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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 5th, 2008

"Fuck yeah!" Greg yelled randomly out the open window of the pickup truck.

"What 's with you?" Charlie asked.

"Nothing, just super excited."

"Excited to go get drunk in the woods in the middle of nowhere? Sounds like a lovely time...for a bunch of rednecks!"

"Shut up dude!" Steve so lovingly replied. "You 're here aren 't you; we didn 't force you to come."

Charlie just kind of shrank back at that point; they were right after all. He loved to complain about what they were doing, always, but he 'd be pissed if they ever left him out. Still, he had his reservations about doing this. The idea didn 't sit well with him; something felt weird.


The trio arrived at a spot they thought was suitable around 6 p.m. They made a fire and spent the time drinking, smoking, and talking.

"Wait, wait, you told her that James liked her?"

Greg laughed, "Yeah, I did."

"And then...and then, she went over to him and what happened?" Steve asked between bouts of laughter.

"Well, she started acting all flirty with him and he 's all nervous and, low and behold the loser winds up pissing his pants; he was so scared."

All three burst out in hysterical laughter.

"Dude, that 's so mean but...oh man, so priceless," Charlie added.

"I know, dude, I know I 'm awesome," Greg proclaimed confidently, still laughing.

It wasn 't long before night fell and the darkness of the wilderness was truly upon the boys. Their fire raged on, providing the only light and warmth for miles around.

"You think we should maybe start heading back?" Charlie asked; a worried tone in his voice.

"I 'm way too drunk to drive, we 'll stay here and take off in the morning," Steve replied lazily.

"Are you serious?! We can 't stay here!" Charlie said in a panic.

"Why not?" Greg asked.

"Other than the fact it 's not safe?"

"Not safe? Dude, you 've been watching too much Discovery Channel. These woods are perfectly safe; the worst thing we got out here is fire ants.

"But...but...well, what if I drive?"

"Dude, no and not only because you are buzzed but there is no way I 'd let you drive my truck. Okay? Just relax, we 'll be fine."

Charlie, unconvinced, tried to make peace with the thought and he quickly and suddenly falling asleep. His loud snoring gave him away to Greg and Steve.

Steve laughed, "What a lightweight."

Greg grinned, "Now that we 've lost the killjoy, what say you and me go explore a bit?"

"I say...what the hell, let 's go."

With that, Greg and Steve took off deeper into the woods, leaving the sleeping Charlie behind.


The two talked lightly as they continued to make their journey to nowhere but, it soon became apparent that they had found 'nowhere. '

"Where the hell are we dude?" Greg asked nervously.

"I was just gonna ask you the same question." Steve replied.

"Uh...shit...we 'll, I 'm pretty sure we came this way...right?"


"I need you to be a little more sure than that."

"I don 't know okay, I just don 't know! We may have come from that, yeah...I think we did."

Greg nodded in agreement and the pair started to walk that way but after a while going in that direction, it was apparent that 'that way ' was the wrong way.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Steve yelled.

"Calm down, we 'll get out of this."

"Oh yeah? How? How?!"

"Shut up! Just relax a minute."

Steve kicked a small pile of leaves and then walked a few feet away from Greg.

"Don 't stray too far man...we don 't need to complicate this situation anymore than it already is."

"Dude, shut up and come here."

"What is it?"

Greg saw Steve peering through some bushes and when he was near he took a look for himself.

"Holy shit! What is that?!" Greg asked in amazement.

"I think it 's a space ship!"

"No fucking way!"

"Dude, it totally is! Let 's get closer," Steve said excitedly.

"No way! We 'll totally get vaporized or some shit."

"Oh give me a break. You 've been watching too much TV."

"I 'm not going near that thing!"

"Okay, I 'll go myself."

"Fuck that, I 'll go with you."

The two walked through the brush to the large, shiny, metallic saucer.

"The ramp is down, let 's go in!" Steve said.

"You 're a fucking idiot dude; we can 't go in!"

"Well I can."

"You 're making a big mistake man."


Greg stood there and thought about it for a bit before finally deciding to join Steve as he continued up the ramp and into the space ship. As they crossed the threshold, they passed through an incredibly bright light which blinded them for just a moment. As their vision returned, they noticed that they were standing in what appeared to be a central corridor; the room seemed to feed into many other rooms.

Steve was just about to say something when a door to the guys ' left made a loud swoosh and opened. The two huddled behind a metal beam nearby and watched.

A very beautiful and very naked, female walked out from the doorway. The two watched in awe as they saw the gorgeous woman walk. She was just perfect; perfect hair, perfect face, perfect boobs, perfect tail, perfect...wait? Tail?!

Greg and Steve looked at each other strangely as soon as the tail came into their view. It was a big, black tail and had a white stripe down the middle, like a skunk. Another door swooshed open and the woman walked into the room, the door making a similar sound as it closed.

"What the fuck was that?" Greg asked in a hushed tone.

"I don 't know, but it was hot wasn 't it?"

