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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 8th, 2016

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I sit at a little table in the busy Starbucks; it's a fancy city one with two floors. I'm sipping my Mocha Frappuccino and checking my email on my laptop when a girl comes up to me, she holds a foamy latte in her hand.

"Get up," she demands, looking at me without a hint of humor.

I stutter, caught off guard, " me?"

"I said, Get. Up," she says, emphasizing the two words for me.

I scan the room, seeing other available tables around; even nearby, "Um...bu..but..."

"If you wont get up, you're gonna go down!" She says forcefully, slamming her drink on the table before pushing me down onto the chair until my butt was on the floor and my head on the seat.

And then, I watch in horror, as she takes no pause before swinging her leg around and sitting her ample sized buttocks in my face, crushing it between her ass and the hard wooden chair.

I cry out muffled cries underneath her heavy butt but she seems to not care; how could anyone be so cruel and callous.

"Hm, got your email open, hun? Let's see what kind of messages a loser like you gets."

I hear her tap on my keyboard and take a long satisfying sip from her drink, she sighs audibly as she clicks away.

"Okay, you know that girl is totally fake, right?" She says; she must have been referring to one of the girls I'd be corresponding with on OkCupid. But I was sure she was legit, I'm usually good at those things.

She readjusts her weight more painfully over my face, smashing my nose and jamming it as far up her jean covered crack as it would go.

"Urh, this latte is making me..." she sits up a bit.


"Ahhhh!" She sighs, sitting back down with all her weight as her gas powered towards me with gail force that soon hits me with a strong, rotting aroma of health foods. "That's much better," I see her look behind her back into my eyes which pleaded with her for relief as I'm forced to inhale her emission.

I could only see her eyes but they seemed to smile as they looked upon my struggle from under her butt.

"I imagine that Kale salad I had for lunch is really making my gas smell pretty bad; it usually does, my boyfriend can't take it, haha!" She laughs, leaning to the side and farting again, her hot gas all over my face.


I hear a few chuckles around the coffee shop, she's entertaining a crowd with my torment.

She sits for a while more, seems like reading lines off what I presume was still my computer; I hear the laptop close and she shifts again before rising up finally. I pant desperately for air as she gets up, grateful at last to be breathing oxygen again rather than from her potent backside.

She barely looks back at me for a moment to say, "Well, later loser; I gotta get to my audition."

And then she was gone. I took a bit to recover, so I stayed on the floor, avoiding the gaze of anyone in the place; I didn't want to know if people were pitying me or laughing at me right at this moment. And it didn't matter.

When I finally did get up, I notice my laptop is gone; the woman probably took it, I mean, that would figure, right?

What the fuck was that about anyway?

I head outside and happen to catch the bus right as it's pulling into the stop. Something good at least.

I get on the practically empty city bus and take a seat near the middle.

I'm looking out the window so I don't notice a massive woman approach and stand practically on top of me. I only realized once her hand was on the top of my head, pushing me down before her massive moons eclipsed my face between her cheeks.

I don't even have time to yell out and, under her, my cries were mere muffles as I took desperate gasps against her crack and was greeted with a putrid smell, like raw sewage straight from her ass.


Her asscheeks vibrate endlessly as her gas blasted my face; I scream but that only makes the gas more intolerable as I take labored, exhausted breaths of her pure sulfur.

I can feel every little bump in the road as the bus chugged along, and each served to just shove me further and further up this woman's ass crack, covered only by a thin mumu dress. I'm getting closer and closer to the putrid source.


I hear her sigh softly as her gas assaults me, my head desperately trying to recoil away from the stench but there's no relief from it as it washes over me like horrid radiation from an atomic blast.

I scream, finally able to be somewhat audible from under her, but what good does it do. Seemingly none.

She squishes my face down a bit more, deeper into her cavernous crack.


A low, wet sounding fart blasts me quickly; almost uncontrollably. And its odor is toxic, like the most putrid dark chocolate; my head is reeling from the smell and I'm thankful, in more ways than one, when she gets up off me. I feel her massive weight off my face, I almost forgot a time when her ass was not on my face, it felt so long.

She darted off quickly, I never even saw her leave and I probably didn't want to...the less I knew, the easier this ordeal would be to forget.

But I want off this fucking bus! At the next stop I get out, it's right in front of a movie theater. Maybe that'll relax me; a mindless comedy, it's perfect.

I head into the theater and take my seat; it's practically empty inside. As I enjoy some popcorn and movie trivia, a woman stands near me...the feeling makes me shudder; I hesitate to meet her gaze for fear she was actually looking at me.

"Excuse me?" She says, sweetly.

