her current toilet to show a piece of a log still hanging outside his mouth; dancing as his throat works furiously to break it down. The waiting toilet's eyes widen with fear and this brings the Goddess a wide smile. She lowers herself again as she drops another massive log into the toilet's mouth; his tears make the Goddess laugh as he gags on her shit.

"I feel twenty pounds lighter," the Goddess proclaims proudly as she rises off the toilet's face; he gasps and pants for air but keeps his head in place for fear of doing the wrong thing. "I might be all out of...oh, wait...," The Goddess leans forward and presents her massive booty to the next row behind her; a thick brown soup sprays from her ass, coating the next row with feces as well as some rows further back. She sighs contently as she sprays, looking back to see her impact; the car was already looking better already and she still had such a ways to go. The Goddess finally releases toilet one and proceeds to toilet two who is in waiting with his head on the back of the seat; he is eager to please the Goddess.

"Good, you have learned quickly these lessons; now you will reap the rewards of your good behavior." She hovers her big booty over the toilet; "Lick my booty toilet" The toilet raises his head just a bit to allow his tongue to slip into the Goddess' booty; she rubs herself softly as the crackles begin and a thick log rides the toilet's tongue and slips into his throat where it sits. The toilet winces as he tries to consume the Goddess' log but it seems hopeless; being a fair Goddess, she comprises with the toilet and unleashes a torrent of soupy diarrhea into the toilet's unwilling mouth; he takes it with relative but disgusted ease as the toilet dry heaves more than once as the Goddess continues her relief, looking up at the ceiling of the train car with great concentration. The smell in the car is already strong; the Goddess feels ill so she looks to the other side of the car and her waiting toilet and pukes over the opposite side of the train car. The Goddess laughs heavily as many toilets get it in their hair; most of their distractions are been drenched in puke as well, leaving the toilets to give their undivided attention to the Goddess. She floods toilet two's mouth with another flood of diarrhea; the toilet, in some form of weak protest, softly shakes his head no. This irritated the Goddess who draws forward her boot and swings it like a pendulum into the toilet's nads. He yells in pain, opening his mouth far wide than what the Goddess, or even the toilet himself, thought possible; the Goddess uses this opportunity to push another big log out for her toilet; it slips out with a wide smile on her face as the man still chokes on the log but eventually takes it.

"Good toilet, now take your reward," the Goddess proclaims as she rises slightly off the toilet's face; he gasps and pants heavily as the Goddess blasts another thick spray of diarrhea in the toilet's face. The drippy, shit falls from the toilet's chin, down his neck and into his shirt; this greatly appeased and delighted the Goddess. She rises off his face and drops her feet back to the floor; she turns to look at toilet two, smacking his face as a proud gesture before making him lick her hand clean.

She looks at the toilet still waiting in the aisle, "Toilet, you may return to your seat; you have performed fairly, wait with great anticipation for my arrival to your face," she said with a devilish smile and a chuckle. Already defeated, the toilet cautiously returned to his row and never took his eyes off the Goddess for more than a blink. She saunters slowly over to row two; the two toilets were already caked in drying diarrhea but there was more for them, more for all the toilets. The smell again hit the Goddess and she puked once again, focusing her release on the first toilet in row two.

"Yuck," she says as the toilet looks to the Goddess for further instructions; she only responds with a harsh glare bringing the toilet to swallow the puke and otherwise stay still. "Slouch down," the Goddess ordered of the toilet, who quickly did as he was told; when his face was on the seat of the bench, she parts her booty and leans as closely as she can to the man's face without sitting on it.

"Oh man, I can't believe how backed up I am...ooohh," she exclaims as she blasts the toilet with diarrhea followed by a long, thick log that curled over the toilet's face and wrapped itself around.

The Goddess was most pleased but her relief was far from complete as Thanksgiving still knocked forcefully on her booty. It would wait, however, for Goddess felt another tingle in her nose; she stepped over toilet three and grabbed a toilet's shirt from the next row behind him. In one steady motion, she reeled back and blew a ocean of green snot all over the man's face. His face is hidden behind a mask of green and he reaches for his head to see the gum-like consistency sticking to his shoulder length hair; a second look at the ugly toilet made the Goddess ill and she puked over toilet three into the chest and face of toilet five. She could not help but openly laugh at the man who began weeping; sniveling up the Goddess' snot as his own, he shudders as the slimy snot slides down his throat.

"Yes, take it all in; enjoy it," the Goddess declared evilly with a sly smirk across her face as the tormented toilet sit broken before her. The toilet then vomited onto the floor; a nearly invisible splash hit the Goddess' pristine, black boots and she is enraged for such insolence and rejection of a precious, intimate gift. She charges towards toilet five and lands a swift heel kick to his balls; he doubles over in pain as the Goddess grinds her boots into his legs as she mounts the toilet's face with her massive booty. "

If you can't take a little snot and puke toilet; how are you ever going to perform when I'm backed up like this. The toilet shakes in fear as he looks upon a furiously puckering booty; after three ‘breaths' it pushes through a fist-sized log that pounds violently against the toilet's face before finally taking refuge in his unwilling mouth. The toilet takes small, unbearable bites at the logs to allow quick passage as his eyes water profusely against the Goddess' amble booty; she shivers with pleasure.

The Goddess kicks toilet four, in the row head, in the head to get his attention, "Don't think I've forgotten you toilet; turn and face me." Toilet four does as he is told; he looks upon the Goddess seated regally upon toilet five who's hand's shake and belay the torture of which it's subjected. The Goddess takes a deep inhale through her nose and catches the fetid odors that tend to set her off so well; she sneezes immediately a pie-full of thick, green snot from her infallible nose.

"Toilet, lick my snot from your face wherever you can reach with your tongue." The toilet does so and his tongue retreats, his face puckers like a boy getting his first taste of vagina. "Can you do it you pathetic little toilet?" He tries again but is repulsed and softly shakes his head, accepting failure and, thus, punishment; he holds his head down. "Lift your head toilet for I cannot use you if your lid is down, do you understand?" The humiliated toilet nods sheepishly as the Goddess turns on the train car bench and presents her massive booty to toilet four.

"For your insolence, you will receive shit for it; I feel it bubbling against my..." the Goddess is interrupted by her big booty as toilet four stands before a spray of a thick soupy diarrhea; the remnants drip slowly from her booty and fall onto toilet five's lap. "Now eat it," the Goddess commands forcefully to toilet four; he licks at the shit that coats his face like brown makeup, he gulps painfully but is able to complete the demand. "Good, you've been granted compassion with a task you can marginally perform; you will not be lucky again, do you understand toilet?" The toilet nods; "Good," the Goddess says, "Remain there until your face is clean so I may immediately use it again." The toilet's face was expressionless but his eyes revealed his defeat, his total and complete submission. She turns her attention back to toilet five underneath her, she harshly kicks his stomach to assure she has his full attention; "You have performed well toilet; take your deserved reward."

The Goddess peels her massive booty from the toilet's face; the toilet gasps frantically for air as he is rained down upon like a showerhead of diarrhea that coated every speck of skin tone and forced, violently, into his pores. The brown sludge drips thickly off his chin onto his shirt collar and beyond. The Goddess turns to face toilet five, she stifles an immediate laugh as she looks at the brown liquidly mass seated upon this toilet's face.

"Say thank you toilet." The toilet moves his lips to part them for speech but a flood of shit fills his mouth and throat; he begins to choke and cough. "Say thank you toilet," the Goddess demanded again, this time more sternly, not caring for the toilet's difficulties.

"Thank you," the toilet managed to utter amidst dry drowning in diarrhea. The Goddess moved to stand above toilet six; "I have a surprise for you toilet; put your hands in your lap so I may drop my massive log onto it."

The toilet does so, thinking perhaps that's he's gotten off easy; the Goddess turns and presses her booty against the toilet's face and begins to release an anaconda-sized log from her greatness; it's thick mass coils around and around the toilet's hand and arms. The Goddess sighs in awesome relief as she looks upon the at least five inch tall, ten pound log; she steps off the bench and back onto the floor, she turns to face toilet six.

"Toilet tell me what you think of my logs." He seems hesitant, he stutters,


The Goddess nods approvingly; "Good answer; yes it is, isn't it? Lift it near your face; take in all it has to give you toilet." The weak toilet has difficulty lifting the heavy log but eventually does so and inhales conservatively at the mass; he pulls back only slightly, barely noticeable, but his displeasure clear. The Goddess catches whiff of her logs and recoils back in a sneeze, which she fires upon toilet six with her projectile flood of snot.

"You have allowed me to smell these strong odors toilet; what use are you?! Press my logs up against your face for your failure!" The toilet quickly smacks the logs against his face like a pie-in-the-face gag; like watching The Three Stooges only with logs and toilets. The Goddess leaves him to proceed to toilet seven in the next row; his face is so ugly, acne scarred like a hardened mob man but on a face so innocent and yet, so repulsive. The Goddess felt ill and puked over the toilet's face and lap; light brown puke covered most of the toilet.

"You are unfit to look upon toilet; I shall bury your ugly face between my perfect and massive booty as you pay tribute it and receive it's most generous of gifts." She ascended the toilet and planted her ample booty over his face, burying his head until only his neck would show beyond her greatness. Toilet five shifts in his seat which sends a odiferous tingle to the Goddess' nose; she kicks toilet eight in the leg to get his attention, "Open your mouth toilet so that I may sneeze into it." Toilet eight does as he is told just as the Goddess fires a hurricane of dark green snot into the toilet's mouth, most of it landing with a big gum piece like smack against his unwilling face; his eyes burn as the snot penetrates through his eye lids.

