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Sneaky Stories 3
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 23rd, 2012

Linda softly wiggles her toes in John's mouth as he winces from the stench, desperately trying to maintain an unrecognizable shred of masculinity with her sitting painfully, and fully clothed, on his dick. She pulled out her toes and presented John's face with her heel which he was expected to lick. He did as he was non-verbally commanded.

"I think we should trade," Carrie says; she lifts her ass a bit, pulling at her right cheek with her hand to help spread her anus over Daniel's nose. She looked up and farted right into it for several seconds straight.

"That's a great idea, we can show our men how lucky they have it with us."

Carrie, with a distinct peel of skin from skin, rises from Daniel's face revealing a brown stain blast radius starting around his nose and emanating outward like a bombing going off.

"God Daniel! You're so fucking gross!" She kicks him. "Go wash up before you go home with Linda."

He hesitates for a moment before rushing off to do as commanded.

John eagerly sucks at Linda's toes, hoping to be spared.

She laughs, "Carr, I think he's afraid of you."

Linda pulls her feet from John's mouth and rises off him to go pester Daniel in the bathroom. They leave together, Daniel tied, hands behind his back, a few minutes later.

Carrie overshadows John, looking down on him with a knowing smile.

"John, honey, I don't want to waste time; you've got a lot of rules to learn so let's..." Carrie brings her somewhat prominent buttocks onto John's face and releases the full weight of herself onto it. She sighs, exasperated as John gets the first stink of her anus, burning his nasal cavities. He moans and groans loudly, obnoxiously.

"Rule 1. No talking. Ever. I don't want to hear shit out of you except sniffing my farts. Anything you will be asked will be yes or no; I expect you to always nod yes to me or anyone of my friends. If you disobey, you will be punished."

John starts to squirm a bit under her; she lifts her ass as he eagerly takes breaths. She farts fiercely into his oxygen area before sitting on his face to allow him to stew in her stink for a while.

"Rule 2. These start to get specific so please pay attention or you will be punished for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. If I have a low, bubbly, like rippling fart, like this..."


She sighs euphorically as John kicks and bucks around to no avail; "Listen! Now, raise your nose up slightly to ensure you get the hot, stinky air that lingers near the hole on those ones."

Carrie adjusts her ass over John's face just a bit for her comfort.

"Rule 3. If it's a...mmm, SBD...just sniff long and deep because you wanna make sure you get all of it, from start to finish; and I'm known for my minute long silent farts," she says, giggling as the silent gas she releases seeps into his pores, stinging his senses with the corrosive emission.

"Rule 4. If the fart is wet, you will clean me. Simple."

Carrie pushed a little too hard on purpose to squirt just a dash on John's face; he screams involuntarily.

"Hey what the fuck did I say!" Carrie yells, punching repeatedly at John's stomach before dropping a fifteen second rippling fart into John's face that covers him like a heavy blanket of putrid gas hanging over him, refusing to dissipate as the cavernous ass that houses his head suffocates him from air and he passes out.

It's not until the next day that John wakes up in his own home. Linda comes into his cell excitedly.

"I'm so glad you're back hun, I missed you so."

She hugs him as he drops to kiss her feet; "I missed you Mistress dear."

She pets him like a dog, "You're a good boy."

He starts to service her feet, right then and there; he can hardly wait when she starts to walk away.

"Oh and sweetie look! Carrie gave me this as a gift," she holds what looks like a gas mask attached to a tube that ran to leather panties which she was putting on.

She walked to him, a wide smile on her face, with the gas mask; he pleads with her with his eyes but they fall on deaf ears. "Oh, and I think I'd like it if you didn't talk so much....but you can scream hun; you know I'm okay with that." She ran a tormenting finger across his penis that involuntarily made him smile.

She laughs as she seals John's head in the mask. He can barely see out but he hears a low, rippling fart; his training makes him lift his nose and sniff in short, quick bursts much to his dismay as he screams and Linda creams.

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