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Mom's Toilet
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 24th, 2013

Changes started to happen to me when I turned thirteen. Not just in my own body but the world around me; not least of which was my mom.

I remember the day vividly because nothing was ever the same after that day. I still don't know if she had planned it or if it was just something that came out of the moment; all I know is, I wasn't the same after that.

My mom, Gwen, used to be very nice and playful with me while I was growing up. Our favorite game was hide and seek; she'd let me win almost always but this day was different; while I was hiding in my room, I heard her footsteps approach.

"Oh, where or where has little Donnie gone?" She asks, in sing-song fashion.

She took a seat on my clothing hamper and hummed in thought. I couldn't help but giggle, I was just under her; hiding in the hamper. It was genius. Her weight slightly stretched the strong wicker hamper; it started bent down near me.

Then, it was all of a sudden, that a thick air invaded the hamper. At first, I thought it might be some clothes under me but the eggy, heavy air seemed to rush in; as if from above. Had my mother just farted on me?

I started to cough and choke; the game was over and I wanted out.

"Uck, mom, it stinks in here."

"Who said that?!" She asked, mocking surprised.

"Mom, please, get up; I'm under you. It smells."

"Maybe you should do your laundry more often sweetie," she laughed; joking.

"It smells like poop in here!"

"Oh sweetie, that's just me; I farted. I didn't even know you were in there."

I tried to push the top cover but mom was too heavy, "Please, I just want to get out. I'm scared stinks."

"Shhh, it's fine sweetie."

"Please get up!" I said, panicked.

"Sweetie, just relax."


"Aw, mom, no; why?"

She just giggled as I heaved and breathed in her terrible gas. My head was spinning, my nostrils assaulted, and I was unsure of what exactly was happening or why. Thankfully, I passed out just as she farted once more; a big loud one.

I woke up sometime later; it seemed dark outside. I could still smell the potent aroma of mom's farts on my body, especially my face; I don't know what happened while I was out and I probably didn't want to know. It would just be my secret from myself.

I tried to reach down to scratch myself but noticed my wrist was tied to the bed post in my room; as was my other wrist, and my ankles. I shook and rattled the bed; "What's going on?!"

Mom came in, as if on cue; "Hey hon, glad you're up; I just spent the last hour finishing all the ice cream in the house."

"You can't eat ice cream mom, it upsets your stomach."

"Oh baby, yes it really does."

"So why..." my eyes went wide and she nodded, smiling with devilish delight.

"Listen, I know we've had a lot of fun over the years but I think it's time for a change."

"What do you mean, mom?" I ask, horrified.

"Well, I'm tired of being your mom and you're old enough now so, I think it's time to make you my slave."

"What? Why?"

"Sweetie, you have to understand; I've been watching you and I've come to the conclusion that you're kind of a loser. This was going to happen to you one way or the other; I figure this way you can serve your mom like a good son should and I can keep you around. It's win-win."

I was speechless and now deeply saddened.

"I know it's hard to hear at first, but you're going to have MUCH bigger things to worry about hon."

"Like what?"

"You'll find out later sweetie; first you have to be trained."

"Please, don't do this."

"That's the first thing; I don't want to you talking unless it's to say 'Yes Goddess' or 'No Goddess' although I better not hear 'No' to pretty much anything; you'll do as I say and appreciate it. Do you understand that?"

I stayed quiet, angry in my eyes.

"I asked you a question toilet. That's what I'll be calling you from now on;" she reached down and pinched my nipple hard; it felt like it was going to pop.

"Yes!" I screamed out in pain.

"Yes what?" She asked, squeezing harder.

"Yes Goddess! Yes Goddess!"

Finally, she let go; I would have rubbed my nipple to soothe them had my arms not been tied. I instead, blew on it as if it were hot; it was dumb.

Mom laughed a bit as she got up on to the bed, straddling my body with her legs. I couldn't help but get a little turned on; she was sitting on my chest, her shapely ass very near to my face. My penis started to get a little hard.

"Awww, don't worry sweetie; that'll stop in a while," she said, indicating towards my penis.

Then, like a mouth opening I watched her raise her butt and scoot back, sitting it on my face. I started screaming immediately, a low, muffle scream in the middle of gray spandex covered asscheeks.

It wasn't just the weight but also a potent, toxic aroma that already lingered around her asshole. It emanated with a heat like breathing in and out; a thick shit smell like an unwashed ass.