The toilet starts to scream but the Goddess digs her heel into his balls, almost squishing them flat against the hard train bench; "No toilet, this is quiet time; do not protest in such a way again or I will give you a log you won't be able to swallow. I'm so plugged up," she continues, "Toilet, lick my booty so my logs may enter your mouth with ease." The tormented toilet does so, licking timidly at the Goddess' putrid booty; the sludge and fumes burn his tongue like acid. "Ah yes, here comes; open wide toilet," the Goddess said calmly as the toilet is treated to a water bottle-sized log pressing eagerly against his quivering lips before scraping past his teeth to his throat where it slides slowly down his throat like an inhuman molasses.

"Yes toilet, take my logs for yourself; take them for your sustenance. Eat my waste so there shall be no waste. Do you understand toilet?" A slight nod gave way to a gag as the log shifted in the toilet's throat; the Goddess' gates opened again and washed the toilet's face in warm diarrhea. A sniffle of shit from toilet eight underneath her made the Goddess laugh.

The Goddess stands off toilet eight; his face has given way to a tremendous brown log dusted liberally with diarrhea, his hand twitches spastically in defeat.

She proceeds to the next row, "Oh, I am still so blocked up. Toilets!" She yells at the two in the next row. "Lie on the ground toilets; I have a great load coming for you." Toilets nine and ten do as they are told; they lie with their heads together near aisle. The Goddess smiles as she steps up onto the train bench with her long black boots; she squats over the toilet faces, effectively shadowing them from light.

" comes; Open wide toilets!" The do as they are told as a grunt and a rude fart give way to a fist-sized log pushing eagerly through the Goddess' booty; the toilets saw the dark brown log dangle terrifyingly above them before falling, quickly, with the force of a cinder block onto their pathetic faces. The Goddess laughs at the very audible sound her falling log makes as it splats against the toilets' faces; she looks down upon them, "Oh, I missed; let me try again, I feel another...yes; wider this time toilets! Take my gift!" The toilets, their eyes almost fully covered with the Goddess' log, look upon the Goddess gift with grim anticipation as the serpent-sized long drops like a rope into toilet ten's mouth before being pinched off; it dropped across their faces like a shared Yosemite Sam moustache. The Goddess, feeling the tinge of odor in her nose, turns to the next row. She reels back and sneezes mightily into the face of toilet eleven; his face and shirt are covered in thick green snot you, his mouth, open for breathing, is flooded with the Goddess' snot; he gags slightly.

"Ewww!" The Goddess exclaims like a bratty little girl." The sight fills the Goddess with a tinge of pleasure, her bottom teeth run along her upper lip. The Goddess turns again and steps down onto a clean part of toilets nine and ten who still lie on the floor; they stifle a sharp groan as the Goddess looks down upon them with her piecing green eyes. "Oh, I don't feel so good; I think I might have to..." the Goddess quickly turns and squats her massive booty inches above the two toilets' log covered faces. She exclaims loudly as her booty opens and showers the two toilets in a flood of diarrhea.

"Ahhhhh!" the Goddess exclaims over the deafening spray, "That feels so good toilets." A spurt more blasted quickly out as the Goddess lowered her ass closer to the toilets and farted. She returns to standing and laughs, as the toilets lie relatively motionless; the Goddess boots still digging into their chests. With a smirk, she steps back onto the toilets' testes and crushes them as they scream in pain, their cries stifled by mouths buried in massive logs.

She finally steps over the two pathetic toilets and into the next row but she turned to the opposite side of the car; "I feel a great load in my booty toilets; you have been neglected but no more." She presents her massive booty and splits her cheeks to the two toilets who cower to her fiercely puckering hole, believing they still had time to remain untouched by the Goddess. The toilets gaze upon a tidal wave of thick brown diarrhea that pounds their face with its warm spray; they are covered from head to toe in the Goddess' potent sludge. The Goddess looks back to see one toilet convulse violently; the other remained motionless as the soupy mess dripped profusely from his chin, he shuddered when he opened his mouth to breath and drops of diarrhea gently caressed his tongue with their pungent and spicy sting.

The Goddess' licks her lips lustfully; "Oh, what a relief that, I feel...oh wait...," a loud fart sputters out and unloads behind it another sea of sludge into the toilet's pathetic faces. The Goddess laughs hysterically to herself, "How unlucky toilets; a lesser Goddess would show you mercy when it is your turn toilets! You're lucky I am not a lesser Goddess. She turns to toilet eleven, his face still drips with the Goddess' thick snot. "You're face is disgusting toilet; I feel I have to..." the Goddess retches and pukes with great force against the toilet's face; he is pressed back by the power of it and shaken by the wretched taste as it pressed its way into his closed mouth. The toilet vomited in response, the smallest drip could be seen on the Goddess boot. "You pathetic little toilet! You will pay for that! I feel a fitting log for you toilet beating at my large colon!"

The Goddess ascends the man, making sure to crush his balls on the way up and leave them crushed as she sits her ample booty over the toilet's insubordinate face. Her hole puckers fiercely against the toilet's nose and finally releases a salami-sized log against the toilet's face, creeping into his nose and mouth as the log continues to pile over the toilet's face, burying it completely. The Goddess quickly jumps to the floor and splits her massive booty; "Oh, I feel like I really have to..." she exclaims as her booty opens up to a river of thick brown sludge which sprayed carelessly about the toilet's shirt and neck; he was more shit than toilet now. "That feels so much better toilet." She turns her attention to toilet twelve. "Do you think I'm finished toilet?" The Goddess asks. The toilet shakes his head no. "Very good toilet; I have so much more shit bubbling inside. Do you want it toilet?" The toilet shakes his head again. "No toilet?" She asks rhetorically as she presses her big booty in the toilet's face; his eyes roll back in head as the Goddess' booty odors encased his head.

She farts loudly and presses his head between her booty at the back of the train bench, trapping it there for an eternity. "Mmmmm, yes toilet; now, get on your knees in front of me!" The Goddess commands sternly; toilet twelve does as he is told and kneels on the floor of the train car. "Very good; I feel so full toilet," the Goddess says as she sits her massive booty upon her toilet cum stool. The Goddess groans in pain before sighing and laughing in relief as a anaconda-sized log jets out and beats against the toilet's poor face; the massive log lifts the Goddess a little as a boatload of sludge followed for the unwilling toilet.

"So much better toilet! What relief!" The Goddess exclaims as she rises off toilet twelve; he falls to the floor lifelessly, he twitches intermittently as he lies face down in the Goddess' massive logs. The Goddess had finally reached the back of the train car; she looked to toilet twenty-four, the one she had called up from the back early. She smiles at him; he smiles back. The Goddess is not amused; she spins to present toilet twenty-four with her huge booty; she separates her cheeks as she presses her booty up against his stupid smiling face and cheeks. A loud fart opens the gate for big intermittent splatterings of sludge. The Goddess aggressively sprayed the toilet with her diarrhea, effectively coating his face like a drippy, potent racist make-up; the slave sniffled and then gagged as the disgusting sludge entered his nostrils and dripped down his throat.

"I feel much better toilet; not as good as you though," the Goddess laughs as she proceeds back to the front of the car.

The Goddess stands before toilets thirteen and fourteen, taking only a moment to realizing her setup; "Toilets! Both of you, sit on the floor against this wall; I feel a great rumbling in my stomach; quickly!" The toilets hurry to do as the Goddess commands as she steps up onto the train bench with her long black boots clacking loudly against the faux wood-plastic; she presented her huge booty to the two slaves who sat horrified as they were washed in a tidal wave of burning sludge; the goo making a loud smack against the wall of the train car like a pressure hose on the side of a house. The Goddess looked back to see the two toilets dripping her liquefied shit from their noses and chins; they dropped their heads like lowly toilets. The Goddess stands back on the ground above the two toilets; they finally look up at her and she presents her ample booty to them; she splits her cheeks and fumigates them with terrible flatulence; laughing all the while.

"That feels better toilets but I think that fart knocked a little...loose...uhhhh," the Goddess sits her massive booty unto toilet thirteen who moans in soft protest against the sea of sludge; the toilet looks upon, with blurred, vision the Goddess' horrible puckering hole as it gave way to a bowl-sized log that comes hurling towards the pathetic face of the toilet.

"Ahhhh," the Goddess sighs, laughing in sweet relief as the logs press forcefully against the toilet's pathetic face; finally pressing their way into his mouth and bringing him to gag on their massive, potent power.

"Yes toilet; I feel very relieved but," the Goddess says as she moves to plant her big booty upon toilet fourteen's face, "I still feel a little..." The Goddess released a three second fart which echoed repeatedly in sound and noxious aroma between her booty and the train car wall. The Goddess sighed in relief, her mouth agape as she farted again, this time with warm diarrhea following to flood the pathetic toilet's mouth with the Goddess' thick brown goop. Through teary eyes, the toilet barely sees a baseball-sized log smashing forcefully against his face.

A gross slurp and the Goddess removes her ample booty from the toilet's crap buried face; she walks towards the next row saying, "Much better toilets, I feel twenty pounds lighter...oh..." the Goddess grabs her stomach and leans forward towards toilet fifteen. He seems concerned but this fades when the Goddess swings around her prominent booty and shoves it in the toilet's face; his nose feeling the bitter, stinking breath of the Goddess' powerful booty. He gags on the smell; "I...oh..." the Goddess begins to exclaim before awashing in pleasure as she fires off a wide log with the speed of a bullet train that presses violently against the back of the toilet's throat as he is quickly overwhelmed by the log's tremendous mass; it smashes against the toilet's face when there is no where else to go.

