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Progress for Womankind
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 13th, 2015

The takeover was slow; the inferior ones worked tirelessly to keep our kind out the workplace, many discouraged and prevented from seeking an education. We did much in the shadows; our secret order kept us strong. The idea of the individual was set aside for our cause; it united us into a single entity, an unbreakable unit of great power.

Slowly, the tides turned; the simple minds of those in power changed. Today, our kind outnumbers the inferior by 10%. There's 10% more of us than them in colleges across the nation; 10% more in factories, workshops, offices, everywhere. That's a statistic worth celebrating; that's an advantage worth exploiting.

Today is a special day. Today it no longer is about having equal opportunities.

Today is the day we takeover.

-Supreme Goddess Oro
April 6th, 2017


University of North City - 2:12PM

Professor Kerst sits at the front of the room, behind her desk; she peers to a student walking in, Jessica, who nods and smiles a bit. Kerst responds in kind as the student passes by and to her seat.

The professor takes a look at the clock. 2:15

She stands, starting the lesson, "So, picking up from yesterday; we talked about the scientific method as essentially the testing means for theories and potentially experiments on a small scale to try to find correlation if applied to bigger numbers; bigger samples, in essence. Because testing the entire population is difficult, if not impossible, we can use the method to assume or make educated guesstimates to what might be true for a small sample size, could be true, proportionally, to a large sample size. It's a far more manageable method of theorizing and testing but reliable conclusions can not be drawn from a single test; peers will often review and run their own tests, trying to support or discredit the findings. It's only through multiple tests that any theory can be considered plausible."

Kerst moves just her eyes to look at the clock. 2:19

Jessica, alert and focused, is paying close attention to the professor, watching for the signal. Kerst nods softly to Jessica who smirks; she takes her hand from her desk and reaches over the aisle to the guy sitting next to her, the strongest guy in the room. As he looks over, Jessica's hand meets the back of his head and slams it down against his desk; she hops up and quickly sits her butt on his face.

"What the fuck, bitch?!" He yells out.

But it goes practically unheard as the room explodes with sound as all the girls in the class grabs a guy and forces their faces up their backside. Some laid their heads on the desk, like Jessica. Others forced the boys' necks against the backrest of their chairs, creaking and cracking under the pressure of the adult females sitting on their face. They yelled and cried in futility.

Then a relative calm in the room though the boys shake and caw under the women's asses, trying desperately to get away; not realizing how much worse it was going to get.

The girls are looked to Kerst at the head of the classroom, she smiled now; looking out at all the female faces, their asses sitting on male faces. Finally, after years of oppression, it's happening.

"Do it," she says firmly.

And the room erupts.

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaauuuuuuuupppp! PPRRRRrrrrroooppppp!

It's unclear who farted first, much like the first bullet of any war, but such monstrous, powerful farts echoed through the classroom; ripping through decades of misogyny as the men suffered, their legs flailing like a dying fish out of water, under the horrid, potent gas that assaults their senses.

"This is for all the women, everywhere; this is our moment!" Kerst calls out at the front of the room. The girls cheer in response, many working up and pushing out a fart as if to toast the new order.

And quickly, the men's fight started to fade, the room tainted heavily with the smell of flatulence; Jessica stands, her butt sticking with sweat to her victim's face, but as she peels it away, he drops to the ground; lifeless. She took her shoe to his face and rubbed the sole across it, ensuring he was done.

All the men in the classroom had been eliminated; the women stood at the ready, looking to Kerst.

"What are your orders, Goddess Kerst," Jessica calls out.

Kerst smiles.


DOBIS Incorporated - 2:38PM

Monica digs her fingers into Mr. Paulson's desk as she softly bites her tongue, looking back at Mr. Paulson, hand on her ass cheek, his tongue deep in her butthole.

She moans softly, with a sharp inhale.


Paulson retreats, disgusted, "What the fuck was that?"

Monica, scoffing, turns and looks at him on the ground. As he tries to get up she puts her foot on his chest, pushing him back to the floor. She leans down, close as she can to his face.

"It's called a fart," she says dryly, smiling.


She cups her hand over her ass as she rips into it; then takes her hand quickly to Paulson's face who shakes his head as her hand comes near, the smell already more than rancid.

She covers his mouth and nose with her hand; his eyes roll back from the smell as she moves in to sit on his face.

"Now, I know we were discussing a promotion but, I think it'd be much easier if I just took it. And since your position is opening up..."


She ripped a hot, egg smelling fart over Paulson's face as he moans and yells in pain, his lungs forced to inhale Monica's toxic gas; he wheezed from the thick odors blasting down his throat, filling his nostrils.

