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Summer Breeze
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 15th, 2011

It's really hot in my friend's bedroom; this summers day has been particularly warm and the night is not being any friendlier.

Dan continues talking about something that no doubt makes him sound like a better, more learned person; I hate that about him but he is still my best friend. It just seems as if my purpose to him is to be at his service for rides or whatever.

His sister, Gabriella, stands near the doorway to the dark bedroom. Her low-cut, brown stripped shirt is hard to look away from; she's only sixteen though, and me being twenty-five now only makes it worse. Her cleavage is small but noticeable; attractive to a guy who tends to like flat-chested, rail-thin women. When I met eyes with her she made a look and an odd, cat-like sound but not the usual cutesy "Meow" that has somehow been memoed to most females by now.

Being eccentric and often unfunny, Dan makes a big fuss about his sister making a face for me. I fake amusement as Gabriella takes a seat on Dan's bed.

"I need your help with something," Gabriella asked, addressing her brother.

"What?" He asks, seeming somewhat uninterested.

She makes some joke about asking Dan if she should bone a guy who's coming over in a few minutes; he reacts dryly surprised by her crassness.

While she speaks, I look at her; she sits on the bed with her legs split wide and her feet raised, resting on the wooden bed frame. My eyes force a once over and that's when I see, as clear as day, her vagina. It sits uncovered and propped up as if to be presented; the motion sensor light from the hallway illuminates it just enough to see it's detail; smooth, tight, untainted. I wanted a piece and I could no longer give a shit about her age.

I look at Dan but either doesn't notice or this is somehow not abnormal to him; having his bottom half-naked sister sit in his room and deliver him crass scenarios.

Gabriella is dying of laughter as I come back to the conversation; her exposed cunt breathing the warm room air.

"Jesus Christ," Dan says as he stands and leaves the room.

I meet eyes with Gabriella again; they glow with unrestrained passion, as if she was on the verge of tears.

"I saw you looking at it," she says, a wide smile cut across her face.


"Don't lie to me. I'll tell my brother."

"You're fucking naked! How the hell could I avoid it?"

"Women can dress any way they'd like; it's not our problem if guy's can't keep their eyes to themselves."

"I don't think that's what that's actually about."

"Are you going to lick me or do I have to call Dan?"

"He's gonna be back any second!"

"Then you better hurry."

I panic; unsure what other options I have, I lower myself to be face-to-vagina with Gabriella's magnificent slash. It's even better up close; soft caramel tone with perfectly removed hair and smooth skin.

I hesitate, at first, to plunge my face. She sees me and pushes my head closer towards her until my nose is slightly inside her pussy.

I start licking but quickly start to gag.

"Oh come on; you don't even have anything in your mouth!" She exclaims; seeming upset I gag without the presence of a phallus.

It's the taste that gets me; sour and sweaty, it's difficult to maintain a continued motion.

She runs her fingers aggressively through my hair; like something she'd seen on TV. A soft, warm breeze blows by my chin. Seconds later, the smell hits; like boiled vegetables it smells.

I flare my nostrils and sniff hard the silent fart; it's strong but something about it makes me excited. I lick a little more steadily, a little quicker and harder.

She moans a little more to correspond.

A louder fart pops out of her but it's hard to hear under her stifled screams; nothing filters it's garbage like odor as I flare my nostrils.

Gabriella takes a firm grip on my head and shakes it violently as I go up and lick her spot.

She cums within moments; I try to watch the micro smile in orgasm as her juices drip carelessly against my features.

I leave her pussy dripping slightly from the nose; I look around for a paper towel or something. I finally grab one of Dan's shirts and use it as a towel.

Gabriella laughs when I throw it back amongst his pile of clothes.

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