"Yes toilet, that feels good; you have done well." The Goddess' booty releases toilet fifteen who falls, immediately, to the floor; he shakes occasionally, as his head remains buried in some pounds of shit. The Goddess, nonchalantly, squats over the toilet's back and farts rudely before dropping a large splattering of diarrhea over the unconscious toilet. "Mostly farts now seems like," the Goddess says, looking now at toilet sixteen who's eyes are still locked on toilet fifteen on the ground. "Might be, I spoke too soon..."

The Goddess spins and puts her big booty inches away from the toilet's face; his eyes blink rapidly against the odoriferous smells emanating from the Goddess' booty. A tiny fart releases behind it a hurricane of sludge to flood the pathetic toilet's face with as much force. The toilet sobs softly as he is drowned out by another deafening wave of liquid waste blasting across his face. The toilet sniffles and eventually swallows a bit of the Goddess' sludge which makes him shake at the rancid taste of it; this delights the Goddess as she releases toilet sixteen from her booty's clutches with a disgusting squish.

"Very good toilet, I..." the Goddess is interrupted when toilet sixteen vomits all over the Goddess' boots. The Goddess' eyes turn sharp and evil, "On your knees toilet NOW!" The toilet struggles, sliding in slippery sludge but gets on his knees only to be seated upon by the massive booty of the Goddess; his puny bones creak under her weight. The Goddess moans sensually as a truck-size log squeezes it's way straight down the throat of the pathetic toilet and lodges itself in his throat and backing up in piles over his face; the Goddess is slowly elevated on her logs as she laughs at the pathetic sight of a toilet underneath her.

She hops off the mountain of logs and looks at her work; "Oh man, that's got to be it right? Those massive of logs on your toilet face?!" Her stomach growls loudly in response; "No?" the Goddess says, laughing as she saunters proudly to the next row and addresses toilet seventeen; the Goddess, unfazed by her act says, "Toilet, I feel very clogged still; I must try something else." The Goddess bent down and touched her toes, presenting her massive booty to the toilet who coughs as he catches whiff of her supreme smell. The Goddess smiles evilly, "Toilet! Stand and place you face near my booty; I feel very...ugh..." The toilet quickly does as commanded and is rewarded with a fountain of sludge shooting out with hydrant force and beating forcefully against his face and entering his mouth with its burning mess; the toilet is forced back into his seat by the blast as the Goddess laughs cruelly and continues to unload for seconds more.

"That worked very well toilet, I feel twenty pounds lighter; and there it is all over your toilet face. I...oh...uh oh..." The Goddess says with feigned concern as she presses her huge booty over the face of toilet seventeen. The Goddess bunches up as she pushes out a salami-sized log into the toilet's face; he looks upon the wide log with horror as it smashes against his face before enter his mouth and hanging there as the Goddess continues to unload.

"There now, much better," the Goddess says with a chuckle before turning her deep green eyes to toilet eighteen; she smiles widely as the shy toilet avoids her gaze. "Look at me toilet!" The Goddess demands as she moves to stand in front of him. His terrified eyes meet the Goddess' stern ones; "Get on the floor, you disgust me toilet; I have great load for your pathetic face!" The toilet scrambles to do as he is told and positions himself well under the Goddess' massive booty.

"Mmm, very good toilet," she says as she sits on her imaginary chair; squatting over the toilet. She splits her cheeks to give the toilet a view of her wildly puckering hole; it opens to wash the toilet in a sea of warm diarrhea all over the toilet's face and body. A laugh from Goddess as a brick-sized log began to force it way through as the toilet looks upon it in terror, dangling precariously, inches from his mouth. In an instant, it snaps and quickly fills the toilet's mouth with its massive girth; he screams in protest over the heavy log, blocking up his toilet throat, as another, bolder-sized log squeezes its way past the Goddess' booty and falls with a deafening smack against the toilet's eyes and nose; his toilet nose sniffs the mighty log, looking for precious oxygen; the toilet chokes on it's potent, overpowering aroma. Lower the Goddess hovers her supremeness as her booty splits again for a lumber-sized log that blows past the Goddess' perfect booty and contacts the toilet's face like a good punch.

Another log smacks against the toilet's pathetic face; the Goddess sighs, laughing, "Toilet, I feel I cannot stop; I may bury you six feet under in my logs; do not fail me!" The toilet cries loudly as massive logs drop at steady intervals around him.

With a satisfied sigh and a look of great pleasure on her face, the Goddess finally rose off her three foot pile of thick, logs burying a toilet beyond view somewhere inside its astounding mass comparable to that of an elephant herd. "That was quite a relief toilet; you have been well utilized," the Goddess says laughing. Toilet seventeen sits motionless, eyes wide with fear, with a large helping of log hanging from his mouth. The Goddess passes him; stops in front and puts her massive booty inches from his almost invisible face; she releases a fart for several seconds, bouncing her booty slightly to ensure to crop dust every inch of the pathetic toilet in her potent, noxious fumes. She chuckles as the man convulses from the terrible smell baked now into his crap covered pores.

She wastes no time in stepping up on toilet nineteen's puny legs and looked down upon him with great superiority; he cringes in pain as the Goddess long heels dig into his skin, "Toilet, could you believe I still have, hundreds, literally hundreds of pounds of sludge and logs inside me?" The toilet, fearfully, perhaps also hopefully, shook his head no; the Goddess smiled a barely visible smile as she lowered her face near the toilet's face. "Believe it." She whispered; the toilet begins to freak slightly, "Open wide," the Goddess continues to whisper as she plants her massive booty in the toilet's face; the tip of a massive iceberg pokes innocently from the Goddess' hole before opening to the gigantic log it hid. Slowly, horrifyingly it slips closer and closer to the toilet's pathetic face; he recoiled all he could before it finally smacked against him, with a soft, disgusting splat.

"Oh yes, toilet; see, there is much more inside me...oh, wait, here's some mo..." the Goddess is cut off by a torrential storm of sludge barreling towards the toilet's destroyed face. Her face melts in ecstasy as the toilet nearly drowns in a sea of spicy, brown liquid. "Errrr....and..." the Goddess grips her stomach in pain as her booty opens to a carload of logs that fire with great force against the toilet's face; he gurgles and sputters as the logs clog his throat and stuff his nostrils with their potent sting. The a sickening smack, the Goddess removes her massive booty from the pile of logs and sludge where toilet nineteen's head once occupied; it is unseen now and this fills the Goddess with great pleasure, she salivates, just a drip, with excitement as she moves to the next toilet. She throws her massive booty into toilet twenty's face and farts a mighty blow across it, it blows his hair like a powerful gust.

She laughs as he coughs to the powerful smell; "Lie your head on the seat toilet so that I may sit on your face comfortably and drop my logs." The toilet, visibly shaken, drops his head to the seat of his bench; the Goddess hops from the bench, farting again when she lands. "Oops," she says half-sarcastically, a wide smile drawing across her face. "Ohh..." the Goddess exclaims in pain as another fart splashes the pathetic toilet in an ocean of diarrhea that fills any orifice it can find with it's biting stink. "Urrr...and another..." as the Goddess sprays the man with another freight-load of sludge, his mouth open to breathe filled with the Goddess warm digested booty soup.

"Don' you mouth wide!!": the Goddess pushed to release a solid, cream-pie load of a log that filled with toilet with an unending panic as it lodged itself in his throat, unmoving. The Goddess carefully, slowly grinds the toilet's balls into the train floor, effectively stopping his protest, before finally leaving his pathetic toilet face with a gross slurp. The Goddess sees, in the next row, is the two she unloaded on and teased them with mercy; their toilet faces are so stained with shit they appear like gorillas, waiting dimwittedly for their next command. Behind them is toilet twenty-three; a toilet she had called upon at least twice early. The Goddess was feeling especially sadistic as she prepared herself to finish off this car and move to the next. She stepped past the next row but only a step before addressing toilets twenty-one and twenty-two; "Toilets! You will lie your heads on the bench together so I may unload my logs upon you; hurry, my stomach feels very....uh...upset." The Goddess smiles as the shit covered toilets do as they are told; the Goddess positions herself to sit over the backs of their bench.

When she is set, she looks at toilet twenty-three who avoids her looks, "Toilet!" She commands, kicking him sharply in the leg, "You will watch me; do not take your eyes off me toilet!" The Goddess quakes with pleasure as the toilet shakes in fear but she remains on him with stern, unyielding eyes. The Goddess' smiles, mouth wide as a showering of sludge rains down upon the two toilets under hear; toilet twenty-four saw the sludge burst past the Goddess' supreme booty before disappearing quickly behind the bench and landing with a disgusting splat. Toilet twenty-two convulsed conservatively as toilet twenty-one looked upon the Goddess' dangling log; it's girth was nearly as big as a cannon.

The Goddess has a look of euphoric joy as she looked upon toilet twenty-three with wide, maniacal eyes; she rose her brow as if to showboat her accomplishments; "Open wide!" she commanded, eyes locked on toilet twenty-three as the log landed with a pained gargled into toilet twenty-one's mouth and an audible smack over toilet twenty-two's face. The Goddess laughs cruelly as the toilet's under here look upon another massive log, the size of an anaconda, comes down tauntingly slow into toilet twenty-two's mouth; he winces as it scrapes against his unwitting tongue. He cries but it doesn't last as the Goddess, staring now at toilet twenty-three as if she burned through him with her eyes, unleashes another massive log that buries both toilets in a mass of logs; they both twitch, defeated. The Goddess' eyes soften as she gently lowers herself from the back of the benches; she violently smacks her big booty against the face of toilet twenty-three, it hits the train car wall with a loud thud as the toilet is a bit dazed. The Goddess pushes just a little to blast the poor damaged toilet in a hell of toxic fragrance already worsened by the twenty-two other toilets already lying motionless, some shaking, under piles of logs and lakes of sludge.

