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The Little Guy: Part 4 - Carmen's Friend
Author: Closet Fetishist
Original Idea By No Name

Written: January 3rd, 2007

Based on The Little Guy: Parts 1 - 3 by No Name

Walter did his best to get some rest but with Lena’s loud snoring and sporadic farting, it was impossible to fall asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. When he had finally fallen asleep, less than 10 minutes later he heard the harsh alarm of Lena’s clock radio. Lena yawned and smacked the snooze button hard. Walt figured it was time for him to leave so he gently removed the covers from where he was forced to sleep and moved slowly towards the end of the bed. Half his body was off the bed and he thought he was home free when a hand reached for him under the covers pulled him, effortlessly, back up to here Lena laid. She pulled him right next to her, his face directly in front of her’s.

“You wouldn’t be trying to leave now would you?” She asked, mockingly.

She quickly rose up from her prone position and dragged Walt to the edge of the bed where she sat. She raised a butt cheek and wedged Walter into the crevice just as she farted her morning load. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTT! Walter wiggled and jiggled to get free but it was hopeless as Lena held him in place. He remained there taking in the horrid gas until Lena finally released him.

“Ahhhhh!” she sighed, as she got up to get ready for school. Walter struggled to raise himself off the bed and eventually wound up falling to the ground with a loud thump. Lena emerged from the bathroom to see what the sound was. She saw little Walter lying there on the floor.

“Get up you little wimp,” she said, with a swift kick to his back. Walter wretched and moaned in pain but this only got him to stomps to the chest. She then picked him up by the hair and dragged him over to the wall, slamming his head repeatedly into it.

“Please…..stop….,” Walter said, pleadingly. Lena did not listen and continued to hammer Walt’s head into the wall.

“What’s that banging!?” A voice asked from downstairs.

“Nothing mom, just hanging up some pictures!” Lena yelled in reply.

Lena stopped and looked at the beaten and exhausted little guy. She smiled.

“You rest up for a while, okay?”

Before Walter could offer any reply Lena turned around and planted her shapely ass into his face, crushing his face between her butt and the wall. Lena quickly reached down and grabbed her ankles and strained just a little to expel two nasty farts, PRRRRRRRRTTT! BRRRRRRPPPPPPPTT! She remained there for a few moments, making sure Walt took in everything and then removed her ass from the poor boy’s face. His freed head slumped to the left, eventually dragging his whole body down. He laid there for the rest of the morning, unconscious.

Lena pushed Walter onto the bus ahead of her. There were plenty of open seats today so Walt took an empty seat. Lena came in behind him and spotted him on the seat. She walked over to him.

“Lay down!” She commanded, as if Walter was a dog.

Walter refused but a quick punch to the groin changed his mind quickly. He laid down on the bench, his head touching the side of the bus, and Lena walked over and sat on his upturned face. The girls in the next bench across the aisle laughed at the sight of a boy, his legs dangling off the side of the bench, and his face being sat on by a large assed girl.

“You should fart on him like that,” one of the girls said with a giggle.

“Oh don’t worry, I….*BRRRRRRPPPP*…will,” she replied, farting loudly mid-sentence.

The girls in the next bench laughed, uproariously.

At the next stop, Walter was quickly feeling light headed between the lack of oxygen and the potent aroma of Lena’s continuous farts it was a surprise he was not already unconscious. Lena rose up a little, allowing her little slave a chance to breathe some fresh air but it didn’t last. Lena quickly lowered herself again, farting once more. Walter felt like he was in hell once again but unbeknownst to him, things were about to get worse. He suddenly felt weight on his lower chest and groin area and whatever it was it was heavy. Walt then heard Lena talking, and farting every so often, and soon realized there was another girl sitting on him next to Lena. The pain to his groin was immense with this new weight and with her on his stomach, he had trouble breathing. Regardless, the farts still kept flooding in. When he was on the verge of passing out, he felt the bust break and without any word, Lena and the mystery girl got up and left the bus; leaving Walt there, sputtering and gasping for breath.


School went on without incident but upon leaving, Walt had to pass by the girls’ locker room and when he did, a hand reached out and grabbed him, pulling him into the room. It was the blonde bully from yesterday.

“Hey you little shit! Look at my head today!”

Walter saw the welt had grown four sizes bigger and had turned a bruised shade of purple.

“I’m sorry,” Walter replied, “It was an accident.”

“Oh yeah? Well so is this,” she said, as she raised a fist and hit Walter right smack in the nose. Then, while he was down, she stomped on his already sensitive groin. She then picked Walter up by the hair and Irish Whipped him into the nearby, open locker, he was unfortunately small enough to fit. She quickly closed it and padlocked it with him inside.

“Now you are right where I want you, you piece of shit!”