"You like that sweetie? I haven't wiped my last few dumps but don't worry, you won't have to deal with that just yet. But that caked on shit, oughta make these farts pretty unbearable."

She leaned forward, all her weight still sitting on my face, and blasted.


"Mmmm, that's good; smell that sweetie. Smell mommy's fart."

I shook and trashed my body but my head was stuck forward and straight in my mother's ass; the fart air blowing forcefully against my nose as it fills the nostrils with a putrid dairy smell. I moaned, "Pleaseeeeee!"

"Aw sweetie, are you saying please because you want more? How polite."

She bent forward once more.


"Oh, wow, that was a wet one; I have to be careful so I don't leak through my pants just yet;" she laughed.

I was in hell, assaulted by a new gas blast while still unable to endure the last. I choked and heaved, trying to breath. It sounded as if I had asthma as I was forced to take in nothing but pure mom fart.

I groaned, each moment was a new torture, the smell never staying the same or never becoming fully tolerable as my nostrils repeatedly shudder as they flair, hesitant to take in more farty gas. My head burns. I feel nauseous; if my head could move it would dart wildly, like a mental patient. I was out of it.


Another, small fart blasted through my nose and that was it; I was out like a punch to the face as soon as my nostrils forced a deep breath of the poisonous air.

Things were a little normal after that. I woke up in my bed; nothing tied down. Was it a dream? I still seemed to smell like farts; was that just my own stink? I looked over at the clock. 9 A.M. Fuck! Why didn't mom wake me for school?

I rush downstairs; I hear mom in the kitchen. I stop when I see her, noticing she's only wearing a tight t-shirt and tiny pink panties.

"'m late for school..."

Mom turned and laughed, "Sweetie, you're done with school now; toilets don't go to school."


"Sweetie, I told you; you're my toilet now."

"I thought..."

Mom turned back to the sink; "It doesn't matter what you thought sweetie; I'm telling you how it is. Just like I'm telling you, now, to get in my butt while I finish these dishes.

I was scared but I thought quickly, "Mom, I'm really hungry."

"Aww sweetie," mom turned and looked at me again. "I know you are and I'm going as quickly as I can but you got to be ready for it."

"I don't...what?"

"Just don't worry about it honey, you'll eat soon, I promise. But for now; my ass, please."


"Sweetie, just do as I ask; before you make me mad."

I stare at her, eyes wide; confused. She looks back with sweet eyes, innocent eyes that she abused to guilt me. "Yes mom."

"Ah, I believe we talked about that. Do you remember?"

I already started to kneel down near mom; "Yes Goddess."

"That's better," she says, turning back to her work while separating her buttcheeks for me to enter.

I approached at the putrid, sewer smell already hit me. I recoiled back and gagged.

"You need to start getting used to the smell baby; that's just one aspect of this new life for you."

"Yes Goddess," I said, still retching towards the floor.

Mom looked at me innocently, as if admiring a baby do something for the first time, thinking 'How cute.'

I rose again and fought my urge to gag as I pushed forth and finally my nose ran right up against my mom's butthole.

She released her buttcheeks and farted right away, right up my upturned nose.


"Ahhh, thanks toilet; I've been holding that in forever."

I tried to move my head from her ass but she held me tight; I wasn't going anywhere until she wanted me to. My body flailed wildly as if it dangled from her butt like a turd; I heard the cracks in my neck as it held stiff inside her ass.

I groaned out in terrible pain as mom's booty shook from the force of her scrubbing dishes. With each little wiggle, tiny popping farts would blast out like bubbles in a carbonated beverage; each explosion was bigger and more potent than the last. I moaned as the fart air filled my senses and burned my nostrils; tears ran down freely from my eyes. "Raaahhh..." I murmured, dry heaving from the putrid smell.

Mom shifted and my nose pushed up, bringing my mouth right in axis with mom's butthole. My quivering lips felt the disgusting, wet pulsing of mom's anus through tiny, thin panties. I don't know if she noticed or not.


A popping, loud fart putters out into a silent but deadly blast that almost forces my head back had it not been for mom's hand on the back of my head.