I relax a bit, and look at her, a beautiful blonde girl stands there hands full of nachos and a soda under her arm.

"Yes?" I say, trying to take some of her load but she seems to block me.

"No, I'm good with these, I'm just waiting for you."

I look at her, "What do you mean?"

"I'm waiting for you to put your head down on the seat," she says, smiling sweetly; it's like it wasn't anything odd to her, it was normal.

But I froze when she said it, how could this be happening...again? Was it written on my forehead or something?! What is going on?

"Are you gonna do it or am I gonna have to stomp your balls into the floor?" She says, smiling a bit more patronizing now.

I stare at her, fearfully, as I slowly lower myself to the ground and try to mentally prepare for what I knew was coming.

"That's a good loser," she says, walking over me and then sitting her jean covered butt onto my face. She adjusted herself, her not heavy but very uncomfortable ass, sitting on my face; her jeans feeling like they were cutting my skin with each shift of her body.

And she put her feet on my chest, I think she took her shoes off, but I could feel her feet resting on me. This put her butt in a slightly more squatty position.


A light, wet fart escaped her as I heard her start to munch on nachos; her stomach gurgled from either hunger or...having to shit.

"That one felt a little wet, I wonder if I should...ah, oh well, if I need to shit, I got this guy here for that," she chuckles.

As she settles in, panic begins to set in; would she really shit on me? I mean, what's stopping her? I would have assumed common, human decency but that seems to be missing today...


"Stop squirming," she says, beating her feet down on my chest; "It's starting."

I do my best to try to relax as I hear the start of this two hour movie for which it seems like I will be enjoying as a woman's seat as she blows her gas in my face.

How does this keep happening?!

"Hey, Ms., you're starting to stink up the theater," I hear a man's voice say.

"It's not my fault...I'll see what I can do," I hear the woman say.

I feel her push down on my stomach with her feet, she forces me to exhale everything I have and she holds her feet there tightly until I feel like I'm drowning, desperate for breath.

She releases my stomach and a nasty, hot butt burner at the same time that attacks my face as I'm desperate for air and treated to nothing but her asshole gas.

"Smell harder, you pathetic shit!" She says loudly towards me.

And I hear the audience, the few people, clap; even a whistle or two. How could they applaud this treatment of me!

It went on like this for another hour before she finally got up at the end of the movie and left but, not before dumping the rest of her nachos on me; and her left over melted ice from her drink. She giggled as she did it too; she didn't care, none of the women seemed to care...

I walk home, shaking; partly it was from the cold on my wet clothes but I also shook in fear. I avoided the gaze of any woman I happened to cross which luckily wasn't many at this hour.

I'd never been so grateful to reach my apartment and close the door behind me; I would be safe here at least. And I was tired, I just wanted to crash and hopefully find this was all just some nightmare.

But I wasn't that lucky.

I startle awake in the night and notice a woman standing over me, next to my bed.

"Hey, I was just in the neighborhood and...well, you're gonna eat out my asshole."

"What? Who the fuck...what are you doing in my apartment?!" I sit up but she pushes me back down.

"Yeah, we're not gonna bother with any of that; you're just gonna do it, right, loser?"

"No, I will not!" I say, adamantly; I try to get up but she's already on the bed, her body straddled over mine as she shoves her big butt in my face. She separates the cheeks, showing me her nasty looking butthole.

"I know it's a bit grody back there but, I figured, what do you care," she says, shoving her bare butt and enclosing it around my face. "After a few minutes of licking, you wont even notice the smell anymore."


"Oops, sorry," she says in what seems like faux concern as she shakes her butt cheeks over my face, wedging me deeper inside.

I gag from her putrid backside, barely able to maintain composure for even a second.

"Umm...I don't feel your tongue," she says, a bit impatiently. "If you want to get back to sleep tonight, I'd get started."

I stick my tongue out, making almost immediate contact with her bare, disgusting asshole and tasting a sickly sour taste with a hint of shit which I was becoming uncomfortably familiar with the smell.

I recoil back immediately, moaning involuntarily from the nasty sweaty taste.

"Oh come on," she pushes my head in a little more; it's flush with her asshole now, "It's not that bad," she insists.


"Stop being a pussy and get in there!" She demands.

I whimper pained in all directions; my nose tormented by her asshole, my neck mercy to her grip at the back of my head as she pushed me further and further until I was practically inside her butthole.

I cry out weakly as I start to lick steadily against her asshole; each lick was agony but hopefully would bring me closer to an end of this torment.

It seemed close as she started to moan with pleasure, riding on my face like a rocking horse; finally grabbing my hair as she screams out and shakes my head as her body convulses over my face, her orgasm and ecstasy all too apparent until her body finally collapsed over mine.