"Yeah, it we should get out of here."

"Yeah, you might be right. This is a little too weird."

As they turned around they were met with two more naked, perfect, skunk-women; their eyes meeting with the women 's boobs at first, before the two raised their heads slightly to see the ladies ' faces.

"Where do you think you 're going?" One of them asked.

"You can talk?!" Greg asked in surprise.

"Of course, we are more woman than skunk."

"So you really are skunk-women?" Steve asked, intrigued.

"Uh...yeah," the skunk-woman said patronizingly before giggling with her companion.

"Okay, well...uh...nice meeting you ladies...we better be going now, thanks for letting us take a look at the space ship and we 'll just get out of your hair." Greg said nervously as he pulled Steve with him toward the exit.

"Not so fast; please, stay for a tour at least," the skunk-woman said smiling kindly.

"Oh, we really shouldn 't...we gotta get back to our camp, our friend is waiting for us and...," Greg answered.

"Actually, no, he 's here, with us. We found him sleeping at your camp."


"Yes, would you like to see him?"

"Please," Steve answered strongly, trying to conceal his fear.

"Follow us."

The four of them headed towards the door the other skunk-woman had entered. With a swoosh the door flew open and the group walked inside; the guys walking behind the skunk-women staring inquisitively at their tails.

"Oh do we have company?" The skunk-woman already in the room asked.

"Yes, they are looking for their friend."

"Of course, let me show you."

"Thank you," Steve replied.

The skunk woman went to the wall and pulled down a lever which opened what appeared to be a window that looked into the next room. There in the room was Charlie with metal restraints on his prone body which hung a few feet off the ground. He appeared to be struggling to get free and screaming out but nothing could be heard from the observation room.

A heavy hand fell on Steve 's and Greg 's shoulders as the skunk-women grabbed the two; preventing them from running.

"What is this?" Steve asked angrily.

"This? This is your friend silly."

"You know what I mean!"

"Oh, of course, the restraints you mean. Well we can 't have you guys running about the ship can we?"

Steve said nothing; he only scowled angrily as he continued to look into the room where Charlie was being held.

"What are you going to do with us?" Greg asked; a clear tone of fear in his voice.

"Just wait, the show is about to begin," one of the skunk-women answered, putting her hand over Greg 's mouth.

A rancid smell streamed into Greg 's nostrils but he could not determine what it was as he struggled to break free from the skunk-woman 's grip. It was to no avail.

The pair watched as another skunk-woman entered the room where Charlie was being held. As soon as he saw her he immediately started to thrash about, the look of fear apparent on his face. The skunk-woman smiled evilly as she casually strolled to Charlie. She mussed up his hair a little, a cute smile on her face as she did. Then, without any warning at all, she quickly turned her back to Charlie and stuck her butt against his face. The boys watched in horror as their friend struggled to free himself as the skunk-woman displayed expressions of great euphoria on her face.

"What is she doing to him?" Steve asked fearfully

"Anxious are you? We don 't have to wait any longer."

"What do you mean?"

"It 's your turn my dear boy."

The skunk-woman holding Greg quickly exited the room with him in hand. He tried to yell out but she still had her hand over his mouth.

"Where are you taking him?!" Steve asked angrily.

"Don 't worry about him; you 're in for your own punishment."

"Punishment? For what?!"

The skunk-woman just looked at him, an evil smile crossing her face as she easily dragged Steve to an empty glass pod at the back of the room. The other skunk-woman opened it and together they lifted Steve into it, closing the door behind him.

"What is this?"

"This?" the skunk-woman answered, her words muffled by the heavy glass. "This is a gas chamber."


"It 's a...don 't worry, you 'll see."

Steve watched as the one skunk-woman handed a remote type thing to the other. The skunk-woman pressed the single button on the remote and Steve felt cool, fresh air blowing into the pod. The skunk-women seemed excited when they saw this.

The skunk-woman then opened a small hatch near the bottom of the pod. Steve stuck his head down there.

"What is this?! Where 's Greg?!"

"I would not stick my head down there if I were you?"

"And why the fuck not?!"

"Well, because of this," the skunk-woman said, quickly spinning around showing her backside to Steve.

She stuck her ass right against the hatch and, before Steve could react, immediately farted.


Steve coughed and rose back to a standing position as the noxious odor filled the small pod.

"You fucking bitch!" Steve called out.

"Oh a bitch am I? Let 's see how you do with two then, shall we?"


Another fart rang out and quickly filled the pod as Steve choked, quickly running out of air.

A few seconds passed until finally, the skunk-woman pressed the button and fresh air blew into the pod.

"You see. I control whether you live or die my dear child. If you are complacent this will go smoothly, if you are rude you will suffer the consequences. Get it?!"

Steve nodded fearfully, almost hypnotically.


"Oops, sorry," the skunk-woman said sarcastically.

The air again quickly filled with the skunk-woman 's terrible gas, destroying any fresh air that remained in the pod.


