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Outgoing Boyfriend
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 1st, 2014

As my body starts to wake up, something feels off. My eyes flutter open slowly; the harsh daylight piecing in through the blinds.

I try to get up. But I can't.

I lift my head and look down. Tape, all around my body like a cocoon.

I try to yell out. But I can't.

It's just muffled sounds; lowering my eyes, I think I can make out just a bit of colorful cloth wrapped around my mouth. It feels soft; silky smooth.

The door flies open, swinging hard against the wall; the handle probably making a hole.

It's Sheila, my girlfriend.

"Oh, glad you're awake," she says as she walks over, closer to me.

"Whaaaaa ggooonnn?" I muffle out; seems clear enough.

"Don't bother trying to speak, there's nothing I want to hear from you at this point; my mind is already made up."

She smiles as she sees me, perplexed expression across my face.

"Awww, so cute when you're dumb; I'm dumping you, hun. Sorry." Her apology seems less than sincere; in fact, it feels tacked on.

"Wha?" I ask, in a gagged disbelief.

"I thought I said don't talk," she says, calmly but firmly.

"So, yeah, that's what I've decided and I know you'll get over it and you know, blah, blah blah, breakup stuff..."

What a fucking bitch. Is this a breakup or a return policy?

She leaves. I use this as a chance to get away. I wiggle in the bed, trying to free myself, though, honestly, what am I gonna do? Even if I get off the bed, then what?

Within seconds, she returns, now in only white pattern underwear and holding her laptop.

She notices me, "Awww, you're trying to get stupid." She pulls me off the bed, my body hits the floor with a loud THUMP.

I yell, hoping she'll stop.

She puts her foot on my face; "I think I said, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She barked.

I shake hearing that, she'd never even raised her voice before...

She smiles, satisfied, as she lifts me; I try to shake from her grip but it's pointless. She puts half my body under the bed, allowing just my upper chest and head to be out from under the bed.

She sets her laptop on the bed.

And then...oh fuck, she's gonna sit on my face!

I shake my head from side to side to avoid it but there's no avoiding it.

Her butt makes contact, then all of her weight lowers on my face and it feels like my skin is being pushed off by her butt sitting on me.

Then she rises again, her butt off my face and I inhale deeply from my free nostrils.

"I'm gonna look for someone to fuck tonight, maybe it'll go somewhere; but while I do that, I figured you'd help me," she says; never once looking down.

Finally she does, "You've always been so helpful and nice; I really appreciate this."

God what a fucking...


Oh my God, she just farted!, her ass is...

She sits her ass back down on my face, pressing the fart and her panties, absorbing some of the smell, onto my face until there was no light and no other air either. Just whatever I could get here; from the backside of the girl that just farted and then sat in my face.

"Heeeellllllppppppp!" I yell out muffled; I doubt anyone but her heard it.


Sheila's butt answers with a thick, smelly fart right against my nose buried deep in her crack. She sighs, relaxed.

I hear clicking and clacking of keys; the occasional loud laptop click.

Light comes in; she's lifting up...thank God!

I inhale greedily the less tainted air around me; dying for oxygen.


I yell out again, pleasing with her; tears in my eyes.

As she lowered her butt, she smiles down at me.


And then she sits, quickly, full weight on my face; sealing in the smell with me. I hear her chuckle a bit; her butt giggles with the motion.

The fart smell invades my nostrils with a rich, old eggy smell; although, shit is also a good word to describe it.

I gag, my nostrils unable to stop begging for air and tortured by the gassy remnants of my girlfriend's ass. Well, I guess ex-girlfriend.


Her gas ripped through my nose like a wind storm; I moan out, hoping for sympathy. Begging for it; this was inhuman!

She sits up again. Relief; but for how long.

I start to cry, I didn't even think about it but I didn't know what else to do.

She looks down at me, looking sympathetic.

She lowers her ass some; but I can still see her face. She looks away from me, her mouth open a little, eyes closed. Oh...


"Oh, yeah! That was a big one!" She said, ensuring to sit on me fully, she even cupped her legs around the back of my head, pushing me up into her butt.


She sighs, "Okay, I think I might have found someone; I'm gonna get ready, you can chill out here."


Her butt exploded with a gassy emission over my face that spread like a blast from an explosion. I moan almost zombie-like; I feel zombie-like.

She doesn't get up, I kick and squirm; running out of air. Choking. Coughing.


I scream out as my nostrils inhale a thick, cabbagy smelling fart. My head spinning; I hear her laugh a bit as my legs kick around. I try to buck her off but my arms are weak, I barely even can push.

One deep, gaping breath; no oxygen under here. I pass out.

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