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Testing (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 2010

"Hi Mrs. Stevens, how are you doing."

"I'm just fine Tommy, but please, call me Veronica."

"Alright. Veronica."

"That's a good boy," she says as she puts her arm around me and squeezes; kind of like a side hug. "Jessica is still getting ready, won't you sit down?"

"Yes, thank you."

"So...what are you studying?"

"I'm actually working towards my Bachelors in Psychology."

"Wow, that's great; for all intensive purposes a doctor. Very prestigious."

"Oh, I'm not sure it's all that."

"Don't be modest, you should be proud of all your hard work and dedication."

I smile.

"In fact, you have nearly proven yourself to be the perfect guy for Jessica; smart, handsome, you have a nice smile, and you're funny."

"Nearly?" I ask, perplexed; a smile on my face assuming it was a joke.

"Yes, see...there is one last thing I need to test you for..."

"Oh?" I ask, nervously.

It was Ms. Stevens turn to smile as she slowly got up and approached me on the couch.

"Ms. Stevens?"

"I though I told you to call me Veronica," she said forcefully as she grabbed me and forced me to lay down on the couch.


She gave me a calming 'shush' as she sat near my chest and stroked my hair.

"You're such a handsome boy."

"Tha...thank you, but I'm not sure."

She smiles, "Don't worry about Jessica."

I sit back and wait, expecting her to just take me.

"What do you know about beans Tommy?"

"Beans? Like the food?"


"Not much at all."

"You know beans are the among the top ten gas causing foods."

Before I respond, Ms. Stevens, effortlessly, pushes out a blasting four second fart.

I am stunned.

"Now see, that's the beans. Volume and quantity."

Then the smell hits, like rotten cheese and garbage.

"Ah, now see, the smell...that's sauerkraut and cabbage; for potency."

I didn't know what say.

"That's okay, you don't have to say anything...I prefer quiet ones any ways."

"Quiet what?" I finally ask.

She rises off the couch and places her perfect fifty year old jeaned ass in my face.

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