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Just Horsin' Around
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 26th, 2007

The hard dirt crunched slightly with each step I took in my riding boots. It felt good to be back at the ranch again, especially after a rough day at school. It would be just what I needed to relax, to blow off some steam. Few people were here now so it would be quiet, peaceful; my favorite environment.

As I walked towards the saddle room to grab a harness, I noticed a girl in there. It was Cassandra Gregory, a stuck up little bitch. She would always whine for hours when she lost to me in competition but I understood her anger to some degree. I was only 14 and she was 18, she had more experience than I did and yet she just could never get a competitive edge. I offered to help her out but she was too proud to accept this; she just insulted me every time I offered. Still, despite her piss poor attitude towards competition, she was smoking hot. Junior High girls were nothing much to look at so to me, she was a goddess of beauty, physically only though.

I politely nodded to her and she did the same as I exited and headed up the ranch to my horse 's pen. Belle was her name and she was the finest horse I had ever owned. I hooked her up and led her down the hitching post. I walked down to where the saddles were kept and grabbed my stuff when I heard a noise. I quickly stopped what I was doing and listened. I heard a slight rustling in the next room over. I peered over into the other room from the doorway and saw Cass standing there, in her panties and a T-shirt.

"Oh man!" I said in a whisper. I lightly bit my knuckles in excitement.

I watched her bend over to grab a pair of jodhpurs out of her bag and slowly, or at least it was slow in my mind, she started slip them on, on leg at a time. I was so turned on that I reached down to my package and started rubbing it softly. And then, like a douche, I lost my footing and hit the hard dirt, landing on my side. Cassandra, startled now, pulled her light colored riding pants up and turned to see me, lying there on the floor.

"Well look what I got here, a pervert!"

"What? No. Pfft," I started to say, while raising myself up to a sitting position, "Don 't flatter yourself. I was just getting..."

"You were just getting gratification," she said, finishing his sentence. She liked using big words; I could only guess it was to try to prove she was smart.

"No! That 's not true."

"Come on! Look at you! You got a boner that would make a horse envious!"

Kevin looked down and saw his raging hard on. There was no debate, he was caught but, he wasn 't going to just admit to being a pervert; that would be stupid.

"So admit it," Cass said, "Admit you were just masturbating to me dressing in here."

"No, I 'm not going to say that because it 's not true."

"Alright, fine, pervert. We 'll do it the hard way."

"Hard way? What do you mean?" I asked.

She didn 't answer, she just grabbed my hair and pulled me into a kneeling position and then she turned her back to me and bent over, presenting her perfect ass in my face. She wrapped her hand around my head and pushed it close, so that it was touching her tight pant clad ass, and she held it there. I didn 't know what she was trying to do with this except arouse me further but then she grunted and produced a disgusting fart that went right up my nose and mouth. PRRRRRRRRUUUUUTTTT! The smell was terrible, like beans mixed with rotting cabbages and some dead animal. I tried to fight to get away but Cass was strong. She laughed as she held my head tight to her rank ass. A few seconds in, I started to feel light headed and then, she farted again. PRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP! Another terrible fart rushed up my nasal passages and I felt like I was going to die. I slowly faded as she released my head, it hit with a hard thump on the dirt.

"Night, night," was the last thing I heard her say.


I woke up with a terrible headache and when my eyes finally opened I saw the sky. I tried to move my legs but I noticed they were tied in front of me. I also felt my arms tied up behind my back and another rope tightly against my chest and waist. I screamed out but there was something over my mouth. Tape, maybe? I screamed out again as loud as I could but no one came. I remained there, immobile, for a short while until I heard something near me. I turned my head to catch a glimpse of a person, a woman, coming towards me. I turned my head back in the straight ahead position when I saw an ass coming down on my face. It took me only a moment to realize it was Cassandra 's, that distinct smell of her funky ass was now permanently implanted in my brain as hers and hers alone.

She rose up a bit and turned to look at me, "Well hey there Kevin, looks like they ran out of saddles so I elected you to be mine, okay?"

She didn 't wait for a response from me, she just sat down on my face again and kicked the horse to get it to move. I felt every bump and kick of the horse in this position as the pressure dug into the back of my head repeatedly with each of it 's steps. I assumed it was her horse, Victor, we were riding but I couldn 't be sure.

Cassandra talked to me a few times but it was difficult to hear her while "hanging out" under her ass. Still I caught a few things.

"You know, you could have made this easy on yourself and I could have just blackmailed you out of the competition but no, you had to be a stubborn bastard. You 're gonna pay for that. Tch. Tch. Tch."

She clicked, signaling the horse to pick up a run and as she did she started posting up and down off my face. It hurt like hell! After a few torturous minutes, she slowed the horse back down to a walk.

"Oh man, I have never had a saddle that was so comfortable when I run, I may have to use your stupid face more often."

For a while more she walked the horse.

"Oh man, I should not have had Taco Bell before riding, it 's really pushing at my backdoor."

And then, right on cue she blew a nasty fart right in my face. BRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Ahhhh, man. That feels so much better."

I began to cry as I was forced to sniff the terrible fart. That and the pain of being a saddle was getting to me. I just wanted this to be over.

"Oh, poor baby," Cass said in a mocking tone as she rose a cheek and farted again. PRRRUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!

She sat down again fully on my face, sealing the scent against her ass and my face. After about a minute of sniffing her terrible gas, she rose up off my face.

"Had enough?"

I nodded.

"Alright then, I will stop this if you agree to drop out of next weeks competition."

I thought about it for a second. Forgoing a competition would be a lot better than enduring more terrible farts. Eventually, I nodded.

"Good. I 'll be watching to make sure you do."

She hovered slightly over my face as we walked slowly back to the boarding block. Suddenly we stopped just a few feet away from the block.

"I can 't let this one go to waste."

Before I could even gather what she meant, she pulled down her jodhpurs and panties and shoved her bare ass in my face, wiggling to send my face further up her ass.

"This is just to make sure you don 't go back on our deal..." she said, ending her sentence with a loud grunt.


She sighed deeply as the last of the fart escaped from her bare cheeks and into my tortured face. This one was too much, I started to fight for freedom but the ropes were tight, I could not get away. Cassandra laughed heartily at my predicament. A few terribly seconds later, I felt the ropes around my legs loosen and then the ropes around my waste loosened as I suddenly fell to the hard ground.

Cass laughed again as she got off the horse and cut my wrist ties and pulled off the tape with a painful yank.

"Jessica is here, why don 't you go tell her you drop out?"

I just gave her an angry look and walked away to find Jessica.


That next week, Cassandra performed in her normal sub-par fashion but she still won since no one else was that good either. As she dismounted, I walked over to my friend, Tim, and she also did the same.

"So, that was pretty awesome right?" She asked us, panting. Despite her poor ability, she did work hard and I could see that.

"You 're just lucky that Kev hurt himself. Next competition, you are going down," Tim said.

"Is that so? Well, I think I got myself a nice insurance policy for next time, eh Kevin?" She asked rhetorically. She winked at me and smiled. Then she started to walk away and my eyes locked on to her perfect ass. My heart sank as the realization of what she meant hit me.

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