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The Dangers of Tabloid Reporting
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: Oct 2005

No one will ever know what happened to Mitch during his disappearance. Well, I know because I am the narrator but no one else does and no one will. Mitchell Norfork was a reporter for The Daily Star, a tabloid paper based out of California. He was on assignment August 20th, 2005 and never returned to the news paper office. 10 days later he shows up dead in a local city dump and police are baffled. He has no identifying marks that would indicate any struggle and he also mysteriously has no wounds. He did not drown nor did he fall from a great height. The circumstances surrounding his death were never determined as police leave the case open but stop all real investigation. Mitch just up and died in a dump somewhere? Don’t buy it friends, I will tell you what really happened over the course of those 10 nights. Here is Mitchell’s story.

Mitch went to work just like any other day, for this day was no different than any others. He loved his job at the tabloid office, finding real news and turning it into something fake and entertaining. He slept easy at night despite what people thought of tabloid reporters. Things were going pretty well for him. He made a nice amount of money, lived in a house that suited his needs just fine, and drove a pretty sweet Jaguar. He was driving to work that day of August 20 th, blasting his radio listening to something by Oingo Boingo. They were his favorite band after all. He drove down the open road for half an hour before arriving at the office. He was the star reporter so no one cared if he was late, even the boss didn’t mind. Well, at least not too much. He walked to his desk to find an assignment for today. He was a little disappointed. He hoped he would be able to just sit around today but he had a job to do. He opened the file and took a look inside. The file contained a possible news story that needed more information. The subject was Carmen Electra and it was just another routine story about a new lover. Oh well, he thought to himself. Better an easy story than something difficult. He’d be in and out in 10 minutes, or at least so he thought.

He arrived at the location and noticed the building in question had a fire escape. He quickly did a calculation of where the room he needed was and ascended the fire escape. He waited outside the window of the room till he saw Ms. Electra pass by. He readied his camera and took shots as discreetly as possible. There was no scandal it seems. She was alone but that was no matter, we can always fake these things. She sat down on the couch under the window and turned on the television. Stars just sit around and relax too, who woulda thunk? He continued to snap pictures for a little while until she got up and walked away. The shower water turned on and he knew if he could just get one picture of Carmen in the shower he would be even more of a made man. But he knew this was very dangerous. Mitch tried to open the window and surprisingly it was open. He crawled in and fell onto the couch. He walked slowly to where the bathroom was and peered around the corner, hoping she wasn’t looking his way. She wasn’t. He quickly ran past the bathroom and snapped on the run. He was in the bedroom. He hoped she had not seen or heard him but he guessed not since she continued to shower. I guessed now would be the time to leave but I thought I might as well go out the front, I doubt I could climb out the window. He ran past the bathroom where Carmen stood, right inside the doorway. She watched him sneak past. He looked back and noticed her towel covered body outside the bathroom and looking at him. He made a break for the door but she jumped up onto his back and tackled him to the ground. She turned him around so he faced her. There was rage in her eyes with a grin on her face. She could see the sheer fear in his eyes. In all his years of reporting he had never once been caught. She released him from her tackle but pushed him farther into the room while she stood waiting by the door, ensuring he didn’t leave. Neither talked for a long while but Carmen just remained there, staring at him menacingly. She reached into the drawer near her and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She walked toward him and handcuffed his wrist to the skinny support pole near the kitchen.

“Well, you wont be going anywhere for a while. Hope your wife doesn’t start to wonder where you are.” But the joke was on him. He didn’t have a wife or really anyone that would come looking for him. The paper office might but who knows when or what would become of him by them. Carmen walked away, to get dressed as Mitch stood there embarrassed and humiliated. She returned to where Mitch stood; now crying, and looked at him. Mitch’s head hung down but she lifted his head and his eyes met hers. She smiled at him. She was wearing a tight tee shirt and jeans. She raised her hand to his face and slapped him hard across it. He recoiled in fear as he stared up at her. She still smiled at him, though now it was more sinister.

“So what are you? Some kind of pervert freak who wants to put nude photos of me on the internet?”

“Uh…,” he stuttered, “no. I’m a reporter.”

“Oh? Is that so? Tabloid, I presume?”


“Well, then I did catch myself quite a find didn’t I.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well we stars and models hate tabloid reporters and we have a lot of rage toward them. Now I can release that pressure on you.”