He claws at the ground; tries to push Monica off his face but his grip just pushing her cheeks apart more than anything, releasing a short flurry of gas bubbles popping potently against his face; he screams in agony, panicked.

"Just die, you stupid fuck!" Monica yells, pushing just a little; closing her eyes in concentration.


She sighs in relief as Paulson squirms like a dying bug, inhaling the worst of her gas like the poison it was. He gurgles, his bloodied fingers lying softly lying against the rough carpet now; his chest relaxed, his head limp.

Monica stands, looking down at him; she pulls out her phone and takes a picture of her, now expired, boss. She smiles, admiring the picture as she walks to her newly acquired desk.

She hits a button on the phone and leans over to the speaker, "Attention all employees..."

In the large office, with many cubicles all around; the women stand gathered, listening to the announcement; a few still sit on men at their desks, some held between their legs, others fully sat on. Most men were dead or very close to it.

"...this office is now under new management. Of course, I think you all already knew that. We will show this nation that the time of the Goddess has come!"

The women cheer.


Lenny's House - 3:04PM

"Babe, what is this?" Lenny asks, hogtied on the couch; he peers over to his girlfriend, Tina.

"This, my dear, is the end."

"Are you breaking up with me?"

Tina laughs, "In a matter of speaking, yes," she walks over with a piece of duct tape.

"But why am I..."

She puts the tape over Lenny's mouth, "That's enough questions."

She pats his cheek a little roughly and then sits on his face, lifting a leg up to support her chin as she rests all her weight on Lenny's face.

"This might seem a little extreme but it's time your male privilege was challenged; too long have women been oppressed, but now our era is dawning."


"Suck it in, bitch; that's the smell of the future. Too bad you won't live long enough to see it."

Lenny moans and cries loudly, his nose working overtime as it's forced to take in wretched gas from Tina's ass.


Tina rips another fart that blasts against Lenny's face.

Outside, a police siren gets closer; Tina freezes for a moment as Lenny kicks and struggles underneath her.


Squad Car #870 - 3:08PM

The police car, lights and sirens blaring, quickly passes by Lenny's house in a hurry.

"Report of a disturbance at UNC college," Officer Henry tells his partner, Sheila, who drives.

"Copy that, we're less than ten minutes out," she says, peering in the rear view mirror. In the backseat, sits Samantha, picked up less than an hour ago for shoplifting.

The two share a glance.


Henry looks over to Sheila in disgust, "Did you just bust ass?"

Sheila looks over and smiles just a bit.


From the backseat, Samantha blows a fart deep into the seat leather.

"Oh, my god...what the fuck is wrong with you two," he says, fanning the air from his face as he starts to get a whiff of Sheila's blaster. "Fuck, that's rank!" He gags.

Sheila leans her butt towards Henry. PPRRRRRrrrrrooooommmmmmbbbbbbb!

"Please...stop!" Henry says, feeling woozy and nauseous.

"What's the matter? Our farts getting to you?" Sheila asks, grinning.

BRRRRrrrrrrraaaaaaaaapppp! Samantha echoes from the backseat.

"Just let me out, please..." Henry begs as he desperately tries the door handle and the window switch; both locked. He cocks his baton back and jams it, smashing the window as he desperately sticks his head out, getting fresh air.

"Oh no you fucking don't!" Sheila yells as she pulls over; Henry bolts as Sheila releases all the doors, including Samantha's.

Samantha opens her door and races after Henry, slamming him into a wall before lowering her pants and shoving his face deep up her butt.

He watched her anus pulse fiercely before blasting a long, wet fart as Samantha smashed her boot heel against Henry's balls, crushing them to the ground. His face assaulted with a hellish smell of rotten vegetable farts that splatter, thickly against his face as the last of his life fades from his body.

Samantha stands up from Henry and returns to the police car, never even looking back; she enters the passenger seat, next to Sheila.

"Now we find out how the other's did," Samantha says, closing her door.

Sheila nods, driving off towards the rendezvous point.


In a single day of action, we progressed more than generations of women before us. It was not total domination, it could not be total domination; not yet. The ground work is laid here today; assets seized, strategic positions captured, battle lines drawn, war declared.

Our order is above ground now; our members targets by those who wish to set us back, but there will be no stopping us now. We're too strong, too organized, too united in our goal and hatred. Today's press release will name me General of the United Female Forces.

The element of surprise is gone; now the long campaign begins. Many will surrender but we have no need for prisoners; our end goal is simple:

The women will rule.
The men will die.

-General Oro
April 7th, 2017

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