"Uhhh..." the Goddess exclaims as she releases another windstorm upon the pathetic toilet; she sighed in minimal relief. "Ohhh...." she yells as she unloads another thick potent fart over the toilet. The toilet couldn't take any more as the violently pulsating hole tormented him endlessly with fumigations of flatulence; he could not wait a second longer for what he knew would come all this time. The toilet, opens his mouth to plead with the Goddess; her smile widens as she pushes out a loaf-sized log that slowly plunges into toilet twenty-three's face and fills his mouth with disgusting thick logs. He gagged and cried with the disgusting mass that lie sitting in his mouth and throat; the Goddess is careless as she lifts herself off him just an inch to shower him with brown booty goo. The Goddess farts again before rises up off toilet twenty-three and looking upon toilet twenty-four with soft eyes, "You've been neglected, haven't you toilet?"

The toilet, shakes his head no, fearfully. "Yes, you have toilet but don't fear, I have plenty more to give you." The Goddess leans forward over the back of the chairs, catching glimpse again of toilet's twenty-one and twenty-two who now lie lifeless under a truckload of logs; this makes her smile excitedly," Toilet, put your face over my perfect booty so I may unload into your toilet mouth." The toilet, with visible hesitation, does as commanded and widely places his mouth over the Goddess' booty; she shudders with delight as his saliva drips down her hole before fire back with a fist-sized log that plowed through the toilet's face and down his throat where he desperately tries to break it but he cannot as the log continues to press forward and smash disgustingly and with great force against his face, filling any hole it can, before flooding carelessly over the sides; the toilet's face is slowly pressed back as the unending logs pour, relentlessly out. The Goddess giggles in school girl delight; she let the toilet linger there, enjoying the noxious smell, before finally rising up; the toilet dropping to the floor in a pile of waste. Not finding a dry spot, the Goddess steps down onto the toilet's back and over into the aisle; she looks about the train car and surveys her damage; it fills her with a tingle only to be interrupted by a pained gurgle in her stomach. The Goddess, had to press on. In between car one and car two, the Goddess takes in the fresh night air before entering car two to begin again.

The Goddess stands at the head of the second car looking upon her toilets. She takes in, deeply, the cool, fresh air that fills the car. All the toilets look at her with interest and confusion; she smiles like a true performer before swinging her massive booty into the air and blowing a massive, blasting tuba fart that wafts over the whole car in seconds with an invisible yet thick green gas. The toilets whimper and sob as they catch whiff of the Goddess' monster, the grotesque fart robbing them of their breath. She laughs evilly, continuing to displace the car's fresh air with her own. The Goddess finally stands and looks at toilet 25; first row, right side. His hands drop from covering his toilet orifices to his lap. The fun begins again; the Goddess licks her lips lustfully.

"Toilet! On the floor, now!" The toilet does as he is told and positions his toilet head near the Goddess' feet, "Good toilet," she says as she takes one step to ensure her massive booty is the sight the pathetic toilet sees. "Toilet I feel very blocked up; you will help me by opening your mouth for my logs, do you understand toilet?" His head shakes no. "You do not understand toilet?!" The Goddess yells at the man, her booty's hole puckering wildly, waiting for release. The toilet nods finally and the Goddess hovers her massive booty only inches from the toilet's face. " comes toilet!" She squeezes and fires off a rude fart which pushes out a lumber-sized log that smacks against the toilet with incredible force. The Goddess laughs as the toilet's legs flail softly about, trying to free itself from the heavy load but the massive log held the toilet there like an anchor.

The Goddess shuffles forward just a inch or so; "Errrr...ahhhh..." she exclaims as a hot soupy sludge sprays like a sprinkler onto the toilet's relatively clean shirt save for a few shit splatters. "That was a relief toilet," she said, stepping on his balls as she walked to toilet 26; toilet 25 groans were barely audible under the mounds of logs in his face. The Goddess stomach growled loudly, "Do you hear that toilet?" She asked of toilet 26. "That's another couple pounds of shit for you toilet," she said, as she ascended the toilet and plopped her ample booty in the toilet's face. The toilet is immersed in a hell of sighs and smells, "Open you mouth wide toilet! I feel...not well..." the Goddess says as she pushes a little a smiles as a river of diarrhea flows quickly down the toilet's poor throat, burning all the way down with it's spicy tinge. The toilet gargles soupy sludge as the Goddess feels a great pleasure tingle down her spine.

"Oh...wait...I think...this is gonna be big!" the Goddess pushes a little to allow a fire hose length of log with as much girth; it plows slowly through the Goddess' flaring hole into the toilet's waiting face, some squeezing like cookie dough, into the toilet's pathetic mouth causing him to cough and sputter against the fecal gag. The Goddess looks behind just slightly to see toilets 27 and 28 looking in every direction in fear; the Goddess smiled as she rose up slightly off toilet 26 and presented her prominent booty to the toilets in the next row. They only noticed when she split her cheeks but by then it was far too late as the toilets looked upon a tidal wave of sludge coming directly for their faces in a wide, forceful spray that hit toilets in at least one other row. Toilets 27 and 28 are doused in the brown liquid mess from head to toe as toilet 28 convulses and falls to the floor. The Goddess sits over the back of the bench and positions her massive booty over the seizing toilet; "I have more for you toilet, open you mouth!"

The Goddess' expression relayed euphoria as she squeeze out, between her perfect booty, cinder block sized logs that land with the force of a falling bolder effectively crushing the toilet's face underneath the heavy waste. "I got more!" The Goddess taunts as she bits her lips, squeezing out another huge log to plop rudely upon the sad toilet's face. The Goddess sits upon toilet 26 for a moment to break rude wind before finally dropping to the floor; she walks up to toilet 27. "Toilet, my stomach is churning;" the Goddess said as she turned her ample booty to face the toilet; she split her cheeks for him as a wave of warm shit aggressively caresses his face; entering his nostrils and dripping slowly down his throat, making him shake when it finally does.

The toilet vomits but retains it and swallows; "Very good, toilet; now have some more!" The Goddess taunts as her booty opens up to a sea of sludge; the toilet's face pounded by the brown jet stream. "I have even more for you toilet!" The Goddess commands as she presses her booty up against the toilet's brown covered face; "Open you mouth toilet; prepare for my huge logs down your throat." The toilet yells but only for a second until his mouth is overpowered by a bottle-thick log that almost instantly clogs his throat and causes him to sputter violently. This fills the Goddess with no end of joy to watch the toilet shake with a large log hanging from his mouth; a picture perfect moment that she took time to enjoy before heading to the next row. The two toilets, sit, very afraid, already painted liberally with dark brown sludge. As the Goddess begins to speak, toilet 29 accidentally burps loudly. The Goddess sticks her fat heel into the toilet's puny balls; he winces in pain as the powerful, young Goddess stares him down.

"Toilet, up against the wall, now!" The toilet does as he is told, sitting up against the side wall of the train. "You like gas toilet?" The toilet shakes his head no, frantically; "Do you like gas toilet?!" Again he shakes no but the Goddess is assured he does as she turns her prominent booty to his face and buries it in her cheeks. "Open you mouth!" The Goddess pushes just a little to blow a five second fart which echoed comically in the toilet's mouth; the Goddess giggles as she pushes again, another rude fart blasts around the walls of the toilet's mouth. Tears run down his toilet face as the smell quickly overpowers him but the Goddess is laughing like a schoolgirl. Another fart blasted the man with an ocean of sludge that comes barreling at him like a tidal wave of nasty. The Goddess laughs again as she blows another huge fart; "There toilet, now you are ready," the Goddess says with a smile to herself.

She pushes hard to fire off a bus-sized log that beats against his face like strong, deliberate punches as the logs burst past the toilet's quivering and pathetic lips and lodge in his throat. The Goddess rises herself with a wide smile off the toilet's face which slumps lifelessly backwards. The Goddess, thinking evilly, stood over the toilet's face and split her cheeks; her booty sprayed the toilet's nose and mouth with half-gallon of disgusting and potent dark brown sludge. The toilet was effectively buried from sight; this made the Goddess gush with excitement as she turned her attention to toilet 30. The Goddess pressed her potent booty against the toilet's face; he recoiled from the strong smell that emanates from it. The Goddess sighs as she blows a big fart into the toilet's face, he shakes from the terrible smell that forces its way up his nostrils and hangs there, tormenting him. The toilet stared, with wide eyes, as the Goddess' puckering booty pushes through a massive log through its hole; the log slowly inching forward its slimy mess before smacking against the toilet's unwilling face and taking refuge in his mouth.

He panics against the huge log and vomits but the log plug prevents it from leaving his throat; he swallows it down with the stinging taste of shit hanging in his mouth. "Ooop; little more toilet!" The Goddess exclaims excitedly as she sprays the toilet in a shower of diarrhea that fills the toilet's nostrils. The Goddess laughs evilly as the toilet shakes violently before falling to the ground with a loud smack, his face pressed against a dinosaur pile of logs.

