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The Haunted House
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 21st, 2007

"Dude, what the fuck!" Steven exclaimed, angrily.

I just laughed. Brent did too.

"Seriously dude? Why the hell did you set me up like that?"

I continued laughing as I answered, "Hey, it 's not my fault you believed me. I mean look at you, why would Victoria wanna go out...with..." I could not even finish my sentence I was laughing so hard.

"It isn 't funny! You know, just...just fuck off, alright...just leave me the fuck alone!"

Steven started to walk off but I caught up to him.

"Hey! Calm down man, it was just a joke. You don 't need to get so goddamn hot about it." I chucked a few times as quietly as I could. "I don 't even know how you fell for it so hard, I mean she 's 18 and you 're 21, that 's just kinda...creepy...isn 't it?"

Steven stayed silent for a few minutes. "You know, it 's not just you guys ' retarded jokes, I feel like you guys don 't respect me at all. I mean I let you come to my house, hang out, play with my shit, and eat my food...," Steven sighed. "I wish you guys would be more serious for once in your lives."

"Well that 's not happening," Brent answered.

"What else can I expect I guess, right?"


"Whatever," Steven replied, less than enthused.

After a few seconds of standing there in silence, Brent asks, "So...uh...can we come over today?"

Steven tried hard to hold back a laugh. He failed. The timing was too funny not to laugh. He agreed and the three of us walked on, talking about everything and nothing.

Steven had recently moved out so it made his house an ideal hang out to do just about anything including porn watching which was pretty much a nightly occurrence. Steven had an incredible collection, all good stuff, very little junk. It was awesome.


"Hang on guys, I gotta make a call."

We were only a few blocks from Steven 's house, I didn 't know why he couldn 't wait but he was weird like that sometimes. We stopped and stood there. I turned to Brent.

"So who you taking to the Halloween dance?"

"Tina," Brent answered.

"Tina, really? She 's got a nice rack on her."

"Sure, but have you seen her ass?"

"Of course, how could I miss it?" I said, chuckling.

"Watch it buddy, you could be talking about my future wife."

"Wife? Yeah right, you 're as delusional as Steven."

Steven rolled his eyes in response as he continued his phone conversation.

"Well Mr. Big Shot, who you taking?"

"No one."

"Oh really? Who could have guessed that one?" Brent answered, sarcastically.

"Hey, I got tons of offers but no one is good enough to be seen with Greg."

Steven's phone slapped shut.

"Sure buddy, whatever." Brent replied as we continued our walk.


About a block from Steven's house stood an old, abandoned house. The trees on the property hadn 't been trimmed in years so the yard and the house was draped in shadow, making it all the creepier. I would never let the guys know but I was frightened to death of that house. We always stopped and looked at it on our walk home.

"One day, we should work up the courage to go in there," Brent said after we all stood, staring at the house for a couple of minutes.

"How about today? Right now?" Steven asked.

"What? You are the one that is always preaching to us about trespassing and shit, why do you suddenly have the balls to go in there?" I asked.

"Well, it 's a true but I mean, it 's gotta be abandoned so who cares about trespassing when there 's no one there."

"I don 't know, we could still get in trouble...maybe a nosy neighbor will report us."

"Oh, are you scared?"

"Fuck no! It 's just that..."


"Ah fuck it, let 's go then if you two are so hot to go in but, don 't come crying to me when you piss your pants in fear."

The three of us walked to the door, Brent looked in a window but the curtains were drawn almost completely.

We knocked on the door and it creaked open slightly.

"Oh shit!" I yelped.

"Dude, relax."

"I am relaxed!"

We pushed the door open and entered the house. From the entry way we could see the overgrowth of cobwebs and dust on everything. The house was completely barren, no furniture, no carpets, no nothing.

"Hello?" Steven yelled.

"Dude, shut up!"


"Why the hell do you wanna be yelling throughout the house?"

"It 's abandoned man! You are totally paranoid."

"I am not."

We continued to walk through. Brent opened up the curtains in what would probably have been the dining room but it did little to light up the house much more than it already was. Still, despite the darkness, I calmed a bit. We walked into the kitchen. All that was left in there was a sink; I turned it on and the water ran brown, obviously it had not been used in years. Steven seemed to find a pantry.

"Hey guys, look at this, it 's huge."

He walked in and towards the back, disappearing into the darkness.

"You alright man?" I asked.

