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The Goddess Visits Kary
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 5th, 2014

It was typical for Kary to be on her bed, stoned, staring at the ceiling; making shapes and patterns in the random stucco texturing. There was one face she always was able to make out amongst the seemingly, ever changing designs around it.

Without warning or a sound, a figure quickly shadowed Kary's face; "Hello," a voice said, assertively, in a sweet, warm tone.

"Jesus!" Kary says, jumping back and shifting to her arm to sit up a bit. As the figure steps back just a bit, Kary sees it's a woman; her eyes follow her figure from toe-to-head, starting at her shiny, pristine black boots that went almost all the way up to her thighs. Just above that she wore a tiny, latex pink micro-skirt; it was barely big enough to cover her entire booty which peeked out at the bottom with her prominent sized crack showing. The woman wore a tight racing shirt that hugged her magnificent curves; her long blonde hair just reaching down to her shoulders.

The woman's green eyes catch a glimmer of the light and shine with kindness, "It's okay, sweetie; don't be alarmed. I'm surprised you don't recognize me, I'm quite often in you may have read in stories."

Kary thinks for a moment, then it snaps in her brain; "You're Rosemary?!"

"Please. Call me Goddess, if you would," the Goddess insists, while implying Kary had a choice in the matter.

"Yuh-yes, of course, sure. Goddess." Kary replies, still a little shakey and nervous.

"That's better."

"Well...what...what are you doing here?"

"Hey, sweetie; just relax. I can tell you're still nervous."

Kary relaxes a little bit as she looks deep into the Goddess' eyes, seeing genuine, pure care behind them; her eyes were motherly.

"I'm here because, well, you often describe yourself as 'an awkward weirdo who likes sniffing farts' so I figured I'd drop by."

"" Kary asks, dumbfounded.

"A friend, dear. I mean, you pretty much asked for this; you wanted me to come over, am I right?"

Kary nods, sheepishly; a bit embarrassed that her desires are exposed. She looks down at her bed.

" need to fret, hon. I'm here now," the Goddess says, lifting Kary's face, softly, by the chin so she can look her in the eye.

Kary looks at the kind eyes of the Goddess and smiles, "Okay," Kary barely squeaks out.

"Good dear," the Goddess says, matter-of-factly as she switches into 'work' mode. She flips up her mini-skirt, revealing her massive, naked butt. "Since you enjoy this sort of thing, I expect you can handle a lot more than the average toilet, true?"

Without even thinking, Kary nods; swept up in the moment. She wasn't even used to being called a toilet; it went in one ear and out the other, it was happening so fast and suddenly. The Goddess didn't waste time.

"That's good; and since you're already on the bed, I may as well just make myself comfortable on top of you."

The Goddess got up onto the bed and Kary's eyes went wide as the Goddess shadowed the room light from Kary's face and stood all six feet above Kary's prone body; she smiled a bit, devilishly, as she started to lower her booty down to Kary's face.

Kary watched, fearfully, the massive buttocks coming down on her. "No...wait...," Kary managed to blurt out just before her face was unceremoniously enveloped deeply into the Goddess' massive buttcheeks.

Then, peace. Calm. Like a rough hit on the pipe, after the cough subsides, the feeling of euphoria would start to settle in; this feeling was similar. As Kary's face brushed and pushed roughly against the Goddess' anus, she unthinkingly inhaled deeply and her body shuddered with delight from the strong, heavy aroma that hung in the Goddess' buttcrack. It was a new smell, a new flavor all its own and Kary was enjoying every moment of it; she felt herself tingle downstairs and was eager to at least rub herself a bit.

She reached over, landing her hand on her crotch of her sweats; but then she stopped herself.

The Goddess noticed this and smiled. She shook her own long hair, reaching through it with her fingers and lifting it as she stretched; arching her back.


Kary had just inhaled but she quickly exhaled then inhaled again to try to capture all she could of the Goddess' first fart to her face. Kary's eyes roll back euphorically as her nostrils eagerly take in the gassy air.

"Mmmmooouf, my stomach is real upset this evening; you're going to have your work cut out for you," the Goddess says, giggling; she readjusts her weight on Kary's face. Then, she leans to the side.


Kary's nostrils flare deep and long, sniffing right at the source of the terrible gas which she takes in like a fine, fresh smell of a spring flower. Her legs bounce up and down with tense, pent-up energy; her finger itches eagerly at herself.

"It's fine, sweetie; you can touch yourself."

Kary takes the cue and wastes no time, digging her hand into her sweats and running her finger up and down herself; playfully. She takes another deep inhale of leftover booty gas from the Goddess' pulsating anus.

"You're lucky; I'd never let a toilet touch itself while I'm around. I hope you appreciate that."

"I do," Kary mumbles; her words muffled deep within the Goddess' butt. She greedily sucks up more fart tainted air as she more energetically works with her hands, downstairs; she starts to pant, heavily.