“Wha….what are you gonna do to me?”

“You’ll see soon enough.” She put a piece of duct tape over his mouth. “Don’t want to disturb the neighbors.” She then proceeded to unlock the handcuffs from the pole and reattached the other side to his unbound wrist. Carmen grabbed him by the collar and dragged him into the bedroom. She shut the door and laid him on the floor.

“It’s a good thing you came when you did. I have just the perfect punishment for a pervert like you. And you are a tabloid reporter to boot, so I don’t feel any remorse for the hell I am about to subject you to.” Mitch mumbled something inaudibly and looked on in helpless desperation and horror as the model lowered her ass to his face and sat. Almost immediately Carmen farted loudly. PBBBBBBFFFFFFTTTT! She sighed in great relief.

“Ya. I have bad gas and I cannot bear to stand the stench so I need a slave like you to suck it all up for me.” Mitch coughed and gagged as he quickly ran out of oxygen. Carmen, however, was no fool. She sat for one second shorter then it would take him to pass out from lack of oxygen. She leaned one ass cheek to the side. She knew Mitch would inhale deeply the fresh air and she would use this to lay another attack. Just as planned, she could hear his nose flaring wildly to get all the fresh air it could. Just as he exhaled she farted a nasty blow right into his breathing pattern and sat on his face again. FFFFBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT! He was not expecting this and thrashed to get free from Carmen’s hold but he could not succeed. This continued for several hours in which Mitch was in total hell but little did he know his adventure was just beginning.

Meanwhile, at The Daily Star office they prepared to close for the night but everyone wondered where Mitch was. The assignment he was given should have taken no more than a half an hour. The boss, John, assured everyone that he was probably fine and just went home for the evening, as he had done in the past. John was slightly worried himself because though Mitch was a slacker, he was also extremely responsible with his assignments. He shook off the feeling and went home for the night just like everyone else, assured that Mitch would show up tomorrow.

Back at Carmen’s apartment, Mitch and Carmen were preparing for bed. Carmen slipped on her comfortable nightwear and stylish rope which she tied around her upper hip and attached Mitch’s head to her backside tightly. Carmen feel asleep immediately but her gas never rested as she proceeded to fart constantly in her sleep. Mitch could not escape this rope though he tried often. He was cut off almost completely from fresh air so he feel unconscious quite a few times that night but was soon awoken again by another sweet melody of Carmen’s one woman band followed by the not so sweet stench.

Mitch has fallen asleep about 6:00 a.m. as Carmen’s gas had subsided. The stench remained in the fabric Mitch had his nose pressed tight against but he was able to tolerate it enough to fall asleep, though not for long. Carmen awoke at 7:45 a.m. She detached Mitch but held him close to her ass as she moved off her bed. She pressed him hard against here butt as she farted her morning gas. Mitch immediately fell to the floor unconscious from the noxious odor. Carmen laughed as she went to prepare breakfast.

Everyone in the office was worried when the clock struck 11:00 a.m. and Mitch was still no where to be found. John, now really worried himself, called the police. Mitch has been gone for 24 hours so they were happy to help. They asked John the location of Mitch’s assignment and he gave them the address of Carmen’s apartment. They would be in touch as soon as they knew something.

Carmen had just finished breakfast at about 9:00 a.m. and soon began to feel her gas pressure building. She grabbed Mitch, who was still unconscious in her bedroom, and dragged him to the living room. She laid him on the couch and stripped herself down to nothing. She awoke him and quickly lowered her naked ass onto his face.

“Ahhhh, so much more comfortable like this don’t you think?” Mitch did not bother to answer. Carmen sat for a long time, wiggling occasionally to adjust comfort. Mitch, meanwhile, was incased in a hell of odors as everything he put up with that night came back as his nose was pressed deep in her ass. He could breathe nothing else but her noxious ass cave scent. Carmen finally believed she had worked up a nice load and proceeded to raise herself ever so slightly off Mitch’s face. He breathed deeply again, just as she would have predicted, as she farted her mighty blow. His breathing soon became labored and he began to choke as she sat down on his face again. A smile ran across her face as she grinded the scent into the nose of her slave. She could be evil and sinister when she wanted to be. This was one of those times. She farted again. PBBBFFTTT! This went on for another hour at least. Mitch was in his hell and Carmen loved every minute of torturing this poor reporter to breaking for no apparent reason other than her own dislike of tabloid reporters. She was just about to allow him to breathe again when there was a knock at the door. Mitch began to call out and scream loudly, even against the tape. She knew this could only be bad so she remained where she was on Mitch’s face and pushed hard to release a deadly SBD. The smell was awful and just as she wished; Mitch was unconscious from the lack of oxygen. She pushed a special button on her couch and Mitch went under the couch, hidden from view. He would be out for a little while so she had nothing to worry about. She threw on some clothes, opened the door, and acted surprised when she saw two police officers standing there.