"Yeah, I 'm fine, just checking it out." He replied.

He walked back toward us when suddenly, the pantry door slammed shut on him.

"Holy shit! What the fuck was that?!"

"How the hell should I know?!" Brent answered in a panic.

We both ran to the door and tried to open it but it was stuck. Steven was beating and yelling on the other side as we pulled and pulled on the door but it would not budge. Suddenly, the beating stopped and the door slowly creaked open. I walked in and felt around but the pantry was empty.

"Where the fuck did he go?" I asked anxiously as I walked out of the pantry.

"I don 't know man, this is some scary ass shit, let 's get out of here!"

"We can 't just leave him here."

"What the hell are we supposed to do?"

"We have to find him."


"Well as much as I 'd hate to say it, I guess we should split up."

"Dude, that 's the worst idea ever."

"I know but it 's the best way to cover the most ground."

"Whatever, I 'll go upstairs then, you finish looking around here."

"Alright, I 'll join you if I don 't find anything here."

Brent walked away in the direction of the staircase and I heard him stomp around on the wooden steps.

I continued to search around the pantry for something but I couldn 't see anything out of the ordinary. I walked back to the dining room. As soon as I stepped over the threshold between the dining room and the kitchen, the floor opened up and I fell down a chute and landed on the hard floor below, rendering me unconscious.


As I started to awaked I noticed a large figure over me, all in black. I started to back up but it followed me. As my eyes focused I saw it was a lovely woman standing there, in a tight black dress with a short skirt.

"Hey there," She said, enthusiastically.

"...uh...where am I?"

"You are on the floor of my house," she said, laughing as she held up a hand to help me up."

I looked around a bit and I took her hand and lifted myself up. I figured this was still the abandoned house I was in.

"Oh, so you live here?"

"Sure do."

"So I guess this place isn 't haunted then?"

"Just by me," she said, laughing.

I laughed as well.

After looking around for a few seconds and an awkward silence, "Well, it was nice meeting you."


"You haven 't happened to see my friends have you? They disappeared earlier."

"Yes, I have, they are right over here."

A smile crossed my face as I walked close behind this beautiful woman, staring at her perfect ass, thinking about what a funny story my friends and I would have to tell now. She led me through a large, very threatening, heavy metal door. We walked in; it was pitch black when she shut the door behind us. She flicked the switch and the smile from my face quickly left.

I looked in front of me and in the small room were my two friends, their arms and legs bound to the floor.

I turned to her with the look of what the fuck on my face.

She just smiled a maniacally as she grabbed me and tried to shove me in my own set of shackles but I fought back. I struggled with her, keeping her from grabbing my arms but then she kicked me in the groin and I doubled over in pain. She dragged me over and shackled me next to Steven who was now in the middle between me and Brent.

"Now that I have my three little slaves, I can start."

"What are you going to do to us?" I asked, fearfully.

"First, I 'm gonna duct tape all your mouths shut so I don 't have to hear your stupid voices."

She proceeded to do this and then, she hiked up her skirt, revealing her blank panties, and stood over Steven. He whimpered; no doubt very afraid of what was to come. I yelled loudly at the woman but the words were muted muffles. She didn 't even turn to me, obviously not caring what I was trying to say. I watched her turn around above Steven and then, I watched his eyes go wide as she descended and placed her ass on Steven 's face. I looked down and noticed he had a raging hard on but then so did I.

"How 's this, slave?"

Steven of course could not answer, I yelled again but it wasn 't clear what I said.

"Oh, that 's right, take nice long breaths. The best part is about to begin."

With that, I watched her lean slightly and let out a monstrous fart. PRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPP! It lasted a full three seconds and when she finished she returned to sitting on Steven 's face fully. He weakly kicked around but it was hopeless. She farted once more from her seated perch. BRRRRPPPPP!

"Oh man, who knew I could harbor all this gas at one time."

Steven started to make sounds like he was crying, no doubt dying under her ass, literally. She sent her foot into his crotch and his crying stopped and she laid another bomb on his face. PPPPRRRRRRRRRRR! He kicked around again, his hands clenched up. The woman farted once more. BRRRAAAAPPPPPPP! Slowly, as Steven 's chest moved slower and slower up and down and his hands gradually relaxed. Eventually, he stopped moving altogether. A few seconds later, the woman got up off him and walked toward the other side of the room. I started to cry looking at the lifeless body of my friend. He was dead, died of suffocation, I was sure. Why the hell had we come here? Steven didn 't deserve to die here. Tears ran down my eyes as I watched the woman return and take her seat on Brent.