The skunk-woman sighed in relief as Steve attempted to avoid the stink as much as he could but eventually, it all got in. He started to fade, his senses starting to dull. The skunk-woman saw this and quickly blasted the pod full of fresh air again.

"You see how nice I am?" The skunk-woman asked.

Steve was quickly awakened from his lessened state, much to his disappointment; unconsciousness or even death seemed better than this.

Greg spent several minutes alone in a dark room. All he knew was that he could not move an inch and was tied down to some kind of operating table.

The door suddenly swooshed open, letting in just a little bit of light but as quickly as it came, it left.

"Hello?" Greg called out.

With a loud click, the lights turned on blinding Greg temporarily. When his eyes adjusted, he saw four skunk-women standing over him, looking down at him with wide smiles on their faces.

Before he could speak or scream, one of the girls turned around, showing off her backside, and grabbed Greg 's head, shoving it under her butt.


A loud fart rang out against Greg 's face with an odor like rotten eggs. The sensation burned Greg 's nostrils.

Without any warning, another girl grabbed his head from under the other and shoved it under her own ass.


Another fart, this one equally as terrible if not worse. Greg was in hell as he moaned; clearly pained by the gas he was forced to inhale.

A girl ascended onto the table and walked towards Greg 's head. He was released from the grip of one skunk-woman only to have the one above him descend onto his face, crouching in a less than feminine fashion.


The same skunk-woman then quickly spun around and sat on Greg 's face with all her weight.


A second girl approached Greg and hovered over his covered face, splitting her cheeks apart.


Greg moaned loudly, struggling to stay alive, and got another fart from the sitting skunk-woman for his trouble.


Seconds later, everyone rose from Greg 's tortured face and left the room. Greg breathed heavily, taking in the fart tainted room air as the darkness of the room returned and the door closed.


"Had enough yet?"

"Yes! For God sakes, yes!"

"Oh, well, why didn 't you say so?"

The skunk-woman opened the pod and a weakened Steve fell onto the hard, metal floor.

"Oh, look, he 's exhausted," the skunk-woman said, feigning compassion.

Steve said nothing.

"Now run along little child and tell the world that we are coming. Earth will fall by our hands."

"Fine you crazy bitch but I 'm not leaving without my friends."

"Oh, I 'm sorry, didn 't you hear? The friend you call Charlie did not make it, sad really; none of us knew he was so weak."

Steve just looked at her, his sadness could be seen clearly but he did not cry; he could not show weakness to the skunk-women.

"And the friend you call Greg, he is too busy pleasuring the ladies, he will not be returning with you."

"The hell he won 't!"

"I 'm afraid so, he will return with us, providing us with a little entertainment for the trip back."

"Now listen to me..."

"No, you listen to me! I gave you your life, leave before I change my mind."

"I will not leave without him!"

The skunk-woman, truly incensed by Steve 's defiance grabbed him by the hair and lifted him from the floor into a kneeling position. Still grasping his hair as roughly as she could she shoved Steve 's face into her ass and pressed it as far as it would go. She felt his nose brush up against her asshole.

With an angry grunt and yell, she produced a wicked silent fart that seemed to last forever. She could not help but smile at that performance as she looked behind her to see Steve struggling to get free with all his might but she held him there. She didn 't let go until she felt the fight in him diminish.


Steve woke up with the sun shinning brightly in his face. He found himself lying face down in the dirt, leaves densely scattered on the ground. His memory was blank; he couldn 't remember how he had gotten here exactly. He looked around, trying to figure out where 'here ' was when he spotted something just a few feet away. Slowly and carefully he approached it. He grabbed a stick and prodded it a few times to make sure it wasn 't going to attack him. As he went to turn it over he was startled by the sight and sent him reeling. There, amongst the leaves, was the lifeless body of his friend Charlie. Visions of what had happened the past few hours rushed to his conscious mind as he ran back to the body of his friend.

"Charlie. Charlie!" He yelled whimpering, holding back his tears as much as he could. "Charlie, please speak to me! Charlie, I 'm so sorry. I didn 't mean for this to happen. If you just wake up I 'll do anything. Please! Don 't do this! Please Charlie! Wake up!"

Charlie never did wake up and Steve was never quite the same after that.


Greg, despite numerous man hours, was never seen or heard from again. It didn 't make sense to many; it was as if he had just disappeared. His family, to this day, still waits by the phone to hear from him.

The cause of Charlie 's death was never fully determined by the medical examiner. His death was believed to be caused by asphyxiation but there was no evidence as to show how Charlie had suffocated. Charlie 's family put blame on Steve, begging him to just come clean, but Steve knew he did nothing and there was no link to his involvement. He continually insisted that it was the doing of the skunk-women but no one believed him and he was eventually ordered into a psychiatric facility for observation where he grew increasingly paranoid and delusional. He was scheduled to be sent into solitary confinement but when the orderlies arrived to take him they found his lifeless body, hanging from the light fixture, his gown wrapped around his neck.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.