“Can I help you officers?” She asked.

“Yes, we are looking for a reporter. Mitchell Norfork. Have you seen him?”

“No. I can’t say that I have. Why is there something wrong?”

“Well he went missing yesterday after his office sent him on assignment to your apartment here.”

“Oh my…that is odd and a scary thought to think I would have been watched here in my own home.”

“I understand your concern Ms. Electra. Mind if we take a look around.”

“Sure, by all means go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

The officers walked around and inspected the place closely but after 15 minutes found no trace of anything suspicious.

“Well, this place is clean. Sorry to have bothered you Ms. Electra.”

“No problem.”

“Hey, you mind if I get an autograph?”

“Oh sure. Lemme just grab a photo.” Carmen wanted rid of these men as soon as possible. Mitch would not be under much longer but she should comply and be as nice as possible so suspicion is not raised to her. She grabs a picture from a box in her closet and returns to the door where the officers stand.

“Who should I make it out to?” The officer gives her his name and after thanking her leaves with the other officer.

“Great…that’ll be on EBAY going for more money than I actually make in a year.” She thought to herself, laughing. Mitch was stirring under the couch and trying to bang and beat his way free. She decided to have more fun with him than just put him back on the couch. She opened a small door in the cushion of the couch and looked in at Mitch. His face was filled with fear.

“Hey, you know who that was?”

Mitch did not respond nor could he.

“It was the police. They are looking for you but now since I deflected their suspicion, they have no more leads.”

Mitch’s eyes went wide as he stared at her in fear as she told him this information. He knew any hope of rescue for him was now gone. Carmen reached in and pulled the tape off his mouth.

“I wanna hear you scream this time around. But don’t worry, that are under the couch is sound proof but most importantly its air tight. Enjoy!” Carmen said sing songedly. Her ass descended slowly onto the couch as a scream rang out from under her and became silent instantly.

Back at the office, the staff had become worried since the police reported back and said they had found nothing. With that, the trail for this case was now cold and there was nothing more that could be done at the moment. It was best for now if everyone didn’t think about Mitchell Norfork because most could only think the very worst has happened to him.

Mitch awoke in a fright to find him self in total darkness. He could barely remember anything anymore. The only thing he could remember was being under somewhere and afraid but he had no idea why. He sat up but with difficulty for he soon learned his hands were bound as was his legs. Visions rushed back to him of the horrors that had occurred to him not long ago. Or was it? He had no perception of the time that had past in the service of Carmen Electra. It seemed like only hours ago, the visions where so vivid and clear but for all he knew it could have been years. He shook of his worry about what had passed and worried about the present. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing here. Was it still Carmen’s apartment? He decided to rest while he could for he feared the worst.

Mitchell was rudely awakened by a blinding light. His eyes took a while to focus but before he could the bright light was shut off and room lights went on. He looked around, trying to see his surroundings. He was in what appeared to be a dressing room like what they have in TV and movie studios. He looked around but could not see anyone around until he looked straight up and was startled by the sight. He screamed but the figure cup its hands over his mouth.

“Are you going to shut up or do I have to use a gag?” Mitch nodded gently to express that he was finished screaming.

“Good.” Mitch looked at the figure until she finally came into full focus.

“Angelina Jolie?” He asked.

“That’s right.”

“Wha…what am I doing here?”

“Oh come on now….you must know.” Mitch shook his head no.