The Goddess rose slowly off toilet 30, savoring his defeat, as she moved to toilet 31 in the next row. "Lie down toilet!" She commands. The toilet scrambles to the floor and lies idle; the Goddess smiles as she light sets her foot over the toilet who whimpers in fear as she lifts her other leg to step on his face before pacing with heavy footfalls on toilet 30 as he yelped and groaned in pain; "This helps me work out the bigger logs toilet," she says with a laugh. The Goddess says, as she turns and places her ample booty in the toilet's face; "Here...comes..." The Goddess pushes and sighs a euphoric smile as the toilet is forced to take a three foot log dropped slowly, tauntingly into the toilet's mouth; he cried as the stinging taste caressed his tongue with it's potent, biting flavor.

The Goddess laughs at the pathetic toilet as he sputters against the gargantuan log that hangs carelessly from his mouth; she kicks his sides sharply, "Ohhh..." the Goddess clutches her stomach and hovers her massive booty a little lower over the poor toilet's face. Her booty opens to a quart of thick mushy sludge that sprays with storm force against the toilet's tormented face, filling what's left of his mouth with more of her waste until no space remained and sludge runs slowly off the sides of his mouth and mixes with his tears before hitting the ground. The Goddess smiles, feeling a profound tingle, as the toilet retches dryly, the heavy logs blocking his throat. "'s gonna be a big one toilet!" The Goddess splits her cheeks to give the toilet a perfect, terrifying view of her frantically puckering hole that finally revealed bottle-thick four foot log that splat with a deafening force against the toilet's now non-existent face. The Goddess stepped on the toilet's stomach, he groaned weakly under a massive pile of logs, dusted liberally with sludge.

The Goddess smiles wide as she looks to toilet 32; "I still have more toilet; can you believe that?" The toilet, fearfully, shakes his head no, "Oh but I do toilet," she says as she kicks the toilet with a sharp heel to his puny balls. Her stomach churns loudly, violently; "Oh, hear that? That's just for you toilet!" She says as she ascends the man, carelessly digging her long, knee-high, back boots into the toilet's thin legs, nearly crushing them; her heel making a distinct but light cut on the toilet's legs. The small red trickle fills the Goddess with pleasure as she sits her massive booty on the pathetic toilet; she pushes and blasts a six second fart to which the toilet shakes and recoils in unavoidable disgust as the toxic wind harshly caressed his face. "Now the real thing toilet!" She pushes a little harder and fires three or four massive, three inch logs into the toilets face; each log fires out like giant snowballs plowing down the toilet's throat, he sobs audibly. The Goddess uses her boot to grind the toilet's balls into the train bench, his cries stifle with a sharp inhale to which the Goddess blasted him with a gallon of powerful spray, a mushy sludge that gushed out her booty like wet cement and clogged his throat like it too as the soupy mess churns violently in his gurgling face.

"Ooooh, I feel much better toilet," the Goddess says, laughing, putting just a tinge more pressure on the toilet's ball before finally stepping off him; his booty popping from its mound of sludge and mashed logs with a nasty slurp. "Toilets!" She yells at the next two toilets in the following row; "Open your mouths wide and prepare for my sludge!" She commanded as she hung her big booty over the back of the bench presenting its supremeness to the lowly toilets. She splits her cheeks to regale them with her fiercely puckering hole as it pulsed again and again, aggressively, in and out, taunting the toilets, before flooding their pathetic mouths with several gallons of putrid, liquid sludge. The Goddess laughs uncontrollably as the toilet's drown against an ocean of diarrhea, their bodies shuddering in defeat and fear as the digested brown soup drips from their lips and down their chins.

"That feels better toilets," the Goddess says as she steps down from the bench and walks to toilets 33 and 34, already completely covered in sludge. "But that's not nearly it, not at all," she said with an evil smirk. "On the floor toilets so I may unload onto your pathetic faces," she commands and the toilets, slipping in sludge, do as they are told; their eyes wide as they whimper and shake with fear. This warms the Goddess' heart as she steps on toilet 33's neck with her long black boots, making him sputter and choke. She forces her heel into toilet's 34's mouth; he gags repeatedly on the hard leather heel as she yells, "Wider toilet! You will not be of much use with a pathetic opening like that!" The Goddess steps up onto the bench and hovers her large booty over the two toilets. A wide smile forms as the Goddess throws her head back and splits her cheeks showing the toilets, with wide eyed wonder, a five-foot log snaking slowly, menacingly towards the toilets before finally pinching off and falling with bolder force upon the toilet's faces; their eyes stinging from it's toxic aroma.

"Missed! Pathetic toilets!" The Goddess pushes again as a blowout of gas blasts a quart of mushy sludge into the toilet's faces like putrid mud. Toilet 33 closes his mouth which the Goddess notices and steps down with one foot onto his small balls, crushing it under her pristine black boots; his mouth opens immediately to scream, filling it with sludge. "Oh...toilets...this is going to be bad....urg..." the Goddess pushes with force to squeeze through her perfect booty a seven foot log; the look on pure sexual euphoria on her face as the serpent sized log inches its way into toilet 33's quivering mouth. He cries as his tongue absorbs the spicy sting of the log before he chokes on the massive shit clogging his throat, he sputters and coughs frantically with eyes in a panic. This delighted the Goddess as she groaned again, "Now it's your turn toilet!" She said, taunting the relatively untouched face. He shook in fear, pleading with the Goddess with his eyes; a nine inch log was his response as it snaked it's way closer and closer before falling quickly like a spear down toilet 34's throat, lodging there. The Goddess giggles like a schoolgirl as she hops playfully from the bench to the aisle; she's about to move to the next aisle when she notices a toilet in the opposite row breathing heavily, loudly.

"Toilet! You breathe like a dog and you will be treated like a dog; on your stomach toilet!" The Goddess commands of toilet 35, pointing to the floor near her boots. The toilet does as he is told, lying on his stomach, in the aisle, on the floor of the train car. "Good toilet; now lift your head to look at me." The toilet does so pathetically, "Higher toilet; how can I use you like that?!" He finally presents his toilet face to the Goddess in a way that pleases her as she squats her mighty booty inches from the toilet's face; her potent fumes suffocating him in stench. " comes dog toilet!" The Goddess bites her lips as she blasts the toilet's face in five gallons of mushy diarrhea that runs tormenting across his face before falling in disgusting clumps on the floor in front of him, making a sizable pile. "MMMmmm...toilet, that feels good but...eerrrrrr...hold on..." the Goddess groans as she presses her booty against the covered toilet and presses a ten inch long past the toilet's quivering lips as it quickly fills his mouth and smashes the remainder against his face and up his nostrils. The Goddess pulls away her perfect booty from the toilet's inferior face and watches the toilet, fighting valiantly to keep his head up before giving up and dropping his face in a mass of her mushy sludge. The Goddess laughs hysterically as his face splats lifelessly against her waste, "Good dog toilet."

Toilet 36 stares at the toilet on the ground with eyes that want to burst from his head; a sly smile forms in the sides of the Goddess' mouth. "Toilet, do I scare you?" She asks, addressing the fearful toilet. The toilet nods meekly. "Really toilet? Why's that?" The toilet is unsure what to say, not sure he should say anything. "I asked you a question toilet, you will answer me!" She commands with a sharp kick to the toilet's groin. Clutching himself in pain, the toilet shyly points to the toilet twitching sporadically on the floor; the Goddess laughs. "Don't worry, I'm all finished toilet; see for yourself!" The Goddess says as she shoves her massive booty over the toilet's face; filling his nostrils and mouth with a potent, noxious stink that displaces any oxygen with it's heavy fumes. "See toilet, all...uhhh.....uh oh..." the Goddess says with a smile as she farts in the toilet's face, flushing it with a pint of brown liquid sludge. It pours from her booty unendingly before being stopped by a fist wide log of at least 6 inches that comes barreling at the sobbing toilet's mouth as the Goddess laughs evilly, the massive log nearly suffocating the pathetic toilet with its girth; it hangs from his mouth like a disgusting wad of cookie dough.

The Goddess licks her teeth, feeling a great tingle of excitement as she looked back upon the poor toilet; his face buried in a massive blossoming of crap. She moves forward and the toilet falls forward, smacking his head against the bench in front before falling to the floor. The Goddess giggles as she looks to the next toilet with lustful eyes.

The Goddess jumps back over the aisle to the left side of the train, wanting to finish off the remaining two toilets in that column. The huddled together fearfully; this made the Goddess smile as she, with menacing eyes, approached toilet 37.

"Toilet! Do you know what it feels like to not unload for three days?" The toilet's eyes go wide as he, shakes his head no. "Well toilet," the Goddess starts to say, her huge booty swings around and wedges the toilet's face inside, " feels like this!" The toilet is immersed in a sea of terrible smells but this doesn't last as the Goddess' aggressive puckering hole unleashes a wide, six-inch log onto the toilet's face as he winces under its large girth and chokes on its stinging taste. The Goddess sighs loudly, "Do you" She asks as she strains again, pushing out several big three inch logs that splattered with cannon like force against the toilet's face. He cries audibly as the Goddess' supremeness tingles,

"Urrrr.....oh..." the Goddess exclaims as a quart-sized flood of mushy sludge oozes tauntingly from her perfect booty and spreads like wet cement all over his face, covering it from sight. She strains again as a massive five inch log with the girth of a bottle, pressed supremely from the Goddess' perfect booty as he face melts into a smile. The Goddess pulls her booty from the mess of a toilet; at least four pounds of logs cover his face making it look as if his neck grew sludge and mounds of logs; this made the Goddess laugh as she turned to toilet 38, her booty rumbles loudly as if to taunt the toilet. "You hear that toilet?" He shakes his head fearfully, recoiling as far back as he can. "That's for you toilet! On your knees before me!" The Goddess turns as the toilet sets up under her; she splits her mighty booty and it opens raining down upon the pathetic toilet with a gallon of liquid sludge. The toilet sniffles some up his nose as he breathes; this delights the Goddess greatly. "Open your mouth toilet!" The Goddess demands as she sits her huge booty upon the poor toilet's face. She moans loudly as she unloads a gigantic two foot log that quickly fills the toilet's face spilling out over the sides; the Goddess sighs in sweet relief as the snake-like logs push forcefully against the toilet's face and coil around making him gurgle and cough against the mighty loads. "Oh toilet, I think I..." the Goddess says quickly as she blasts the toilet with a tremendously loud fart that follows with a liter of mushy brown sludge.

