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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 22, 2011

"Let me buy you a drink," he says.

"No, thank you."

"Bartender, another one of these for the lady."

"Why did you do that? I said 'no.'"

"Did you say that?'" He asks facetiously, "I didn't hear you say that.

He smiles and she flashes a quick one; he had her.

The two wound up back at his place; on the couch they sit and talk.

He says something that strikes her emotionally and starts to pull her close.

"Aw, come here baby."

A hand goes behind her head, gently at first; another to his zipper.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to get like this," she says, tearing up.

"It's okay," he says as her head gets forced a little towards his lap. His erect cock pops right out of his fly.

"What are you doing?" she says.

"It's okay baby, just take it."

"I'm not gonna..."

Before she could finish, her lips felt the hard member pressed up against them; she moans softly as her forced oral begins.

"That's it; keep going..."


She mumbles something right away.

"Yeah! Smell it baby; smell it."

She moans again; tears run down her face and onto his cock.

He lifts her head slightly so her eyes meet his as she holds his pole in her mouth, waiting for his next command.

He wipe the tears from her eyes, "It's okay baby; it's all gonna be okay."


He laughs as she endures the sadistic pleasures of her rapist for the evening.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.