“Well,” she got a piece of tape from her drawer and came towards Mitchell slowly, “Carmen said on the phone you were a mighty good fart sniffer and I gotta fart real bad all the time.” She quickly placed the tape on his mouth before he could scream again. “Ya. She was sorry to see you go but she wanted me to experience your incredible ability too.” Angelina laughed heartily. “Now, where were we? Oh ya! I remember.” She went to the dressing room door and locked it. “Now we won’t be disturbed.” She removed her leather pants and sat on Mitch’s face in nothing more than her underwear and a gray tank top. Mitch was forced to take in the pungent odors of this star’s ass. He could not believe this was happening to him again. What was with these stars, he wondered to himself. How could they all hate tabloid reporters enough to torture them like this? It was just a job after all. Was it that bad that we made up stuff about their lives? He struggled with the questions as he struggled to remain conscious under Angelina’s ass. She adjusted herself to allow Mitch a little air which he breathed in deeply.

“Ooooooooo….,” Angelina moaned in discomfort. She smiled widely as she felt the wind pass through her body and onto Mitch’s face. He trashed in pain as she sat again on his face. His attempts to escape her were futile and she farted again to assure him of that. There was suddenly a knock at the door.

“Ms. Jolie, your needed on the set.”

“Be right there.” The person at the door walked away. “Well, closing time for you for now buddy boy.” She rose up and stared into his eyes to see the pure fear that was expressed on his face. “Good night.” He shook his head begging her to stop but she just laughed to herself. She came down on hard on his face, pressing his face far into her ass. She farted a huge SBD almost immediately. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…,” she sighed in relief. “See ya in a bit.” She left the room laughing. Mitch stared up at the ceiling in a near deadened state for a few moments before finally slipping into unconsciousness.

Angelina returned to her dressing room with a slam of the door and then locked it behind her. Mitch awoke startled as well as dazed and confused. He took one look at the star who now stared at him menacingly.

“Things didn’t go to well on the set and I am looking for someone to take it out on. Good thing I have you, huh?” She asked, rhetorically.

Mitch hobbled on hand and knee as far as he could get from Angelina but it was all in vain especially in the closed quarters of that dressing room. She walked to him and with her near man-like strength dragged him easily over to the couch. She set him up with his lower body on the ground, his back against the lower portion of the couch and made it so his head would bend back onto the seat cushion to the point where she could sit comfortably. She held him still while she positioned herself, sitting backwards and on her legs on the couch. She immediately looked up towards the heavens and let go a mighty fart which Mitch had no choice but to take in.

“Ahhhh,” she said, feeling very relived.

The smell was enough to make his eyes water and he was near vomiting but he held it as best he could. He tried to wiggle and thrash his way out of the position but she held him tight under her smelly ass. PFFFFFFTTTTT! Again she farted a sizable blow and by this time, Mitch needed to breathe. She obliged him with one more fart before getting up. He fell forward, choking under the stench of what he just dealt with and prepared himself as best he could for more. Within a few minutes, she was back and farting up a storm. Whatever she ate had worked its way into right were it needed to be to torture this poor reporter to no end. There was a knock at the door and Angelina tried to hold a fart, for she feared it would be loud but it was no use. The trumpeting blast blew from her ass and made an unnaturally loud sound. BBBPPPPFFFFFFFFTTTT! Angelina’s assistant who stood outside the door was surprised by the sound.

“Uh….Ms. Jolie?”


“I couldn’t help but overhear that you were a little…uh…gassy.”

“Yes, what of it?”

“Well nothing, I was just wondering if you wanted a stomach relaxant or something.” Mitch struggled to yell out in an attempt to get help but Angelina made sure to silence him by any means at her disposal.

Angelina stretched out on the couch, yawning and replied, “Oh…well that’s nice of you but I think its best if I just let this gas go…*PPFFFFFFFT* Ahhhh…naturally.” With that blast, Mitch became instantly silent almost as if paralyzed by the smell. She wouldn’t have been surprised; it seemed like a nasty one.

“Alright, if you think that’s best. I’ll leave you alone then.” The assistant walked away as the smell began to waft outside the door. She caught scent and almost damn near fainted. She cupped her nose and mouth and ran from there wondering how Angelina stood it.

Once again Mitch’s attempt to contact someone for help failed. He was finally faced with the truth. He would never get out of this situation. Angelina continued to torture him with gas for many more hours when again there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Angelina asked.