"That was a relief toilet; your face is covered in my logs!" The Goddess says, humiliating the barely conscious, defeated toilet; she finally rises her supreme booty off the toilet's face with a nasty slurp over the log pile that was once a toilet's face. She once again splits her might booty and washes the toilet in a gallon of liquid sludge that cause the toilet to shake as he took it in his covered face. The Goddess, smiling evilly, drops her heel over the toilet's balls, pressing it into the floor; when she releases it the toilet falls backwards whimpering pathetically in pain, a mound of logs flying inches upward before landing with a quiet smack against the toilet's face again. The Goddess laughs at the sight before turning around to see the other two toilets behind her. They jumped fearfully as the Goddess spun around to look at them; a smile forms in the corners of her mouth. "Toilets! I must...uh..." The Goddess turns her huge booty to them and douses the toilets in several quarts of mushy diarrhea. She looks behind to see the toilet's convulsing and shaking, much to her delight.

"Toilet!" She yells to toilet 39 who quakes in fear; "Put your head on the seat toilet so I may sit comfortably while I unload on your face." The toilet hesitates for less than a second before doing as he is told; the Goddess saunters playfully to the toilet, shaking her booty tauntingly. "My booty is rumbling toilet; it needs to unload. Open your mouth wide!" The Goddess sits fully on the toilet's face with her massive booty; an inch or two of a three foot log pokes out and rubs it's terribleness across the toilet's face before it blasts like a missile, with as much girth, into the toilet's unwilling face; he gags over its huge bulk. The Goddess sighs with great pleasure as the unending log flows like a solid river, smashing layer upon layer in the toilet's face.

"Mmmmm, I like this toilet. Toilet!" The Goddess calls kicking toilet 40 with her boot, "Do as this toilet so I will not have to wait to unload in your face," the Goddess says with an evil smile. The toilet does as he is ordered, "Oh....I still feel...eerrrrrr...." the Goddess closes her eyes and pushes a quart of mushy sludge that beats like a tidal wave on the toilet's face and makes him shake. She rises just a little and squeezes between her perfect booty, an impossibly wide ten inch log that smashes up against the toilet's tormented face like a brick wall. The Goddess, with a satisfied sigh, rises up off the toilet and quickly sits her perfect booty upon toilet 40 who is immersed in a cavern of toxic smell and remnant sludge that smears across his face. "Toilet, I may..." the Goddess begins to say as she lifts a leg slightly, releasing a ten second fart that echoed profoundly against the hard train bench. This made the Goddess giggle like a schoolgirl as the gas swirled its poisonous air around the toilet's nose and mouth, effectively suffocating him from oxygen. "Potent toilet?" The Goddess asks tauntingly.

"Ready your face for the real thing, I feel ready to explode," she says, smiling. Her booty opens to a huge foot long log that plows like a freight train through the toilet's face. The toilet screams against the massive log but it stifles his cries as the Goddess pushes a little to drown the toilet in a gallon of thick sludge that sprays over his face with the force of a hurricane, getting in any toilet orifice it can seep into and lay siege upon. "Ur...oh..." the Goddess strains as she pushes out a giant four foot log as she her expression washes to euphoria as she is slightly lifted off the toilet's face with her mighty massive logs. The Goddess raises herself off the buried toilet, who twitches sporadically under five pounds of logs and sludge; this fills her with great pleasure. She walks to the next row of toilets, stepping onto the exposed balls of toilet 35 who's face remains in a giant mass of sludge; he yelps in pain, raising his head for a second before lowering it back into the log pile. The Goddess laughs as she continues to the next row; toilets 41 and 42 uselessly, stupidly trying to avoid eye contact with the Goddess, their bodies already quaking with fear. She digs the heel of her long black boot into toilet 41 making him writhe with pain, his eyes widened and set upon the Goddess with a pained pleading that would go unheeded, her eyes firing back with an evil joy as she runs her tongue across her teeth lustfully.

"Toilet!" She called, climbing him, ensure to step one or two times on his balls as he sharply inhaled in pain. "Toilet, I really need to unload." The Goddess says as she plants her massive booty onto the toilet's pathetic face; "Here comes wide!" The Goddess commands as she pushes a mighty three foot log that forces through her booty as the toilet looks upon the log like a jet plane and smashes with great force upon the toilet's face with its unending mass. The Goddess groans again as her booty pushes a foot long log to build another layer upon the toilet's face. She hovers slightly over the toilet, separating her booty as it rains down upon the pathetic toilet with five minds of soupy sludge. She laughs as the toilet gargles and sputters to her liquid sludge; she feels a tinge of pleasure. The Goddess pulls her perfect booty from the toilet who shakes violently; the Goddess moves to stand in front of toilet 42.

"Toilet, lie on the floor; I feel much sludge churning, waiting to unload." The toilet does as he is told as the Goddess steps up onto the train bench and hovers her massive booty about three feet above the pathetic toilet. The Goddess' booty rumbles before unloading a gallon of sludge all over the toilet's unwilling face; he sputters and coughs and the Goddess' booty splits for a two foot log as thick as an arm that barrels down on the toilet and lands in his face with a distinct smack; this made the Goddess laugh as she squeezed out another two foot log that landed with another deafening smack; the toilet sobbed.

"Much better toilet...I....oh..." The Goddess splits her booty and unloads a liter of mushy sludge that washes like a brown flood over the toilet's pathetic face.

The Goddess leaves toilet 42 shaking violently as she proceeds to the next row; the two toilets shuddering in fear. "Toilets!" She calls to toilets 43 and 44, "My booty needs to unload," she says, rumbling her booty and smiling at the toilets with a devious smile. "On the floor!" The toilets scramble to the floor and place their heads together; the Goddess steps onto the stomach of toilet 43 and watches him write in pain, drawing pleasure from watching his expression and protest. Her other boot steps down upon toilet 44's face, crushing it under her long black boots as the toilet whimpers in pain.; she moves it to his neck as she squats over the toilet's faces with her massive booty, "!" She commands, straining. She splits her booty to reveal the inch long log that dangles, tauntingly before unleashing it's four foot monster log that was behind it. The logs flow on an invisible conveyor pouring onto the toilet's pathetic faces, delivered with a soft smashing against them as they recoil from it's terrible girth before it slaps against their faces.

"Good toilets, now...uh..." the Goddess begins as she lifts and splits her huge booty and rains down upon the toilets' pathetic faces with four liters of mushy sludge that flows quickly over the sides of the toilet's like so much wet cement that poured, unendingly from the Goddess' supreme booty; she laughs hysterically. The Goddess hovers her mighty booty a little lower, closer to the toilet's nearly covered faces and blasts them with a rude fart; she chuckles as the toilets whimper pathetically. Feeling a tinge of evil, the Goddess slowly, tormenting, caressed toilet 44's chest with her hell before landing and crushing his puny balls into the floor; he screams loudly, annoyingly. "Toilet! You will not do that again!" The Goddess, again, slowly crushes he toilet's balls and he whimpers and stifles a cry, his face almost invisible under piles of sludge and logs. "Good toilet, now...oh...I have to unload again," the Goddess says, a little pained as she moved her big booty over toilet 44's face and blasted it with a gallon of liquid sludge that made the toilet gurgle aggressively; this sent a tingle up the Goddess' spine as a wide, sly smile formed in the corners of her mouth.

"Good toilet, good; I feel very relieved. You have at least four pounds of my sludge and logs all over your face." The Goddess rubbed her booty delighted, giggling, as it rumbled in response; the Goddess bites her lip as she hovers her booty over toilet 43. "Toilet, I have...oh...something for you..." the Goddess says, straining and splitting her mighty booty to show the covered toilet the massive three foot log that dangles precariously before landing with the force of a brick against the toilet's pathetic face. The Goddess laughs as the audible smack her logs make as they pile layer upon layer in the toilet's face. She stands finally with a most relieved sigh as she moves to the next row of toilets.

"Toilet, lean you head all the way back so I may unload on it." Toilet 45 does as he is told as the Goddess ascends him with her long black boot crushing the toilet's balls as she steps up. The Goddess gushes softly as she watches the toilet's head writhe, shaking in great pain under the weight of her mighty boot; she keeps on it as she pivots and plants her massive booty on the toilet's pained face. The toilet's weak spine creaks against the hard train bench; "Open your mouth toilet; I'm ready to explode!" The Goddess commands as she pushes a massive seven-inch log that snakes it's way from her perfect booty into the toilet's pathetic face like a soft serve of nasty; she sighs and laughs with great pleasure as she is lifted off the toilet's face slightly with the awesome mass of her logs. "

Mmmmm, good toilet." The Goddess says, her booty rumbling again; she strains just a little and drowns the pathetic toilet's face in three liters of mushy sludge that seeped torturously anywhere it could in the toilet's face. The Goddess finally releases her heel from the toilet's tiny balls, which strain and fail to re-inflate with life. This makes the Goddess laughs as a wide two foot log excretes from her mighty booty smashes against the toilet's covered face with more layers of heavy logs; the helpless toilet sputtering in protest. "Toilet, I feel much better; it is only a shame you don't have a bigger face," the Goddess says chuckling. She looks down upon toilet 46 who hesitates but looks up fearfully with pleading eyes; this fills the Goddess with delight. "Toilet, you will lay your head off the bottom of the seat here; understand?" The toilet does as he is told, hanging his legs over the bench, his balls easily reached by the Goddess' eager heel and head hanging off the bottom of the seat. The Goddess steps on the toilet's balls lightly with the front of her boot, "Keep your head up and open your mouth toilet!"