Without a moments peace, mom's anus opened up and fired a long, moist fart that suddenly began to rush like a geiser from out the sides of mom's panties. She immediately let go before any of it touched my screaming face. I dropped to the ground with a loud thud, my eyes rolled around wildly as my face still felt farts right in it, as if the ass were still in my face. I shuddered and panted wildly. I felt myself fading, my vision hazy as mom just looked down, admiring. Mom's ass occasionally dripped a thick, brown sludge but she didn't seem to mind. She bent down near me and innocently tussled my hair; "That's my good slave son."

She laughed, leaving me to pass out on the kitchen floor.

She left the house one day, groceries or something; I went to the computer. I wanted to find help. I looked up "mom torture" but I only found articles; when I added "fart" I got results for fetish stories. Fetish stories?! Who would have a fetish about that?!

I was panicking; I wanted out. I wanted to be free of this. But could I just call the police? I don't think so. I went to Yahoo! Answers. I wanted to put out a call for help. I explained the situation.

"I am a thirteen year old boy who is currently being made to be a toilet by his mother. She's not shit on me yet but it seems like she will soon. I haven't eaten anything yet she says, repeatedly, I'll be eating soon but that never seems to come. Please help me; she stopped taking me to school so I can be hers to use. Can anyone help, please?!"

All the responses were jokes or resorted to calling me one of these fart perverts. What was I going to do? I sent out more; more messages, more calls for help but nothing seemed to work.

I heard the door open downstairs; I knew I was expected to be there so I shut off the monitor and ran downstairs to meet my mother on my knees as she liked.

She held bags and bags of groceries in her hand, she seemed irritated, "Toilet; take these to the kitchen and get more out of the car. Chop chop!"

I jumped to my feet and grabbed the bags from her arms; carrying them into the kitchen. When I returned for another load, I saw mom running her fingers through her hair, a bit aloof. I went outside; from her steps, it seemed like she was going upstairs.

It took two or three more armfuls to get all the groceries. And then I started to put them away. I heard mom's footsteps coming down the stairs; I figured she'd be proud of me for putting away the groceries without being asked to do so.

"Hey toilet," she called from around the corner; then she appeared in the doorway.


She smiled briefly before continuing, "Do you want to explain to me what that was on the computer?"

I froze, almost dropping the carton of juice. I forgot to close out those windows; she'd seen everything. All my pathetic and ill-fated calls for help to the internet.

"That was very stupid toilet.

"Mom, but I put away the groceries," I said, hoping to defer her attention elsewhere

She stared me down, she sighed heavily, "Wait for me in my room. If I hear one sound, one stir, one footstep, I promise I won't make it pleasant for you. You've really pissed me off."

"I'm sorry mom."

"It's Goddess!" She said, slapping my face as I pass by her. "I'm your Goddess; got it?!"

"God...yes Goddess, yes..." I shook with fear.

"Good, get out of here! Wait for me!"

I ran up the stairs to mom's room and positioned myself on my knees, near the bed, facing the door. Like a loyal dog. And for another few hours, that's where I remained; waiting. I didn't know what waited for me but I knew it was going to be bad.

It was probably three hours before mom came upstairs; I watched the sunsetting out of the corner of my eye. I didn't want to take my eyes away from the door; I didn't want to do anything that would be or could be thought of as disobedience. My knees were starting to hurt but I wouldn't budge from my spot, even as my body quivered with the painful cramping of remaining in one uncomfortable position.

But finally, her footsteps approached, mom was coming; the Goddess' footsteps came closer.

The door finally opened and she looked in at me, standing on my knees; waiting for her patiently. She had a big, genuine smile on her face; maybe I was off the hook.

"Hey sweetie. I just wanted to say I'm sorry I got angry earlier. It's obvious you just wanted a strong figure to talk to and me, being your Goddess, I know you don't feel comfortable doing that with me anymore.

"Goddess, I don't..."

"It's okay, I know that's why you sent those messages for help. You didn't want to anger me but you wanted someone to talk to. I get that."

She didn't seem to get it but I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted anymore. I mean, I did want this to end but what would come after that? If mom got in trouble, what would happen to me? Maybe something worse than enduring her gas; maybe that wasn't so bad...I mean, it smelled bad of course but...maybe it was a fair trade-off; to live comfortable at home.

"I'm gonna find someone sweetie; I think I know a psychologist who might be of help. She's a friend and a supporter of such relationships between mother and son; she'd understand the whole situation."