“It’s me,” the voice at the door said. It was female but Mitch could not tell who it was exactly. Angelina hopped up excitedly and opened the door. The two ladies hugged and Angelina moved reveling who was at the door. Mitch got the shock of his life. Standing at the door was the female star he loved and fantasized about, Ms. Catherine Zeta Jones. She looked at him as she stared back at her, nearly drooling. He soon shook it off as he realized where he was and in what position.

“So…what’s all this?” Catherine asked.

“Oh him? He’s just my little fart sniffer.” Angelina laughed but Catherine did not. “What’s wrong Cat?”

“Oh…it’s just…,” Finally, Mitch thought to himself. Someone who opposed this action on me and was here to save me. My prayers had finally been answered, he thought to himself. Catherine continued, “…I have a lot of gas and…,” she trailed off. Mitch’s jaw dropped as he soon realized what he was now in for.

Angelina interrupted her, “Oh by all means,” she said, gesturing to me.

Catherine walked over to him on the couch, grinning all the while. Mitch tried to struggle and move away but Angelina ran over and held him tight. Catherine asked if Angelina could move him to the floor and she gladly obliged. She damn near picked him up and hurled him to the carpeted floor of the dressing room. Mitch could not try to move because Catherine descended upon him almost immediately. She had removed her jean pants and sat on his face. Angelina took a seat on the couch and watched the action.

Catherine’s ass was otherworldly and the smell was overwhelming Mitch right from the get go. He choked and sputtered much like an old car as Angelina looked on and laughed hysterically. Catherine was not as remorseful as Angelina or even Carmen and remained where she was the whole time. She did not once get up once, even after farting numerous nasty blows into the unwilling nostrils of Mitchell. Catherine just remained on him for hours, just farting away, while both of them talked about something that Mitch could not hear. When Cat was satisfied that all her gas was expelled she got up and kicked Mitch hard in the nards. Mitch disgusted and now in major pain, rolled into a fetal position on the floor as Catherine smiled and Angelina laughed. The two nodded to each other and before I knew it I was in Catherine Zeta Jones’ car and we were driving to her house.

Angelina, waving good bye to Catherine as Mitch and her drove off, said under her breath, “Ya bye you stupid bitch…always taking my new toys, jeez!” She walked back into the studio with disgust and returned to her dressing room. Well, she did say she could take it. Oh well, next time she thought to herself, smiling again.

Upon arriving at Cat’s house, Mitch was walked over to her couch and laid out. It was pretty late at night he deduced from the near total darkness that surrounded him. Catherine switched on a light and the room became instantly bright and near blinded Mitch, who was not expecting it. She walked over to him and looked down at his face, which appeared to show his fearful and scared expressions.

“Oh don’t worry hun. Your done for now.” Mitch looked at her, wondering what she meant by that. She continued, “Ya, but tomorrow you and I are going to the gym.” She said this laughing as Mitch wondered what that could actually mean. The only thing he knew for sure, it couldn’t be good. (End of part 2)

Mitch woke up to the loud sounds of Catherine sitting down at the kitchen table eating. She hurriedly ate spoonfuls of something and clanked the spoon on the bowl constantly. Mitch watched her in fear of what each spoonful meant for him later. After an hour or so of constant eating, Cat got up reveling her completely nude body and walked toward another part of the house after first stopping at the edge of the kitchen and farting a sizeable blow in my direction. Much too far for me to smell thank god but the sound still scared me to no end. This, I knew, was what I would have to put up. Mitch rose himself on the couch and into a sitting position. His restraints on his hands and legs were digging into him, having not been removed in a long while. His gag was also starting to peel off but he was actually thankful for that one. Catherine returned to the living room where Mitch laid. She was wearing extremely tight spandex which showed off every curve, every crevice of her perfect body. She did not speak, she smiled at him and came down and put her lips near his ear and whispered words that frightened him even more.

“You ready you little fart face?” She whispered, real sensual and sexy like. He shook his head no and she just laughed, replacing Mitch’s old, worn tape with a fresh slab. She lifted him off the couch as they walked together to her personal gym in the house. Mitchell tried to struggle free but she was stronger than she looked and could not escape. The pair reached the rather sizable gym room and she locked the door with a padlock and pushed the key outside the door. They were both locked in her and had no hope of leaving until someone came which did not seem likely to happen any time soon.

Catherine started her routine but laying him on the hard floor and she warmed up with some squats. Each time her ass came close to his face she let out farts of various sizes but each equally deadly.