The bully lowered her pants and underwear and pressed her ass up against the small vents in the locker. “Enjoy this,” she said as she farted a mighty blow into the locker. The smell quickly entered and reached Walter’s nose. The smell was pungent and horrid but this was still nothing compared to face farts he had endured all his life. The bully continually farted blow after blow into the locker for at least an hour and Walter could do nothing to get away from the stench which stayed trapped in the small locker. Walter coughed and gagged as the fresh air quickly depleted. Finally and after one last huge blast, the bully left and Walter began to bang on the locker for someone to release him. An hour later, the janitor happened to come by and hear the boy. He quickly cut the lock and opened the door. As it swung open, the farts trapped inside quickly were released and the janitor recoiled from the stench.

“Shit! Boy, did you just eat a can of beans before you got locked in there?”

Walter ignored the man and walked out. Having missed his bus he had to walk the 20 blocks home.


“Shhh! Wait, I think he is here.” Carmen quickly turned out the light and positioned herself, marathon runner starting block style, behind the door.

“Walter walked into the dark house, turned on the light, and closed the door. Just as he turned around to where his sister crouched, she pounced and lunged horizontally at poor Walter, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to hit the wall behind him.

“Ha! Spear! How’d it look, Tiffany?”

“Man I tell ya, that Edge may suck at it but you’ve got it down girl.”

Walter looked over, wearily, and saw a girl sitting on the couch. She was gorgeous with the perfect looks from what he saw but he knew if she was here and friends with his sister then she would be nothing but more pain for him.

“Well, little bitch! How was hanging out with Lena?”

Walter said nothing. He just stared angrily at Carmen.

“Sheesh, I’m glad I don’t count on you for information. She called me and told me about you hanging pictures together. Man, she is one sadistic bitch! A girl after my own heart,” Carmen said, sighing. “Well, I hope your homesick cause me and our new neighbor Tiffany are here to welcome you back in a big way.”

Carmen picked up her little brother by the throat and dragged him to the middle of the room.

“Come join me Tiff.”


Tiffany got up and put her hand on Walter’s throat right on top of Carmen’s. Together they lifted him up off the ground and Double Choke-slammed him down onto the living room floor. Walter looked up and the sadistic bitches who smiled down at him. Carmen rubbed her growling tummy.

“I’m queued up, you mind if I go first.”

“No, go for it Car.”

Carmen quickly removed her pants and pushed aside her g-string underwear and sat down hard on poor Walt’s face. With a slight adjust of her ass she let go of a mighty blow that could have, quite possibly, blown Walter’s face off, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTT! And the stench was not of anything Walter had ever experienced, it was worse…10 times worse at least! He quickly fought and struggled to get out from under his sisters’ horrid ass but she was too heavy for him and, to make matters worse, Tiffany flopped down onto his stomach forcing him to exhale rapidly.

Carmen raised her cheek slightly and farted once more, BPPPPPPTTT! Walter continued to try worm his way out but it was hopeless. “Hey what was that stuff we ate because whatever it is, it is making this guy fight more than usual?”

“Sauerkraut hot dogs.”

“You gotta give me the recipe for that stuff so I can ‘perform’ this well on a regular basis.”

Walter moaned loudly at the thought. “Yeah that’s right you little weasel! More wicked farts for you.” BRRRRPPPPPPTTTTTTTTT! Carmen laughed evilly.

“You mind if I have a go, I think I have a nice one brewed up.

“Sure,” Carmen said. She patted her stomach, “I got work some up any ways.”

Carmen quickly got off Walter’s face and Tiffany got off his stomach and for a little less than 2 seconds he was able to breathe some wonderful fresh air, unrestricted, until he saw the beautifully perfect ass of Tiffany, stripped naked and now descending upon his face and he felt the painful weight of his sister, sitting on his stomach. Within a few seconds, Walter was hit with an SBD which lasted 3 full seconds, a look of pure euphoria crossed the face of Tiffany as the demon past through her cheeks. Walt immediately began flailing around which got him a punch in the groin from his sister.

“Nothing’s even happened yet you pussy!”

Tiffany giggled, “Actually, I gave him a nice, long SBD.”

“Oh,” Carmen laughed.

“I think I got another one.” Tiffany strained and PPPPPPPPPPPRRRRRRRTTT!

“That was a good one,” Carmen said. “How you feelin’ down there Walt?” Carmen asked the tortured boy. He offered no reply and stopped fighting completely, he was very near unconsciousness.

“Get him up and put him sitting against the wall, I’m gonna give him the Stink Face.”

Tiffany got off Walter’s face and he immediately began gulping and coughing for fresh air. She dragged him over to the wall by his hair and set him in a seated position. He watched in groggy horror as Carmen’s ass came closer and closer to his face and when it made contact she grinded her ass on his face and ended it with a long BRRRRRRRRRRPPPPP!

“Now let me try the Hurracanrana Pin on this asshole!” Tiffany said.

“By all means, please do. This little bastard deserves and all torture you can dish out.”