I didn't know exactly what that meant. It sounded like a good idea, the way mom put it; maybe it would help me gain peace with my new life.

"But you're not getting off just like that sweetie. I thought about it and, I did overreact, but you also did something that deserves punishment."

I nodded, looking down at the ground; ashamed.

"It's okay, it won't be as bad as I originally planned. You're just going to spend the night tied to my butt."


"What did I say about telling me 'No' sweetie?"

"Yes Goddess; okay."

"Good. I'm going to lay down;" she said as she stripped down to her panties and a bra. She lied down on the bed. "You get my long belt and bring it to me when you stick your face in my butt."

I saunter slowly, defeatedly to the drawer to get the belt and I hand it to her as I ascend her bed and lay my face in her butt crack; already a putrid, shit smell strongly emanating from her hole.

She wrapped the belt around her body and over the back of my neck; then tightened it. I felt the rough leather pressing against my neck just tight enough to not hurt. The smell, immediately overwhelming me, I try to recoil my head but there's no where for it to go and it barely moves; just further kicking up the farty, shit air that surrounded mom's butthole.

"See sweetie, I don't even need to hold you; you just stay right in my butt." She giggled.

I retched and desperately could not help myself from trying to exit my face from her ass but it was no use.


"Just worry about that fart sweetie; you're not going anywhere tonight."

Then, with total cruelty, she started to turn over.

"No, no no no no no no," I plead as we turned ninety degrees.

Then, we made another ninety until I was laying under my mom's butt; my neck belted to her thighs to hold me in place. But it didn't really matter, now she was also laying on me.

"Mmmm, good night sweetie. We have a busy day tomorrow."

I didn't quite know what she meant but I couldn't think about it with her heavy weight laying on my face, her putrid butthole forcing my head deeper and deeper into her butt until my nose was pressed up and flush against her butthole.


I moaned and groaned as I was forced to inhale the fart; I started crying but mom didn't stir. She didn't even wake up, I heard her snoring deeply in the night; ripping farts through my face much to my torture and dismay.

The crack of her ass with stinky and greasy with farts long since passed and new farts spreading their gassy oils along the walls of her butt, ensuring I'd be smelling sulfery farts for some time.

I remember passing out at one point, either exhaustion or suffocation, perhaps both; and a loud, long blasting fart had woke me up just to endure a thick, almost intolerable gust of gas that seemed to last all night. I felt I was still smelling that fart when I saw the bright peaking light of the sun rising. But that meant nothing; mom woke up when she wanted to.


Mom, stirred, perhaps awakened by her own loud fart; or perhaps by the frantic flailing I was doing underneath her. I was suffocating and feeling out of breath. I felt like I might die as more toxic gas filled my face.

Finally, she turned allowing at least some fresh, cool air to seep in by my forehead; my nose was still shoved deep within mom's ass.

Mom laughed, seemingly forgetting I was there, and undid the belt. I gasped and choked, laying to the side of mom's bed as I stared up at the ceiling, only wanting to catch my breath and breathe in oxygen again.

"Aww, see baby; that's why you listen to me, always."

"Yes Goddess," I horsely whisper; my throat dried by a constant barrage of hot gas.

"You rest there for a minute; I'm going to get ready and then we can go."

"Go where?"

"I have lots of errands today sweetie and you're going to come with; since I can't trust you here."

"No, you can...I promise I won't do that again."

"Sorry but you blew it kiddo. Now come on."

I took deeper breaths of oxygen, fearing I would not be able to enjoy it for long.

Mom handed me a bottle of water and gave me a hand up off the bed, to my feet. When she walked out, I knew instinctively to follow her and together we walked to the car.

"Sit in the back, center seat; I want to see you from my mirror."

"Yes Goddess," I said, climbing into the seat commonly refereed to as 'bitch;' it was weirdly appropriate for me. Maybe that's why she did it.

Mom got in, looked at me in her rear view mirror. I could see by her eyes she was smiling, proud of her bitch. I looked down at my feet.

First, mom stopped at the bank.

"Okay, come on, let's go."

"Can't I just stay here."

Mom looked at me sternly.

"Fine," I said, with attitude, opening my door to get out.

"You know, what no, it's fine. Stay here;" she said, snapping.


"Yeah, why not," she said, irritated.

"I'm sorry Goddess."

"It's fine, don't worry about it."

She left the car without looking behind her.