“1…*PFFFFFTTTT*…2…*FBBBTTTTT*…3…*BBTTTTFFFPPP*…” Needless to say, Mitch was in pure and udder hell. This “squat torture” continued for 5 minutes or so until Catherine decided to move on to sit ups. She held his head near her ass with both hands and used her tremendous upper body strength to life herself up farting each time again right into his unwilling face. He went through what seemed like thousands of “routines” with her and her smelly ass, each one worse then the last. He wondered how on earth he managed to stay conscious under her but unfortunately to his dismay he did through the whole thing. It must have been hours before Mitch was allowed to relax and breath fresh air as him and her rested from an “exhausting” workout. He coughed and gagged openly and even threw up but swallowed it back down, she wasn’t going to oblige his request to remove the tape and what’s more she’d probably fart in his face more. No, he decided to take everything he got when it came to rest and whatever and not complain about anything. Mitch sat and thought about his career more and more. Was it right for him to go about star’s lives, spy on them, and make up shit? He never thought about it but for once he had finally considered the pain it must cause some celebrities. He began to cry a little bit as he felt as everything was in fact his own doing. He picked this career and now he had to deal with the shit…err…farts that came with it. He did not look up until Cat came back over to him, seemingly ready to workout again but there was suddenly a knock at the gym door and then it opened. I looked on in horror as Cat went to greet the two women at the door. It was Angelina Jolie and Carmen Electra, his earlier tormenters. Suddenly thoughts of group farting came to his mind as he trashed to get out of his bindings but it was no use. The 3 girls looked at him smiling. His time, he feared, had come. The girls surrounded him, ass to him and farted at random intervals. The circle formed a container of sorts that did not let in much fresh air and soon he began to feel lightheaded.

They moved out of their formation and laid him on the ground as each girl squatted near his face. Each time one had to fart they took his head and pressed it firmly to their ass and blew away into his heavily tortured nose. The loved this game and it was not many times that Mitchell got more than a second of air before being pressed into another girls behind. The farts got worse and worse as the hours dragged on and Mitch just stared in horror at the three powerful asses which surrounded his head. He was near passing out when finally, the girls moved out of formation for the last time and Catherine lifted his head by the chin and made eye contact with Mitch as she spoke.

“Are you ready for this all to be over?” Mitch was surprised by the question, was this really then end? Where they going to let him go? He shook his head yes and Cat and the other girls grinned. Mitch rose to his knees.

“Ok, Mitch. You must first admit that your line of work is ludicrous, wrong, and just plain mean. You must say, ‘I, Mitchell Norfork, hereby proclaim that my line of work is ludicrous and I will never go back to tabloid reporting.’ Go on, say it.” Mitch had no problem saying this; because he too had felt what he had been doing all those years had been awful and horrible. The only problem he had was the tape on his mouth. He began to say the line but it didn’t sound like anything, just mumbled garbage.

“Oops. Sorry forgot about that.” With a painful rip, Catherine removed the tape. Mitch, after the pain had subsided, had said the words they wanted to hear. The girls smiled.

“Ok Mitch, you are free to go after we give you one last fart.” Mitch was happy to do anything as long as it meant freedom. The girls circled around his face closely, pressing their asses right to him. On the count of three each girl pressed their cheek together hard and each released an earth shattering blast simultaneously. The smell was toxic and Mitch was cough and gagging to no end. The girls were still farting their single blast as they each reached a hand in to hold him in place. The farts must have lasted at least 15 seconds until finally the room had quieted and Mitch lay dead on the floor. The girls looked at each other, pleased with themselves.

“And that’s the way to do it girls. Never kill a person who is against your cause or you have a martyr on your hands. Always turn them to your side and then kill them.” The girls laughed all the way to the dump where Mitch was thrown onto a pile of refuse. They drove away that night and had a big dinner at Catherine’s home, who knew when they would have to strike their deadly gas into another punk reporter. Unfortunately for someone, it would be all too soon.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what really happened to a tabloid reporter named Mitchell Norfork. He was a happy man until he slipped up and they caught him. They tortured him and killed him. He died as a man who was not even himself. He was a man who despised his own way of life, just the way they wanted it. The people at Mitch’s office are starting to forget now, starting to get on with life. They will never know the truth, no one will of what happened to Mitchell Norfork those fateful 10 days ago.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.