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Muster in the Dust
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 15th, 2014

She drives in a hippy-looking van; scanning the road ahead, the sky offering an auburn sunset through the clouds that cast a rust colored hue over the ruins of a suburban landscape.

Her clothes are simple, looking innocuous like a common housewife; a clever ruse.

She turns the knob for the radio; static as it sputters to life.

"...with General Oro leading the charge for independence of the United Female Nation, martial law has been declared as select hold-out militias have aligned to maintain The White House, defending strategic positions in and around the symbolic building. Military forces have indicated they expect to break through enemy lines by the end of the week following with General Oro stepping in as the nation's president immediately. We wish her Goddess speed in her mission. This is WRN, the Women's Rights Network, media conglomerate controlling all UFN communication and the Fem Territories of Canada. The Music Hour with Zooey LaFemme is next..."

Imagine, finally holding The White House; truly just a symbolic victory but it would show the world the true power of the United Female Nation, making it easier to spread the influence globally. Once they see that the "Great America" has fallen, they won't resist.

The driver shifts in her seat, the sweat from a long time sitting on leather, forming a wet layer on the seat of her yoga pants.

She does her part for the war effort; patrolling a quiet, dusty town abandoned by its leaders after the Uprising. It's an outpost now; a libertarian's dream and nightmare rolled in together. Men gather here; the last of the Sympathizers stay here, caring for the wounded men that come through here before they continue to wander lost on land they no longer own, waiting for the inevitable.

Before the airports were seized, men would come here seeking help to escape the country but General Oro put a stop to that; she personally tortured the five Sympathizers responsible on a LIVE global webcast. They endured an agonizing punishment for days before the last of them finally expired to General Oro's backside.

The thought makes the driver smile.


"You can't leave! They'll find you," Kary insists; "You'll put us all in danger!"

"Well I can't stay here either; waiting to die?! No way!"

"Listen, there is no MDF; it's a lie they started to get men to come out of hiding. They crushed all male opposition groups years ago!"

"What about D.C.?" Jacob argues, desperation in his eyes.

"It's a fluke, they won't last. And how are you going to get there?"

"Not by sitting on my ass here," he says, standing and rushing out the canvas flap of the large cantina tent.

He walks amongst the kicked up dust towards the old, weathered road; following it like a river to who knows where.

I have to do something, I can't just let my fellow men just die; or if they do, I have to die with them, by their side. They'll need everyone they can get. How could this have happened; what would cause such an evil turn? How did it get this far?

Jacob looks around; to his left, then to his right. There's a van next to him now, on the road; he looks at it briefly. He can't see the driver; he shrugs it off, then turns his attention back to his feet, the ground.

The driver's door opens; Jacob looks again just as a woman grabs him, hand on the back of his head, slamming it into the side of the van.

The sliding door opens and she grabs him, throwing him inside; following right after and closing the door.

She quickly ties his body up completely while he's unconscious.


Fuck, no time...her stomach groans loudly, painfully.

She slaps his face repeatedly until his eyes flutter open.

"Good, you're awake," she says in his face; pulling his head by the hair.

She removes her yoga pants with the other hand, they slide off with ease; then she moves Jacob's head, his head trying to shake free all the while, until it is directly under her now naked butt.

She sat down, moaning painfully; it wasn't a moment too soon.

Her butthole opened with a horrible, huge log that passed through Jacob's lips; he vomits immediately but there's no where for it to go as a train of solid shit pushes itself further down his throat. He gurgles, pained; sobbing from the tremendous girth pushing its way into his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" She screams; pulling at the man's hair, pulling him deeper inside.

Jacob's screams are muffled by the log which hangs from his mouth.

"Uh...oh, whew...okay, I feel better; at least I can wait till we get home now..."

His eyes go wide, she looks down at him and smiles; "You just worry about swallowing my shit, got it? There's plenty more for you later!

He screams again, trying to squirm away but it's useless and she chuckles at his attempts; "Enjoy the ride."

She returns to the front of the van, her pants still on the ground near Jacob; and starts to drive off.

Jacob continues to whimper and sputter in the back; the solid log flicked by his tongue as he desperately tries to break it. He sobs all the while; the woman runs a soft finger up her thigh towards her pussy, shivering with delight while listening to the man suffer on her shit.

And it wasn't even going to be the worst of it; her stomach rumbles softly as she drives down the road.


Jacob wakes in darkness; something over his face.

"Hello?" His voice echos in the small chamber around his mouth and nose; like a mask.

Suddenly, bright lights hit.

Jacob's eyes adjust finally to see the woman from the van, stark naked above him, standing on a glass floor; next to a glass box that looks like...a toilet!

She smiles down at him.

She opens the toilet lid, "Well, well; looks like your finally awake. You left quite a mess in my van when you passed out..." her voice echos down to my mask.

"I'm going to have to punish you for that," she adds, before turning and planting her butt on the toilet.


Jacob watches her sigh and look down at him, watching him react to her gas blast; he doesn't disappoint as his body jerks from the toxic smell, trying to free itself but the restraints holdfast. Jacob is forced to endure the gassy monster with no relief.


She rips again, Jacob watching her close her eyes in concentration and push.

"No, no, please!" He pleads as the fart reaches him; he cringes and tenses, trying to hold his breath but finally coughing and choking on the putrid fart.

From her anus, out squeezed a small flood of liquid shit that splattered against Jacob's face as freshly as if it had come directly from her ass.

She giggles above him; lifting a leg.


The gassy emission is followed by a long, snaking log which slowly slides down the pipes until it, unceremoniously plops on Jacob's face. He cries in horror and defeat; he looks at the mask over his mouth and nose, the pipes quickly backing up with brown matter.

"Better get eating," she says, sadistically while...PRRRRRRrrrrrppppppp!

Every breath Jacob takes is methane gas filled agony; as shit sits on his face, waiting to be consumed.

He pukes, opening his mouth which allows a flood of drippy diarrhea down his throat until he chokes; his eyes going wide until he asphyxiates, his throat clogged with shit.


Above, the woman drips, some pee, some cum; she pants, out of breath.

She stands, turning to look down at the lifeless man under the glass floor.

She smiles at a job well done; she'd be back on patrol tomorrow.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.