I, though a little troubled by angering mom, laid my head back and relaxed for once in a long while; I almost never got any time with my own thoughts and now even less now that mom would keep me with her wherever she goes. Would this life just keep going like this? I mean, she'll probably make me wait on her eventually right? Do all the chores? And serve her bum? How could I keep this up...I had a lot more years of serving mom ahead of me if that's what she wanted; and that seemed like the case.

Then the driver's side door opened. I looked down expecting mom but it was a fat woman, she had big chubby cheeks. She took a seat on the driver's side and shut the door behind her, looking as if she would drive away.

"What's going on?"

She looked back and smiled at me; then the passenger door opened, as well as the door doors on either side of me. Through each of the car doors, walked a large woman who came in, sat down, closing the car door behind her.

"Who are you?"

The woman closest to me, with a dress that flowed just beyond her butt, tilted her ass near me like she was going to fart. Then the woman on the other side did the same, and the two women in the passenger and driver's seat lifted their butts up towards me.

I was horrified and I looked straight out the window into the bank where mom looked back, smiling wide. She winked at me, just as the first barrage hit.


In close timing, all four big woman asses blasted a torrent of gas that made a tornado of hellacious stink that filled the car with an eggy, beany, cabbagy, sewery smell; surely with some overlap per ass.

I choked on the air and clutched at my throat, trying to avoid the stink but it was useless.


I recoiled away from her ass only to fall near another.


"No!" I screamed; and they laughed, chuckled, more like. My mouth flooded with a putrid, heavy aroma of combined shit air. I dry heaved and heaved, over and over again as the women just continued to fill mom's car with such terrible gas.


"Please," I murmured weakly; the word barely heard over a constant barrage of gas.


Then, suddenly, they all left; with me on the floor, clutching my neck. They all shut the doors behind them. I crawled back up to the seat and towards the door for some fresh air but then, the driver's side door opened again. It was mom.

"Wheewh, it sure smells good in here, doesn't it?"

Choking on fart air, I managed to gag out, "Yes Goddess."

Mom lifted her butt off the driver's seat and stuck it in the air; "Put your face against my butt honey."

I did as she asked, dying for the familiar scent of mom's gas; not pleasant but at least I knew it by now.


Though putrid, I dove my nose deeper in mom's crack, ensuring to get all her toxic gas in my nose; anything to kill the terrible stink of the fat women's farts. I breathed deep, eagerly; then choked and coughed.

Mom laughed, "Aww, you miss my butt, don't you?"

"Yes Goddess," I replied, still dutifully sniffing her ass.

After a minute, she finally sat down and started the car; I sat back down in the bitch seat and we drove off.

"One more stop, sweetie."

We pulled up in front of the grocery store.

"Coming?" She asked sweetly, just a hint of evil in her eyes; as if to remind me of the last torment she subjected me to when I disobeyed her.

"Yes Goddess."

"Good hon."

I followed her around the store for several minutes before we stopped near the sample table.

"Would you like to sample our holiday cheese ball?"

I hadn't paid attention to much in the store; my eyes wandered around to products of various interest, waiting for mom to possibly give me a command, but to this point, she hadn't. But when I heard that question, I paused.

And mom knew I would, she turned and looked at me. Though her face was shadowed, I still saw her wide grin on her face.

"Yes, I will try it," she said, sweetly, turning back to the sample woman.

She smiled sweetly, "You know what, take one, on the house."

"Oh, wow, thank you so much; you don't know how much this means to me...well, means to us," she said, indicating towards me. I gulped. That cheese would not sit well with mom's stomach and I would be forced to endure the aftermath.

"I can tell, have a great holiday!" She said, sweetly.

We walked by, I looked back with wide, pained eyes but the woman serving samples just waved at me.

I turned back around and mom was taking nibbles on the cheese ball while looking at me. I shuddered in fear.

In the bread aisle, mom's stomach gurgled loudly.

"Oouuf, toilet, my butt is feeling like it's gonna explode," she said, swinging around to bring my face to her backside.

I stayed there and waited for what was going to come. Mom shifted her weight up and...


I groaned loudly then more softly, with some sobbing, when mom pinched my shoulder skin. I sniffed up, breathed heavily, and choked on mom's noxious gas; the cheese obviously already working its way into her system.

Then I heard another voice; it was muffled but I could hear it.

"Hey, what are you doing to that young man?!"

