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Serial Headmistress
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 20th, 2011

There are three open files with names and pictures sitting on the school headmistress' desk; Bradley, Julian, and Ricky. The headmistress shuffles in her seat uncomfortably; the chair too small to accommodate her extra-wide sitter. She finds a way to smile to herself as she thinks about her next few hours; she touches herself gently and moans loudly in her dark office. The school was quiet now, everyone was sleeping; tomorrow, it would begin. The headmistress' smiles euphorically, creaming herself.

Bradley woke with a fright as he felt a great weight crushing him; he struggles for breath as he finds his entire body crushed. He gasps and wheezes for air desperately. At last, the big, flowing skirt seated upon Bradley's face rises just a bit.

"You're pathetic Bradley! Sleeping in; you make this too fucking easy!"

Bradley had never heard the headmistress' curse before; likely he never heard her fart either.


A huge fart bellowed from the headmistress' ass and fluffed her skirt against the young teen's face before unloading on him the terrible odor it packed; he coughs and sputters as his eyes widen and disappear again under the enormous butt of the school's headmistress.

"That was a good fart huh Bradley?! Take another!" The headmistress demands, straining a bit.


Bubbles of noxious gas popped aggressively against the poor boy's nose and sent him reeling; vomit filled his throat but had nowhere to go but back down the tortured boy's throat as he began to choke and suffocate.

"That's right, easy now; it's almost over," the headmistress says, patting the boys erect penis; it squirts immediately from being touched and the boy feels a tinge of pleasure as he passes on to death.


The headmistress' farts again on the lifeless boy; she smiles widely, looking down at the body under her massive butt.

Julian ducks away into the bathroom between classes, it's not enough time but he couldn't wait any longer. He hurries to one of the stalls but he feels something snag his shirt and hold him back; when he turns, he sees what has him.

"Headmistress! Wha...what are you doing here?"

"Oh nothing Julian; just making sure everything is as it should be. Were you heading to the toilet?"

"Ye...yes, headmistress."

"Very good, let me escort you."

"That's...not necessary; what is this about...what..." Julian pleads and fights as the headmistress takes him to the large stall and places him, face up, in the toilet.

"This is about fun Julian; you like fun right?"


"Good, well this is really fun; if you don't see it right away, don't worry..." the headmistress started, dropping her long black skirt and exposing her stained, burlap underwear." will," she says with a big smile, sitting her big booty over the toilet seat, sealing the student's poor face inside.

Immediately, Julian is hit with putrid smells that make him kick for dear life for freedom; the headmistress laughs at the student's flailing legs as she leans forward a bit.


The fart echoes grossly about the toilet bowl as the smell is sealed around Julian's face, hovering and waiting for him to inhale its terrible poison.

"Ooooh, so good Julian; did you like that?"

"No, please! God no!"

"That's too bad; maybe you'll like this."


A squirting fart blasted against the poor boy like pudding in a fan; the headmistress hisses with pleasure as Julian moans underneath, his consciousness growing faint.

A soft but powerful silent fart bursts out from the deadly asshole and pours into the boy's nostrils, drowning him in horrid stench; he shakes and sputters before finally falling silent. The headmistress puts a hand on Julian's chest; a soft, slow heartbeat. She presses down, biting her tongue with such sadistic intent and blasted the boy again for at least five seconds straight; the expression on her face one of pure and awesome pleasure as the boy seizures and dies, the horrid gas eeking out any hole it can in his face with a soft whistle.

The headmistress laughs hysterically and attempts, for a while, to play a tune with the boy's flute face and her flatulence.

Ricky didn't know why the assistant headmaster was calling him to his office; honestly, he didn't even know the school had such a thing but he found himself outside an office marked 'Assistant Headmaster.'

Ricky enters, expecting a reception but instead finds only a dark office; the room lit only by the window behind the assistant headmaster's desk. There is a figure in the chair but its impossible for Ricky to make out with the sunlight coming in against it and in his eyes.

"Hello Ricky," the headmistress' voice says.

"Headmistress, what are you doing in here?"

"Oh, I was just borrowing the office; Johnson doesn't mind, do you Johnson?" The headmistress asks, gesturing towards the corner of the room. Ricky looks and is horrified to see a lifeless, colorless man hanging on a hook against the wall; his expression truly terrified as if he had seen terrible atrocities before he died.

" don't..."

"Don't worry; it's nothing you did and there's also no stopping it."

"Stopping what?!" Ricky pleads frantically.

The headmistress just smiles; "I've tested it on him; it works quite well. I'm kind of embarrassed; I left my desk here when I moved but I forgot about the special additions I made so I had to reacquisition it."

She approached, menacingly, towards the student who tried to knob to open the door and leave but it wouldn't budge.

"Don't bother," the headmistress says as her rough hand touches the boy's shoulder, he jumps, startled. "It's sealed by remote; now come along with me."

She grabs Ricky's wrist and drags him along to the desk, pushing him under when they are behind it and closing a hidden door, sealing the boy inside.

It's pitch black, Ricky screams and starts scratching at the smooth wooden desk. Then, from above, a small hole opens up; light shines in for a second and then is sealed by a fleshy color before falling again to blackness. Ricky reaches up and touches the mucous glands of anus as it blasts a giant fart; the small desk space is instantly filled with toxic fumes.

"No!" Ricky screams. "Please! Let me out! I'll do anything!"

"Ricky, if you had anything I wanted, it would already be mine; got it?" She asked, farting again.

She sighed euphorically as the poor boy choked and sputtered on fart after fart; he got a headache from the pure methane that soon became the sole gas under the desk. His eyes became heavy; another fart rings out loudly as Ricky's head slumps against the desk walls. His nose begins to bleed as he falls weaker and weaker before finally expiring; the headmistress remained farting on the desk and the dead student for another ten minutes.

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