Carmen lifted Walter by his hair and put him in a standing position in the center of the room. He appeared so groggy that it looked like he would fall over but he stood upright with all his strength he had remaining, fearing what would happen if he angered them further. Walter was so out of it that he didn’t even react when he saw Tiffany running full speed at him. Just before him she did a forwards somersault, with her legs catching Walter’s shoulders. Then, within a split second, she pulled herself down into a backwards somersault and pushed Walter’s legs, forcing Walter to follow with a forwards somersault right over Tiffany. As he hit the ground he was met with Tiffany’s ass in his face and his legs held over him. Carmen flopped to the ground and began counting.

“1…, 2…,” Carmen shouted as she smacked the floor. As the two count rang out Tiffany looked up and with the look of pure sadistic pleasure across her face, she released the most horrid fart onto poor Walter’s face. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSS!

“3!” Carmen made the “ring the bell” motion and the “match” was over.

Tiffany held the poor, struggling boy in place until he took in all of the horrid fart and passed out. She finally released him and his legs flopped to the ground. He was completely unconscious.

“Let’s see if he ever gets up from that one,” Tiffany said, walking towards the door.

“That was awesome Tiff! You got to come over more often so we can continue this tag team action. Little bitch didn’t even know what hit him.”

“I never knew I could do such a thing.”

“Well, you are a sadistic bitch at heart, today you got to let her out,” Carmen paused to laugh, “…all over my brother’s face.” Carmen said, now laughing hysterically. Tiffany laughed as well as she walked back to her house.

Carmen walked over to her unconscious brother, squatted over his unconscious face and farted once more before going to bed, smiling.


Walter woke up to a harsh kicking in his side. When he opened his eyes he saw his mother, Rosa standing there kicking him and yelling at him but he could not make out for what. Walter had a massive headache and the assault from yesterday still lingered in his nostrils. Finally…things started to clear up with his hearing.

“You little bitch! Why didn’t you wake up for school!?”


“Shut up and tell me why the hell you didn’t get up for school this morning and why were you sleeping in the middle of the living room?”

“Carmen and Tiffany they…”

“I don’t want to hear this! You need to stop blaming your sister for your mistakes! If you don’t want her to be a problem, get stronger. Beat her up!”

“But mom, why do you let her do this stuff to me, I mean…I’m your kid too.”

“Why?! Because I don’t give a shit about you!”

Walter was caught off guard by this comment.

“Don’t look so surprised! Who the hell would care about a little shrimp like you? You know what you are…you are a punching bag for people to beat up on, nothing more!”


“Stop calling me that! I am not your mother!”

“What?! Wha…what do you mean!”

“You’re adopted you little brat!”

Walter paused and gasped. It finally all made sense why he was nothing like his mom and his sister. He was adopted.

“That’s right! You're adopted you little bitch! What are you gonna do…you gonna start crying?”

“No…I am not but, I am leaving this house…forever.”

“Is that so? Got yourself some cajones now eh?”

“That’s right, Rosa! I do...I do have some balls and I am walkin’ out of here.”

Walter began to walk towards the door but Rosa quickly grabbed him.

“I’m afraid not…mijo,” she said, smiling. “You see…you are here to fulfill one purpose and one purpose only and I’ll be damned if I have to go through another adoption to get a slave for Carmen.”

“A slave?”

“Yeah, a slave. That is all you are…a slave.”

“Then why did you send me to school and all that?”

“Well it was never part of the plan for you to know all this but I’m sick of your whining and crying all the time! But…now that you do know…you won’t be going back to school…in fact…you won’t be leaving this house anymore at all.”

“And what about when the school calls to find out where I am.”

“I’ll say I transferred you, don’t worry your small brain about that.”

“You can’t keep me here Rosa!”

“Sure I can, I have shackles!”

“You are a bitch!”

“Now, now…is that anyway to talk to your mother?”

Rosa picked Walter up and carried him over her shoulder to the basement. Walter had never been down here as it had always been locked. He quickly scanned the room to see it was mostly barren except for a couch and in the corner was a small ball and chain. Rosa lowered the boy and locked the shackle around his right leg and then dragged both him and the ball and chain over to the couch and laid Walter down on it.

“There we are. Well now Carmen won’t be back from her sleep over at Tiffany’s till tomorrow…”

Walter’s face lit up, elated at the great new of having a “day off.”

“…but,” Carmen continued, “…there’s no reason to have a good slave go to waste.”

Walter’s face turned to confusion. “You?” He asked.

“Well, I did teach Carmen everything she knows…”

Walter’s face turned to extreme fear.

“…but not everything…I know,” she said, an evil smirk appearing across her face.

Walter’s eyes went wide as Rosa turned her back to him. He screamed at the top of his lungs but they were soon silenced under Rosa’s ass. It became clear to him, right then and there that his torture…would be never ending.


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© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.