She left her butt near my face as it too had it's own "orgasm" of sorts, a noxious blast in my direction as she left her heavy body on mine before finally rising.

She looks at me for a moment and smiles, "I'll show my out," she laughs, heading out the door of my room. Then I hear the apartment door open and close as well.

And I sit there, in silence, starting at the ceiling. My eyes wide open. I could still smell the odor of her gas unleashed on my face, and the subtle wetness she left on my chin...but I was too stunned to concern myself with those things right now.

I didn't sleep a wink, I barely blinked; worried each and every sound was another woman out to get me.

I had to get out. Had to get out of town and go somewhere, somewhere far away; something wasn't right here but I didn't care enough to find out. I just wanted out!

I packed whatever I could carry in a single trip out of my apartment. I rented a car; a piece of junk but it's all they had available. It ran fine and that's all I cared about.

I hit the road very quickly; turning on some music seemed to relax me. And after a bit, and some deep breaths, I was singing along. It felt good; carefree, finally.

I come to a stop at a red light. And, without warning, a woman enters my car from the passenger side; she sits down like she knows me but I've never seen her before.

"Um...excuse me?" I say to her.

She doesn't turn but she lifts her butt, leaning it towards me.

"Oh god no," I cry.

I see her smirk before she blasts a massive fart that echoes throughout the car and practically fills it with pure anal methane.

I cup my hands over my nose and go for the window button but they don't do anything, they don't go down!

She looks to me and smiles before exiting as quickly as she came in; leaving me trapped in the car with her veggie gas stench. The car behind me honks, it's a green light in the intersection now.

"Fuck! What...okay!" I say to myself though it's intended for the driver behind me. I start rolling again, struggling to find the air vent controls. I turn them on to high but that seems to only blow the smell right into my face until, before long, it finally dissipates from the car.

I drive on edge for at least an hour or two; the car needs gas and I'm starving. I pull off the highway into a small town. I notice the dinner and head there, hoping to get some good food.

And it was a blessing. An oasis in my desert of pain and suffering. The waitress, who initially made me cringe, given my past 24 hours with women, was actually really nice. Everyone in the place seemed nice which was odd for an off-the-highway truck stop. But it made me feel good; and I had a great pancake platter with the most perfectly cooked bacon I've ever had! Damn, I was full after that!

I head to the bathroom to take a quick leak before I get back on the road. As I'm using the urinal, I hear the door open and, from the mirror in front of me, I notice it's a woman. In the men's restroom.

I shudder a bit, just wanting to zip up and sneak out; not even finished, I just had to leave.

I didn't flush as I took a step towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" The woman says to me; wearing flannels and jeans.

"Uh...out, I have to..."

She grabs me, "You're gonna get in that stall and you're gonna take my chili cheese dog gas, you got that?!"

", no please..." I beg.

She smiles and drags me to the stall, putting my head in the toilet; dunking my face in the water before flipping me around. She towers over me as she undoes her buckle and lets her jeans fall to her ankles; and she turns, coming down over my face with her yellowish panties that looked utterly soaked in sweat.

She sighs as she gets comfortable, her butt sealing my head in the toilet bowl under her ass crack.

PRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuppppppp! The fart echoes deafeningly in the tiny chamber, it practically sounds like she's shitting on me. Thankfully she wasn't...

"Ahhhh, yeah, those chili cheese dogs are so delicious but they give me the gas like no one's business!" She laughs.


Two toxic bombs explode over my nose and linger in this air tight space under he farting ass; I recoil back which only serves to dip my head in toilet water.

"Please! Stop!" I beg, yelling in the echo chamber of the toilet bowl.

"Oh hush up, bitch, I'll be done in a minute; urrrhhh...." she strains.


Her wet fart seems to litter her no-so-pristine panties with dots of dark brown which makes me scream!

And she chuckles, "Must have been a wet one, huh?"

I desperately try to free myself from under her but it's no use as her gas continues to stream up my nostrils. I gasp and sputter, feeling light headed; my vision begining to blur.


She blasts again, sending my head reeling as I feel my eyes practically spin around like a pinwheel before everything goes dark.

"And then I woke up here at the police station," I say to the officer.

She nods, jotting something down and she takes a look at her phone. Then to me. Then back to her phone once again. She smiles.

"Well...that's quite a tale; why don't you come into the back with me and I can take your official statement. And we'll keep"

I smile for the first time in a while. Thank god, thank god it's finally over. I feel my smile widen as I follow the officer deeper into the police station. Where I'd be safe. With an officer to keep me safe.

Safe at last.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.