"It's fine; he's my son," I heard my mom say; everything on her froze. Even her anus stopped pulsating in this moment, as if she'd stopped breathing.

"Oh, you misunderstand; sorry. I was more intrigued. See I was thinking about turning my son into a slave too but I felt a little weird about it."

"It's true at first but it becomes second nature. Even today, in the car, he called me Goddess and we continued our conversation as if it were normal."

"That sounds amazing," the woman said, excitedly. " you mind, if I try him?"

"Oh, of course, please. He's been a little bit of a brat anyways today; one more ass couldn't hurt the punishment."

Mom pushed me gently from her butt and I gasped, "Please, no mom," I said, between gulps of breath.

"Sweetie, don't embarrass me; you're going to put your face in this woman's butt, understand?"

"Yes Goddess."

Mom looked up and smiled at the woman who was delighted. She turned her butt towards me, raising her skirt so just her panties were between me and her butthole; and she draped it back over so the smell would be somewhat contained.

The smell was putrid, different and unbearable. I gagged and choked just being near her asshole; then I felt a familiar hand on the back of my head, pushing me deeper into this strange woman's ass. It was mom.

"It took me a while to get him to stay in there, without me forcing him to."

"I'll bet," the woman replied; bending over. "Here goes..."


My head shook but mom held it tight as the hot, toxic air rushed up my nostrils. My body convulsed as I gurgled, trying to find oxygen within this prison of fart gas.

"Hel..." I yelled, heaving before I could even finish the words.

"He's very feisty, I like it."

Mom laughed, "Yeah, that's how I bet they all are at first. He's not so much that way with me anymore."

"Aw, that's a shame."


"It's alright, he still doesn't enjoy them."

The woman laughed, liking nodding.

Then, her dress draped back over me and I was free. I dropped to the floor and cried, gasping for air.

"That was great," the woman said. "I'm definitely turning my son into a slave; like as soon as I get home. Oooh, I actually should get some different groceries. Thanks so much."

"Of course, actually, here's my number; why don't you call sometime, maybe we'll swap."

The woman laughed, "Oh, of course; yeah, lets."

And then she left, I watched her butt walk away as I clutched the ground in the middle of the grocery store. Mom came into view; a wide smile on her face.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes Goddess," I said, smiling weakly; thinking it was over.

Mom loaded the groceries with my help; then I got into the backseat, as expected. But then mom opened my door and gestured me out. "Sit up front baby."

My eyes lit up as I scampered out and to the passenger side of the car.

Mom smiled at me, "Wrong side sweetie."

I slowly walked to the driver's side of the car, confused; "You want me to drive?"

Mom laughed uproariously, "What?! No, of course not; no, I want to sit on your face while I drive home."

My heart sank but I did as ordered. I opened the driver's side door and kneeled down on the floor so I could put my head on mom's seat. She admired me from this position; and now, in her car. The very car that still had more than a hint of the fat women gas attack, lingering in the air.

Then, mom's butt covered the light just before sitting down with all her weight, on my face. The car started with a rumble and so did her butt. She leaned to one side.


"Ahhhh, I think that cheese is working; don't you dear?"

"Yes Goddess," I murmured from under her stinky butt.

And we drove home like this. It was only about a five minute drive but that didn't stop mom from using the time she had to have her gassy fun.


"Ooh, a little one," she called out, unnecessarily; knowing full well I know these farts inside and out by now. I was getting to the point where I could name them by type.

Mom farted a tiny little ripper of a fart; I sniffed deeply, inhaling the tiny, manageable fart when she let loose the real monster she'd kept back.


"Much better; she said, satisfied and sighing.

I wiggled desperately, trying to get free; trying to get my human need for oxygen fulfilled but it was hopeless under my mom's heavy, smelly butt.

I groaned as the putrid crack stink would not go away, wedged deep on my face as my nostrils pressed painfully against my mom's butthole.

I felt the familiar dip of our driveway and the stop of the car but mom didn't get up; she lingered in her chair.


She sighed peacefully as I kicked around, screaming loudly. She smiled and watched my struggle as I was forced to take in her thick, heavy gas that exploded like violent bubbles popping against my face with a putrid stink contained inside.

Another minute of being pressed against her gas stained butthole and finally she opened the door and got out; up off my face.

I gasped and panted, looked over at her.

