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The Indian Restaurant
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 20th, 2014


The loud bursting of flatulence caused all the guests to look over with angry eyes to the woman who had been breaking wind continuously in the restaurant continuously for the past half-hour; she talked to her companions as if not even noticing the unpleasantness she was causing.


The woman leaned her ass to the side and let a terrible, audible fart escape her; her face euphoric as if she didn't have a care in the world.

Customers were starting to hold their nose as the rancid smell was beginning to take over the restaurant.

Penelope, a bright young girl who'd just come on at the popular Indian restaurant, stands near the front; she's had just about enough. She was left in charge and there was no one else she could turn to. She had to do something.

She steps forward, deliberately, to tell the woman to stop farting or leave...

Wait, she thinks; that's stupid. How can I tell her to stop farting? Is that really allowed? I mean, what if she has a problem...

It's too late, she's next to the woman now and she's looked over at Penelope.

"Can I help you?"


The woman smiles, "Yes?"

"I...I came say...uh...that your...erm...flatulence is bothering the other customers."

"I see," the woman says, flatly.

"Yes, I am sorry to..."

"No, no, I'm sorry; you see...I thought this was an Indian restaurant...and what do people know about Indian food?"

The woman gets in Penelope's face, she retreats into herself.

"No? Nothing? It makes you fart!"

"'am...just, maybe, you could go outside..."

"Outside? Do you think that's fair?"


"How about you be my fart cushion?"

Penelope looks at her blankly, having no idea what she means.

"Yes, you can be under my ass, inhaling all my farts; that should keep the customers happy and you as well, right?"


"Good, then; if you would."

The woman stands, allowing Penelope space under her prodigious butt.


"We're waiting..."


She farted; Penelope heard customer's grumbling still, some looked at her with an expectantly glee; others with pity.

Penelope got down on the floor, putting her head down on the seat for the woman.

The woman smiled; closed her eyes in concentration and...


Wasting no time, she sat down on Penelope's face, making her endure the monstrous fart in her face. She kicked and squirmed but the heavy weight of the woman held her in place.


"Smell deeply, dear; we wouldn't want any complaints, would we?"

Penelope moaned in terrible pain as her breathing became labored and raspy; "He-lp..." she pleaded once.


That was her only response.

Penelope felt her head spinning, her eyes rolling back.


Another fart, suffocating, coughing; and Penelope passed out.

After a few days, Penelope finally felt ready to return to work; she'd gotten over the trauma.

She opens the door to the restaurant; her heart stops as she sees the woman standing there.

"Ah, Penelope; glad to see you again, I was just telling your co-workers that I'm the new owner around here."

Penelope's look is of disbelief; she shakes her head.

"That's right, and, uh...actually, would you see me in my office. There's something I'd like you me with." Her smile was wide, sinister.

================== Written: 4/10/15==================

Penelope follows her new boss up the stairs and into her office.

"Take a seat," she says.

Penelope moves towards the "guest" chair but the boss stops her.

"No, no, take mine."

Penelope looks at her boss, cautiously. But she smiles. She walks over to the boss' chair and sits.

"Very good, suits you...but still, not quite right."

The boss walks over to her, puts a soft hand on her shoulder. Penelope is a bit fearful.

Suddenly, the boss pushes her down further, until her head is on the seat of the cushioned office chair. She holds her there until she steps in front and lowers her massive butt over Penelope face.

The boss sighs in relief, "There now, that's more like it." She sits her full weight on Penelope's face as she struggles, bucking and trying to get out from under the boss' ass. "Oh, stop your struggling; you should be used to this."

BRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuppp! The boss' butt burped loudly with a hot air blast on Penelope's face.

She screamed underneath her as she tried to claw at the boss' legs but it was no use as she was forced to inhale her boss' putrid, shit smelling gas.

"That's a good little bitch, you're gonna sniff that up," she says, tauntingly.

The boss leans forward, just enough to free Penelope's eyes to see the massive ass sitting on her face a bit better.

PRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrpppp! The boss fires off another, flapping fart and sits back fully on Penelope's face.

"Ahhh, that feels good; how do you respond when your boss gives a you a fart, subordinate?"

"Mmrrmrmm mrrmm" Penelope mumbles from underneath her boss.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" The boss says, lifting up fully off Penelope's face for the first time in what felt like an eternity.

Penelope chokes and heaves, breathing heavily, "Thank you!" She yells out.

"That's right! And you're welcome, little shit."


The boss wiggled her farting ass in Penelope's face but didn't sit, thankfully.

Then she finally stood, next to her chair, and looked down at the struggling and flattened Penelope.

"It should go without saying that you're fired."

Penelope seemed a bit hurt but mostly relieved now; fuck this job.

"Or, you have one option, you can stay on as my fart cushion," she said, beaming.

"No, thanks," Penelope horsely whispers out, weakly standing; her bones creaking and cracking from the extreme pressure put on them.

"What a shame, oh well; good riddance, bitch!"

Penelope doesn't look back as she exits the office and soon the building; still feeling a bit dizzy. She goes on a long walk.

It's dark when she's finally back at her tiny apartment. She opens the door and flicks on the light as she puts her purse on the hook. She turns toward the couch and freezes; her eyes go wide.

"No..." she says, in disbelief.

There, sitting on her couch, is her former boss.

"Hello. You know, after you left, I got to thinking; I'm not ready to get rid of you yet."

Penelope scrambles, struggling with the door as the boss comes up next to her and pulls her back to her own couch.

"I think I'm going to make you my slave for a while," she says, looking down at Penelope whose eyes are wide with fear and tears. "I mean, who's going to miss you anyways, right?"

The boss slips off her pants and already Penelope's head recoils, she gags from the putrid stink at the backend of this large woman.

"After a long, sweaty day, I think I need you to get in there and clean me up."

Penelope shakes her head but the boss grabs it instead and jams it up her wide crack, rubbing Penelope's against her butt like toilet paper. "Now get your tongue out and lick!"


Penelope is assaulted by a blast of gas that seems to sputter wetly against her face; god being kind, hopefully it was just sweat. She shook her head rapidly, trying to get free but it was no use.

She screams as her face is rubbed against a sweat, shit-selling ass crack; used to wipe her boss' butt clean.

The boss laughs, "This is just the beginning, slave." She says as she roughly rubs Penelope deeply against her putrid butthole.

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