"Good sweetie," the Goddess shifts her prominent weight to her knees and sits up off Kary's face. Kary pants and breathes heavily, soaking up the oxygen she needs to survive, though she likely wished these farts were all she required for the rest of her days.

The Goddess groaned just a bit; she clutches her stomach.


While still lifted off Kary's face, the Goddess blew a short, flappy fart. Kary moan-whimpers in delight, a pleasurable smile crosses her face; she touches herself a little more vigorously as she eagerly lifts her head up to try to catch the passing fart.

The Goddess watches this and giggles to herself, enjoying watching the dedication of her slave to inhale her gas. She separates her cheeks; in sing-songy voice, she says, "Time to go back in, slave!"

"Oh...," Kary moans before her face is covered then squeezed between two big butt cheeks.

The Goddess, just slightly, lifts a leg.


"Ahhhhhhh, that was a good one; I feel a real pressure off with that one," the Goddess chuckles.

Kary, deeply inhales; and her face recoils. She silently gags a bit; she tries to shake her head to get away but she's wedged too tightly, too deeply. She wondered what was happening. Something had changed. All of a sudden, the Goddess' gas seemed like pure, thick poison to her, when they used to be potent but tolerable.

The Goddess put a hand on her cheek, pulling it slightly and ripping a long fart as she did; as if the cheek was a loudly creaking door that allowed a flood of nasty fart gas to enter.


"Mmmm, I think that's the egg and three bean salad sandwich working it's way out. I had it on the way over; I hope it's not to much for you, toilet!" The Goddess says, laughing evilly. "I hope you had fun, because now it's my turn!"

Kary tries to push the Goddess off her but it's no use; she's far too heavy, and the extra-potent gas is making Kary a bit woozy. She dry heaves; the Goddess' newly greasy butt seems to hang with an odor of stale shit and Kary's face is plastered right up against it, her nose almost flush against the Goddess' anus.

It pulses out and Kary closes her eyes as a fart rips, point blank in her face.


Kary moaned, but no longer from delight but terror and suffering as she inhaled this monstrous, terrible gas that made her lightheaded; now her eyes start to water from the noxious, invasive fart; dropped by the Goddess, who giggles to herself, enjoying the show as Kary now shakes a bit underneath her. No longer did she feel chills of pleasure but chills of fear; the way the Goddess liked it.

Kary could feel herself closing to passing out; and that would be a relief to escape this toxic gas, hopefully to just awake from a terrible nightmare!

Then, light. Kary, involuntarily, breathes deeply; inhaling the air around her. The Goddess had risen up again, allowing Kary to breathe; for better or worse.

The Goddess, smiling wide, angles her butt down and pushed a little hard.


She laughs and slowly lowers her butt back down on Kary's face, taking delight in watching her eyes go wide. Kary shakes her head and silently pleads for a reprieve from the Goddess' deadly booty.

But it doesn't come and her face is again swallowed by the Goddess' massive booty; again plunged into a toxic, intolerable stinkhole. Kary's nostrils automatically flair widely and get a full load of the terrible, pungent smell of the Goddess' last emission; it smells almost like pure gasoline. Kary gags, choking; she feels close to vomiting.

The Goddess puts a hand on both cheeks and separates them in a single swift motion.


The farts bubble-up and break on Kary's face, splattering it liberally with deep smell; like a tire in the mud. Kary groans painfully as her nostrils are assaulted with a noxious, seemingly unending fart that ripples tormentingly on the tip of her nose; sending all the terrible odor down her nasal passages.

"Help!" Kary horsely yells out but the Goddess is quick; she scrunches herself, pushing hard, and she farts a low, bassy fart right into Kary's mouth. The Goddess smiles, satisfied with herself as she listens to the echo of her fart.


Kary's mouth feels as if it's about to burst as the hot, bitter fart air sits; slowly wafting out and up her nose. Her mouth is dry but moistening it with her tongue only brings her to taste the terrible fart that's left clinging to her lips and the inside of her mouth. She whimpers; her body starts to shake as she is low on oxygen.

The Goddess, enjoying herself immensely, takes a hold of her thighs and lifts herself up a little; putting all her weight in her booty, which, of course, sat on Kary's face.

Kary felt the added pressure on her face, pressing it deeper and deeper into the bed.


The Goddess ripped another big, loud fart against Kary's face. Now she shook even more, convulsed even as her eyes rolled back and she gasped and gaged for air. All she could smell, all she could inhale, all she could breathe was potent, Goddess gas.

The Goddess giggled as she watched Kary convulse and then her body relax into unconsciousness.

Kary woke up, startled. She looked around but seemed to be alone; it was morning. Or maybe afternoon.

She wondered if that was all just a dream; something she'd read maybe. Kary reaches down at her shirt and sniffs near the collar; she immediately recoils back, gagging.

She holds it away from her, disgusted.

Then, she brings it back, close to her, and gently sniffs again.

She smiles.

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