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The Dream
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

“God damn it!” I shouted to myself, “I am late for work again.” If this was my first time or, hell, even my second time I would be fine but this was my fifth time this month coming in late. The boss was going to have my job for this I was sure. I drove to work in a bit of a menacing rage, almost hitting a pedestrian and numerous cars on the drive over. I finally realized I needed to calm down or I would say something I didn’t mean, or rather, shouldn’t say. I was almost deadly calm when I got to the company parking lot, there were no spaces left but I didn’t let this get to me. I parked on the street and ran to the office. No one saw me come in but someone must have noticed I was not at this desk on time and it would probably be my boss, Mr. John Perkins. That man was a giant asshole and everyone agreed but no one ever stood up to him. I wouldn’t have either and still wont. I sat at my desk pretending to be deeply involved in something when I heard the distinct tap of his shoes; you know the ones with the little tassels, coming down the hallway toward me. I continued to look very busy as I noticed a body hovering over me, watching me work and seeing what I was doing.

“Looks like your working hard, Mr. Fredrickson.”

“Why…uh…yes, yes sir.”

“That’s good, but don’t think you can get away with coming in 10 minutes late, ill see you in my office about lunch time?” Damn, the one day I had a lunch plan, well maybe he’d be sympathetic. Ya right, I thought to myself. Well, it’s worth a shot.

“Uh…sir...I can’t...”

“Great,” he said, interrupting me, “I’ll see you then, Ciao.” God damn it! Nothing pissed me off more when he said ‘Ciao.’ Just so annoying. Oh well, relax George, if he fires you then he fires you. You’ll bounce back. The day dragged on and it seemed like lunch would never come. What the hell was I doing here any ways? I am a web designer not some crappy paper pusher, not some lowly bean counter. I was something that meant something but I could not get any jobs after college! It was hopeless, so here I am working in some crappy office building doing mindless paperwork, hour after hour. I could not take it. My life had no meaning and by lunch time I was damn ready to be fired and hoped for it too. That would give me the push I need to do a job in what I love.

I knocked on the door to Mr. Perkins’ office and was immediately called in.

“You wanted to see me Mr. Perkins?” I asked, semi-rhetorically. I knew he did and so did he.

“Yes. George how long have you been working here?”

“About 2 years I would guess.”

“And how much of that time have you been late?” I stared at the view of the city outside Mr. Perkins office. The cityscape was so beautiful.

“GEORGE! STOP DAYDREAMING AND ANSWER THE QUESTION.” I shook off the feeling and responded. “Probably about half the time, sir.”

“I see. So you admit to being late at least half the time you have worked here?”

“That’s correct, yes.” I hung my head in shame; it was an embarrassing thing to hear even if I wanted to get fired.

“Then you’ll understand why I’ll have to let you go?” He said this smiling like he was happy to fire me but I didn’t care, I didn’t wanna work here any ways.

“Uh…I guess so.”

I was walking out of the office when there was a commotion outside and then a huge tremor, like an earthquake! I took refuge under Mr. Perkins desk while he ran to stand near the window, stupidly. Another quake hit. I could hear people outside screaming and pointing at something to the east but I could not see it, my view was obstructed. The earthquakes increased but I still saw nothing. A few minutes later I watched in terror as a sedan was in the air at least 200 ft. What could have done that? I got my answer almost immediately following. A giant body part came into view of the window. People outside screamed in horrid terror as some were picked up and swallowed others were just flung about wildly. A GIANT! A GIANT WAS ATTACKING! I heard Mr. Perkins scream like a little girl as the face of the giant came to his floor of the office building. The giant was female and very beautiful looking but also terrifying. It picked Mr. Perkins up and out of the room and shoved him firmly into her ass crack. I could only imagine the pungent aromas of that ass, even clothed. The giant pointed her ass away from the building, bend forward slightly and farted a mighty blow, shooting Mr. Perkins out to who knows where. The gargantuan fart wafted towards the office and the smell was noxious. I watched in desperation as people on the street feel unconscious under its powerful stench and I followed suit.