"Awww, too much sweetie?"

"Yes Goddess."

She laughed, "Aww, that's too bad."

She left the door open, allowing the car to air out. I caught my breath there, my head resting in her driver's seat.

I don't remember falling asleep so when I woke up, I was disoriented. I stared up at the ceiling; it looked like the bathroom. And there was mom, my blurred vision becoming clear; I saw her smiling at me, she seemed proud.

"Finally, you're awake sweetie."

"Mom, what's going on?"

"I'll let that slide dear, given your current position."

What did that mean? I tried to stand but I felt a familiar pressure on my neck. It was cold, metallic. I brought my eyes down to see the edges of an arch shaped piece of metal that seemed to go around my neck. I turned my head slightly to see the toilet water and bowl just underneath my head. What was this?!

"I've been calling you toilet for a while. And I know you've been hungry..."


"And you've been such a good boy for mom."


"You're just making me angrier."

"Goddess, sorry; please...don't..."

"This is just apart of it sweetie; this isn't even the worst thing."

"What could be worse?" I yelled, my body shook like it was freezing cold but it was a quake of fear. My mom approached the seat; my head.

"You'll find out sweetie, don't worry," she said, calmly.

"Please..." I begged. And I cried while I begged.

And she just smiled down at me as if I were the cutest thing she'd ever seen.

She turned and parted her cheeks wide, giving me a good full glimpse of her eagerly pulsating butthole. Her ass was stained brown from poor wiping and quick showers; it was the first time I had seen her asshole bare and I wish I hadn't. It was like looking into the Arch of the Covenant, my face felt like it wanted to melt off but that was just the toxic, nearly corrosive smell of mom's anus.

I gagged, repeatedly, as she brought her butthole down on my face and then sat, with all her weight. She obviously was waiting a while because she exploded with a long, wet fart almost immediately; like a hair trigger of my nose entering her butthole.

Shit juice flowed down freely like a held sprinkler, oozing softly but roughly around my face, covering it.

"Aww, eat all that sweetie; and hurry up because I have more."

"Mom!" I screamed out! I hoped this would stop.

She just filled it with more of her hearty, thick diarrhea; I gurgled and sputtered my mom's waste but choked it down for her and for me; I was starving and mom knew it. She knew, at this point, I'd probably eat anything. And I was.

Mom groaned in pain; I gulped as I watched her push out the first log I'd ever seen come out of an anus. An odd sight to behold to be sure; almost as efficient as a factory line, pumping out chocolate bars. Except this bars were putrid; and this one, was just for me.

Mom's turd barreled near me quickly, quicker than I could respond so it mashed slightly on my nose and lip before I licked the putrid log and moved it to my mouth like shit spaghetti; though thicker by at least twenty times.

I moaned as the sicking log sat in my throat, I took terrible bites into it, making it manageable down my throat. And mom, was patient enough to wait.

"I know you can do it sweetie; I've been training you well."

"Yes Goddess," I mutter with a big piece of shit in my mouth.

Mom almost cries from joy. I gulp down the last of the log and mom's anus opens again to paint my face brown with a creamy, thick shit sludge that practically explodes with force against my forehead and then leaks down into my nose and mouth for me to drink up.

She groans again, pushing on her stomach as another, slightly bigger log, begins to crown from her butthole. I opened my mouth this time, preparing for it. And like a spear it jutted down my throat with gunshot like force. I gagged it back up, eventually breaking the mighty turd in my throat. I gasped and sighed, swallowing the massive shit from my mother's ass.

Mom sighed, delightfully; no doubt feeling wonderfully free.

"Ahhh, that's so good," she said, standing. She looked down at my relatively clean but shit smeared face. I, dutifully, licked the shit around my lips to please or delight her; maybe both.

She clapped for me as she undid the metal clasp around my neck. I dropped to the floor and panted.

"Was that a good dinner sweetie?"

"Yes Goddess."

"Good, I'm glad you enjoy my cooking baby; we'll be doing this a lot more often now, and you won't have to go hungry for so long anymore. That sound good?"

"Yes Goddess," I said, reluctantly.

"Good, now get ready for bed. I think I like you tied to my butt; we'll be doing that from now on."

"Yes Goddess." I said, stumbling to my feet and weakly walking to mom's room.

And there I would wait, on my knees, until mom came to use me again. I was her toilet after all.

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