She demands as she presses the heel of her other boot, forcefully against the toilet's mouth. "Good toilet," she says as she lifts her boot from the toilet's balls for the time being and turns to squat her huge booty over the toilet's face; his eyes wide with fear at the sight. Smiling evilly, the Goddess split her mighty booty and washed the toilet in a two-gallon flood of liquid sludge; the toilet sputtering and coughing as it blasted against his face like a tidal wave. The toilet begins to cry but it stops immediately as his watery eyes look upon a fat ten inch log that smash against his face like a cinder block. He moans loudly as the Goddess chuckles cruelly, the mounds weighting down the toilet's head as he strains to keep it aloft. The Goddess' massive booty rumbles as it pushes several four-inch logs that push upon the toilet's face until it finally must drop, a massive pile still stuck to it; this made the enraged Goddess laugh as she grinds her heel back and forth into the toilet's groin; he groans against a pile of heavy logs as his face lifts up just a bit before falling back down, weakly; pathetically. The Goddess stomped his balls into the bench before hopping down and hovering her massive booty over the toilet's drooped, log covered face.

"Toilet, you will pay for that!" The Goddess yells as she splits her big booty and flushes the toilet in a gallon of mushy sludge that piles on until the toilet falls off the bench and on the floor; the Goddess continues to unload for several seconds more, laughing hysterically at the convulsing toilet. "Good toilet," she says, dropping her booty over his sludge blasted face and blew a ten second fart over his face. She stood with an exaggerated sigh before heading to the final row, the first one on the left side. Toilet 47 shakes uncontrollably; the Goddess digs and unforgiving heel into the toilet's leg who stops immediately to caw in pain. The toilet's eyes plead with the Goddess as she smiles and lifts her heel only to dig it again into his small balls. "On the floor toilet!" The Goddess demanded angrily as she released his balls from her heel; the toilet did so immediately and the Goddess stood over him evilly, her massive booty covering most of his view.

"Toilet, I have many logs for your pathetic face; open your mouth wide!" The Goddess squats down over the toilet's face before her booty rumbles; she looks at toilet 48 and winks as the toilet under her cringes in fear as a blast of flatulence fills his face. He shook his head in horror as the Goddess' supreme booty parts for a giant five-foot log that eats the toilet's face like a massive snake, its girth almost as wide as the toilet's face as it coils endlessly around before spilling over the sides and burying the toilet's head in a mound of log. Toilet 48 looks terrified and the Goddess licks her lips watching him; the Goddess laughs heartily as she looks up and strains again to push out another three foot log to add to the several pound pile already occupying his face. With a most satisfied sigh, the Goddess rises and sets her eyes fully on toilet 48 who cowers in fear. The Goddess smiles and presents her massive booty to the toilet, splitting it.

"Toilet, stick your face in there; I have to unload my sludge!" The toilet, fearfully, does as he is told and the Goddess smashes her booty, swallowing the toilet's head inside. The toilet is in a panic as a two liter floor washes over his face and remains there like a stopped up drain in the Goddess' mighty booty; the toilet gurgles and sputters in agony as wave upon wave of sludge pours out into his face; finally bursting it from the Goddess booty along with a bucketful of liquid sludge; the Goddess chuckles evilly, "Oh toilet, I think...uhhh.." the Goddess strains again and drowns the poor toilet in three gallons of runny sludge making the toilet shake in defeat. The Goddess savored the tingle as she gazed upon the train car, 24 more utilized toilets. She saunters proudly past and over tortured toilets as she heads to the next car; a wide smile on her face.

The Goddess enters the third train car; a few toilets from the first few rows meet eyes with the perfect beauty but they look back down at their work, they would see the folly of their ways in due time. The Goddess smirks at the thought as she saunters to the back row; she looks upon toilet 49 and with her big boot on his chest, she pushes the lowly toilet down until his head rested on the hard train bench. She smiles innocently as she turns her massive booty to him and sits down, burying his face. She sits, nonchalantly for several moments as the toilets about the car look at her and then exchange glances between themselves. A deafening fart breaks the whispering silence as The Goddess' face is scrunched; she releases the gassy emission from her booty and into the unwilling toilet's shaking face. Her booty gave no mercy to the tortured toilet as it opened to squeeze a huge ten inch long, three inch wide log that torpedoed out with a disgusting crackle as the logs smeared their terrible girth and putrid smell against the toilet's face. The Goddess smiles euphorically, laughing as she is lifted up by her log pile, elevating her from this poor toilet's face. With a pained moaned, the Goddess stands to hover her booty just above her mighty mound sitting on a trembling toilet body; she spreads her booty wide and showers a six gallon flood of creamy diarrhea over the logs like frosting on a cake.

"Ahhhh," she exclaims in pleasure; "That feels much better toilet; I think the next toilet will be happy you too so much from me." The Goddess winks at toilet 50 and he shudders in fear, recoiling against the train wall. "Oh; you're not afraid of me, are you toilet?" The toilet nods. "What are you afraid of toilet? This!?" The Goddess says, aggressively as she swings her massive booty around to the toilet. "Does it smell bad, toilet?" He nods and then begins to whimper as her booty pulsates aggressively, hungrily. "Oh, don't be afraid toilet; it's ready for you and I can tell you're ready for it" The toilet tries to mutter something but the Goddess quickly slams the toilet's head against the train wall, sealing it between the train and her putrid booty. The Goddess moans roughly before starting to giggle as a two gallon flood of soupy diarrhea beats against the toilet's face and on the train wall like a rainstorm.

"Mmmmm, yes, toilet, I do feel a little better now but...I think...ugh...yeah..." the Goddess trails off as she feels a tinge of pleasure run down her spine as a two inch wide log presses forcefully against her bootyhole; she bites her lips as she squeezes it out and chuckles cruelly as it crackles grossly against the toilet's moaning, now screaming face. It presses never endingly, coiling against the toilet's face and leaking out, dropping with a splat, into his lap. "There toilet; well utilized," she said with a laugh as she rose. The Goddess looks upon the next aisle; a young toilet is being held by an older toilet, like his father.

"Aw, this is very sweet toilets; would you lie down here, on his lap," the Goddess says, not really asking. The boy's eyes widen. "Do as I ask sweetie." The young toilet does as Goddess commands and she rewards him with a smile before hovering her massive booty over the boy's face. "Uhh...oh...I'm sorry toilet, I wanted to go easy on you...but I can't...hold it back; open wide toilet, try your best!" The Goddess' booty opens and unloads a torrent of hot slushy sludge all over the young toilet's shaking face; she sits on the toilet's face to stop the useless toilet from trying to avoid her sludge. The toilet man groans in pain as the Goddess puts her mighty booty on the young toilet's face and his lap; she grabs his neck and squeezes just a little to shut the man up; he gurgles violently before she releases his neck. The Goddess smiles, concentrating on pushing; a three foot log begins to crown and then quickly blast through the young toilet's crying face and coils endlessly over it. "Oh toilet," the Goddess almost moans, as the log continues to flow from her powerful booty and break against the toilet's pathetic face; this one getting an early lesson on his place in the world.

A smile crosses the Goddess' face at the thought; she rises off the young toilet and stands on the train bench to handle toilet 52; "Your turn toilet." He pathetically shakes his head no but the Goddess turns her booty to him and sits; his head sits over the back of the seat; they both creak heavily under the Goddess' weight. The toilet whimpers and groans as he is housed in the Goddess' active booty; it pulses in and out with delight and rumbles before unloading a eight gallon violent blast of chunky sludge that pounds against the toilet's useless face; the Goddess laughs as the diarrhea continually pours from her booty. "Yes toilet, that feels much better; you must have at least a quarter of the Thanksgiving gravy I ate all over your face," the Goddess chuckles cruelly. " comes....ugghhh..." the Goddess exclaims as several two inch logs fire like lasers, blasting with force against the toilet's already covered and dripping face. The Goddess sighs in relief as the last log stalls and then finally blows out of her booty like a firecracker and explodes against the toilet's face with the same force. She punctuates it with an obnoxious fart that is so thick it's nearly visible; the heat from it profound, baking the caked logs that sit on the toilet's face. "I think that's..." with no warning, the Goddess splits her booty and unloads a ten pint blast of liquid sludge all over the toilet's face.

The Goddess stands and chuckles, "Okay, now I'm done." She laughs, mock innocently as she steps down from the train bench, back onto the floor. The Goddess walks over to her next toilets; they both shake and whimper and fear as she approaches them with a smile. "You fear me toilets?" They both nod sheepishly. "Why's that?" One of them opens his mouth to speak and the Goddess lifts her leg and blasts a loud, long fart; the toilets behind her are choked on the rancid gas and eventually toilets' 53 and 54 feel it too and gag. "Is it that? Does my booty scare you toilets?" The both nod again; the Goddess smiles as she approaches toilet 53. With force, she slams her heel against the toilet's balls and grinds them into the bench; he yelps in pain. She steps up onto his flattened balls and turns her massive booty to him. The pathetic toilet gags on the noxious smell that emanates profusely from it; the Goddess smiles, turning back to watch her booty engulf the toilet's head. The Goddess lifts her head as she feels the sludge churn within her; her booty finally opening to bubble out the putrid slushy sludge, unloading a ten gallon flood all over the toilet's face; the sludge dripping freely from the toilet's face.