I awoke in a strange position. I could not see very well, my eyes unadjusted to the light, but I heard many people talking in panicking tones. I finally focused and saw many people crowded together and I noticed I was unable to move. All the people from that town seemed to be in this compact space, but what was this space? I a “body” near me.

“Hey, where the hell are we?”


“Jeez, sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. Yelling at you isn’t gonna help anything. From what I can gather we are in a chamber of some kind and the giant lady comes by every once in a while to take one of us and then knock out the rest. We never see that person again.”

“Any ideas on what this chamber is?”

“By the looks of it, it seems to be glass, like a jar.”

“A jar?! To hold full size people!?” I exclaimed. When I did, the people in “the jar” seemed to become quite agitated and more scared.

“Shhh. Not so loud,” he said to me. “Ya, odd I know but I think we are in some “giant” town I think and I don’t think we will ever be going home. We will all fall victim to whatever the giant lady has in store for us when she picks us out, one by one.” I didn’t know what else to say. Really there was nothing else to say. My “friend” understood my silence and did not press me to talk to him anymore, even though I started the conversation. The general attitude of the jar went from frightened to panicky as I heard one of them say that the giant was coming. I could not see a thing, I was no where near any “windows” but I heard the loud sound of the jar opening and I heard the screams of the one chosen by the giant to suffer her deadly but mysterious torture and eventual death, I would assume. I head people breathing hard and I did the same but did not know why. I stopped just as they did and then heard a deafening, PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTT! The giant had again farted and the smell would no doubt knock us all out again. I heard the jar close and the giant’s foot steps walking away. We had collectively not been breathing for a minute or so till I finally had to give in. The smell was not bearable by any means and had no hope of dissipating in this closed jar. I feel unconscious under its horrid smell within seconds.

I don’t know when I came to. It felt like days and it probably was. There was the normal commotion of chatter and panic in the jar. Sobs became a normal occurrence and everyone always wondered who’s next. We didn’t have to wait long as the pounding footsteps of the giant approached. She opened the lid of the jar and reached it. I could see nothing but felt a tug on my shirt. I screamed out in terror as I was lifted out like a prize in a Claw machine. People near the top grabbed on to me but they were no match for the giants grasp. I was out of the jar and placed in the palm of her large hand as I watched her position the jar near her ass blow a mighty fart onto the jar’s inhabitants. I was glad I did not have to deal with such a punishment anymore but I feared worse for myself. I took a few moments to notice my surroundings as we walked around what looked like a normal house but everything was giant, at least to me. I noticed a TV set, a couch, tables, all things you would find in a house. I was taken out of what appeared to be the living room to another room off to the side. When we got in the room was completely empty with just carpet and walls of course but other than that completely bare. The giant set me on the floor and removed all her clothing. I could not help but stare at the magnificent body of the giant, it was gorgeous but it held my reins and I feared what she would do to me. I soon composed myself and decided to run, run out the slit under the door. She quickly picked me up and held me on the floor. She then positioned her ass over my body and sat down, placing me right in the crack. I was suddenly caught in darkness. The giant wasted no time, immediately shifting and farting, PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT! The sound was ear shattering and I was sure the smell at this distance would kill me but for now I had to deal with the horrid smell that emanated from the prodigious ass. Holding my breath was in inadequate, temporary solution. There was no way out of my inevitable fate. FFFFFFFFFPPPPPPTTT! Another horrid and powerful blast. The air pressure pressed me hard against the floor and then the smell hit. At this rate I would be out within seconds but the giant rose up and picked me up soon after. She shoved my head, like a spike, into her ass. I could see absolutely nothing. I screamed out but I could expect no help and no mercy. I wondered to myself why a giant, hell let alone anyone would do this to someone. Just for some sadistic kick? The smell was awful and I knew this would be the end of me. The last thing I heard was a large PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT!

I awoke in a cold sweat. A nightmare, I thought to myself. Oh man, that was scary, for a minute there I thought I was done for. Thank god it was all a horrible dream, where does my mind come up with this crazy stuff? I looked at the clock. “Shit! I’m late for work.”

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