"You 're friend didn 't last very long, let 's see how you do."

Brent screamed loudly against his tape. He had no doubt seen what had happened to Steven and now it was happening to him. Without hesitation, she took a seat on Brent 's face and farted immediately. PPPRRRRRRRRRPPPP! Brent kicked and trashed but it was hopeless. The woman sat there, nonchalantly, no doubt timing her next attack. She looked over at me and smiled an evil smile, a smile that seemed to say you 're next and I 'm sure I was. Another fart rang out. BRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP! Brent continued to fight but his fight quickly slowed and he faded away.

"That was too easy," the woman said as she got up off Brent 's face. She wasted no time and approached me immediately. "Well, I guess that just leaves you," she said with an almost business-like indifference, as if this was a normal fucking thing.

She quickly turned around and placed her ass in my face. The aroma was already pungent, no doubt absorbed in her panties. I took sharp, quick breaths to avoid the already terrible stench which was no doubt going to get worse. This seemed to displease her as she started putting more and more weight on my head and my face sank deeper and deeper into her ass.

"There now, that 's nice. Your face fits right in there."

Then she leaned forward and placed both her hands on my stomach. After a few seconds, she pushed hard on my stomach, forcing me to release all my air. She moaned silently as I exhaled. She held me like this for a few moments before release a wicked fart right into my face. BRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP! She then immediately released my stomach and my nose took in the fart air greedily but the smell was god awful. PPPRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Another fart rang out as she resumed a full seated position on my face. I fought hard for freedom but it was pointless as I took in more and more of her gas.

"Oh boy! This is so much have another."

BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPP! She farted a good size fart that smelled like rotting cabbage.

I screamed loudly against the tape and got an equally loud fart in my face in return. BBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP! I moaned, I could not take much more of this. I felt myself fading as another fart was released but I barely got to smell it before I was gone.


A splash of cold water awoke me instantly. My eyes were cloudy but where ever I was it was very bright.

"Wha..." I said, I was breathing heavy.

Then I heard a familiar sound. It was Steven 's laugh and as my eyes focused I saw Steven standing there in front of me. I looked around to find I was in his house.


"Oh man dude! I got you good."

"Got me? Wha...what the fuck is going on? I thought you were dead!"

"Dead? From what? A little gas? Please. Jessica! Come in here."

The woman who had tortured me and my friends came in. I recoiled a bit, fearfully and she laughed a bit at that.

"What the fuck is going on, Steven?!"

"I 'd like you to meet my friend, Jessica. She 's a professional dominatrix specializing in face sitting and flatulence."

" were suffering!"

"I guess I should go into acting after all."

I watched as Steven pulled down Jessica 's jeans and panties and stuffed his face in her ass as she farted a nice size fart right into his face. I could hear his deep breathing and when he emerged he shook his head and yelled, as if he had just been refreshed by her ass gas.

I gagged a bit. "Dude...ugh...that is sick!"

Steven just laughed.

"So where the hell is Brent?"

"He woke up a couple of hours ago and went on home," Jessica answered as she pulled her pants back up.

"I think I 'll do the same."

I watched as Steven 's smiley face turn very serious as I got up. He came to me and pushed me back onto the couch.

"What the fuck man!?" I asked.

"Hang on. I haven 't told you the best part. You see, Jessica here, well...she loves to be dominant and as hard as I try I can 't act as well as she 'd like...although I convinced you I was suffering so I don 't know what her problem is," he said, looking at Jessica and smiling a bit.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Any ways, she prefers a real victim and you are."

I sat there, totally stunned, my mouth hanging open.

Jessica 's eyes lit up. "Oh good, I 've been waiting for someone to ask for a fart in their mouth. Luckily, I got a nice one brewing," she said as she tapped her stomach.

I tried to get up again but she pushed me down and held me on the couch before she could take her place on my face. She grabbed my lower lip and my nose and held my mouth open. After a few seconds that seemed to linger on forever she released a terribly fart into my mouth. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP! It echoed clearly. I moaned loudly as Jessica took a seated position on my face and I reluctantly swallowed her fart. She farted once more, PRRRRRRRAAPAPPP! Her gas filled my nose and I started to fade. The last thing I heard before I fell unconscious was Steven 's laugh.

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