"Mmmmm, toilet, I feel so much lighter but...oh, you're not even close to finished. Open wide!" She orders harshly as she bunches up to squeeze a huge five inch log from her big booty; the Goddess smiles euphorically as she feels the mighty log press up against the toilet's face, stifling his sobs under a pile of logs. The Goddess rises, just slightly, to hover her booty over the toilet's face; she splits her booty to expose her aggressively pulsating bootyhole. "Almost ready toilet," the Goddess says, grunting just a little to unleash a blowout of gas that blows the toilet's hair; the fart gives way to a sea of sludge as at least six pounds of liquid sludge sprays against his face. The Goddess breaks down in laughter as her sludge sprays about the train car, hitting toilets with a fair amount of sludge in their pathetic faces.

The Goddess sighs contently, "You've done well toilet," she farts loudly, "Take your gift and enjoy it pride." She smiles as she shuffles over to toilet 54. "On the floor toilet; I have a great load for you." The toilet whimpers as he does as he is commanded; the Goddess' smile turns evil as she sits over the back of the next bench, eclipsing the toilet below her from light. The toilet shakes in fear as a big foot long log starts to crown and then quickly snake its way down to his toilet face; it snaps and smacks against it with a soft thud. The Goddess laughs as she feels another log beat against her booty walls; with a grunt she pushes out the five foot monster and drops it over the toilet's pathetic face. "

Mmmm toilet; very good! Now for dessert!" The Goddess declares happily as she splits her booty and showers the toilet with an ocean of creamy hot sludge all over his face. The Goddess laughs and unloads another two gallon spray of soupy diarrhea over toilet; the spray quickly covering his entire body. The Goddess laughs at the sight as she hops to the floor, making sure to crush the toilet's balls before walking to the next row of toilets.

The Goddess walks proudly to her next toilets; her booty rumbles, sending a chill down the spine of every toilet within earshot and gagging or choking every toilet within smelling distance. The Goddess stops onto another row and looks with a wide smile on toilet 55; "Toilet! Your disgusting face makes my stomach upset; kneel before me, now!" The puny toilet does as he is ordered and kneels near the Goddess; she turns her booty to him and he is assaulted by a sea of toxic aromas that quickly approach and engulf him inside her putrid, huge booty. The Goddess wastes no time as her booty opens and unloads a five liter blast of soupy diarrhea into the ugly toilet's face. She sighs, laughing as the sludge flows freely and profusely into the toilet's face; the toilet convulses under her.

"Mmmm, yes toilet; take my sludge! It feels so good to unload all over your pathetic face toilet...oh...some more toilet!" The Goddess strains as the corking log plugs her booty from it's river of diarrhea; the three inch log beats forcefully against the Goddess' booty before finally breaking through and smashing aggressively against the toilet's quickly disappearing face as it buries under piles of logs and sludge. "Toilet, that's most unlucky for you; what's worse, I'm not...ugh...done yet." The Goddess says, pushing. A gallon of sludge flows from the Goddess' perfect booty life terrible chocolate soft serve pouring endlessly over the toilet's face; leaving his body looking like a cone to the Goddess' dessert. "Oh...not quite," the Goddess bunches up and farts loudly as she unloads a storm force of creamy diarrhea over the toilet's face; at least a gallons worth dripped from his face onto his legs. The Goddess rises with a satisfied smile from the toilet's face; he slumps forward and falls against his pile of logs, his body shaking intermittently.

The Goddess looks to toilet 56; "You ready toilet?" The toilet, predictably, shakes his head no, pleadingly. The Goddess' booty rumbles in response, "Looks like she said too bad toilet!" The Goddess slams her boot against the toilet's balls and drags his body down until his head is resting on the seat of the train bench. The Goddess smiles as she turns her booty to him and splits it, ensuring the toilet's face sits right against her booty's hole; it pulses excitedly before peeking out with a two foot log that suddenly jets out and smashes against the toilet's face, lifting the Goddess up off him. This always delighted the Goddess; she relaxed as her booty opened to unload a two gallon flood of chunky sludge that covered every inch of the toilet's head as it dripped from his face. "Mmmm, that's good toilet! But you're not finished just yet!" The Goddess blows gas before her booty unloads with another liter of slushy sludge over the toilet's immobile face. The Goddess groans in pained delight as a log presses on her booty, the five inch wide log squeezes down and blasts into the toilet's covered face, continuing to pile the logs on until at least ten pounds of waste is unloaded from the Goddess; she sighs in great delight.

"Mmmm, just a little more toilet." The toilet moans in protest but it's drowned out by a torrent of liquid sludge, at least three gallons unload over the pathetic toilet who shakes but the mass of logs on his face hold him completely steady, imprisoning him in their putrid smell. "Toilet, I'm sorry...ugh...once I get started..." the Goddess' booty opens to another gallon of liquid sludge; she sighs contently, "'s hard to stop." The smiles as she rises from the toilet's face and walks to the next row, catching any eyes that meet hers and filling them with a feeling of dread and looming fear. One toilet, near the back, could not look away; his eyes locked on with trembling fear. "Do I scare you toilet?" The Goddess asks as she approaches toilet 57. The toilet fearfully nods.

"That's good toilet; lie down so you may know your fear is founded, I have a great need to unload so do it now!" The toilet reluctantly complies as lies on the floor of the train car; the Goddess towers over him and turns her booty to him; she squats slightly and her booty crowns an enormous five inch log from her booty; it evilly snakes it's way to the toilet's face and coils carefully around it, ensuring to cover every square inch of it. The Goddess laughs at the perfect pile that sits softly on the toilet's face; she stomps on the toilet's balls, he screams against the mighty pile, choking on the mass. The Goddess separates her booty and it pulses repeatedly, tauntingly before spraying a quick two cup spray of slushy sludge and then blasting a two gallon load of liquid diarrhea.

"Mmmm, there we are toilet; feels much better." The Goddess remains hovering over the toilet's unconscious face as the mass of logs and sludge slide on the sides of his face and land with a disgusting thwack on the train car floor. The toilet opens his eyes just as the Goddess grunts and pushes out a three pint drizzle of sludge up and down the toilet's shit-washed face. The Goddess stands and turns to toilet 58; her booty rumbles loudly, hungrily. "Toilet does it surprise you that after all this I still need to unload?" The toilet nods. "Well don't be, this is pretty normal for a week without unloading, plus a big feast...mmmm, I'm just barely feeling a tinge of relief from all this; maybe you'll be the difference!"

The Goddess says, aggressively, lifting her heel to dig into the man's throat, choking him. "Now, put your head down on the seat!" The Goddess orders as she releases the toilet's neck; he slides quickly to where Goddess wants him. "Good toilet; now open wide!" The Goddess turns her massive booty to face the toilet and sits, without hesitation on his face; his bones cracking underneath her weight. The Goddess smiles in pleasure as she feels the crowning of a five foot log that peeks out before bellowing out with rocket like force into the toilet's face and quickly building a decent pile on his face; increasing in height with ease and speed, the Goddess is slightly elevated, seated on her impressive log pile. She stands, hovering over her work before blasting a rude fart that leaks a four pound load of thick sludge that oozes over the log pile like putrid lava bellowing from the Goddess' booty volcano.

The toilet moans loudly, the Goddess groans in pain as she feels a wide log forcing its way out of her booty; she laughed sexually as she felt a great pleasure as the massive five inch wide log excretes and mashes against the toilet's pathetic face. The Goddess sighs contently as she rises to seek her next toilets; she sees two toilets huddled together, she smiles as she approaches the lowly toilets. Their eyes show their horrified expressions as they gaze into the Goddess' sadistic eyes; she turns her booty to them and spreads it as her booty pulses just once before fire a several gallon spray of hot soupy diarrhea that blasts like a fire hydrant against the poor toilets; they are blasted up against the train wall and each other as the never ending blast continues to pound them; the Goddess laughs cruelly as she watches their predicament and how quickly they are covered in her smelly sludge. She looks to toilet 59, "On the floor toilet!" The toilet, dripping profusely with sludge, drops to the floor and lies there as the Goddess steps up onto the bench, making sure to at least prod the other toilet's balls with her heel, teasing him and half stepping on them. She spreads her booty for the toilet below and closes her eyes, straining to push an eight foot log that drops like a massive shit anaconda on the toilet's face; the result a massive log pile resting grossly over the trembling toilet's face.

"Mmmmm, yes toilet! Take it all!" The Goddess groans and clutches her belly; she sighs as a tidal wave of creamy hot sludge splashes against the toilet's practically covered face. The Goddess looks to toilet 60 now; "Under me, now toilet!" The toilet jumps to position himself lying on the train bench, his head directly under the Goddess' massive booty. "Very good toilet," the Goddess declares, bending over just a little bit as her booty begins to rain down upon the toilet with several two inch logs that land, on after the other, with deafening smacks, onto the toilet's screaming face. "I'm glad you were so quick toilet; that helps me...ugh..." the Goddess blasts the toilet with a six gallon wave of chunky diarrhea " helps me ensured I unload everything!" The Goddess laughs as another two gallons of thick, yogurt-like sludge flows from her beautiful booty as if it were a soft serve machine. She steps on the toilet's balls, full force, and squats a little more; more small logs rain down upon the toilet aggressively as the Goddess smiles to herself evilly. She stands now and lowers herself to the floor; she steps on toilet 59's chest on the way down before making her way to her next victims.

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