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Jury Duty
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 25th, 2009

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have heard the people's case against Ms. Tina Ingram. You have also heard Ms. Ingram's case of innocence. It is now your job to deliberate and decide for yourself. Before I release you, does anyone have any questions?"

No one spoke up.

"Very well, the jury is dismissed to begin deliberations. Bailiff, show them to the jury room."

The bailiff nodded and led us to the deliberation room. We each took a seat at the large table. The room was completely bare except for a small microwave and water dispenser in one of the corners. There were no windows and the room was poorly lit.

I looked around the circular table; all women on this jury. That is, except for me. I don't know if the attorney for the people was just of it or didn't care but I had a strong inkling that most, if not all of these women, would say the defendant was...

"Not guilty. That is eleven for not guilty and one for guilty."

"Are you serious?! Who the fuck thinks she did it?"

I remained quiet.

"You're not allowed to ask who voted what way."

"Fuck that, I know who it was, it was you wasn't it?" The woman asked, pointing at me.

"Alright, yes, I voted guilty. I mean look at the evidence, no one else was in the house, he had no enemies, no one else had any reason to kill him. Only his wife stood to gain anything from his death. Plus, I 'm not sure I believe this story about a sadomasochistic game gone wrong. It 's my belief that she killed him deliberately," I said, confidently.

"Well, Mr. Hot Shot has a lot to say now, doesn 't he?"

"You can't just believe it's so clear cut."

"It is clear cut! Look it was clearly a consensual sex act, there was a problem but she couldn't respond fast enough to his needs. It was an accident, not murder."

"If you look at the facts, there was clearly reason behind the way things went."

"That's just stupid! Besides, who has ever heard of anyone dying from a little gas?"

"Suffocation is very plausible in that position. Methane lacks any qualities of oxygen, you can't survive on it."

"Maybe we need to ask an expert."

"An farts? Where the hell are you going to find an expert in farts?"

The woman smiled, "I'm sure we could find someone."

I looked at her cockeyed. I looked around the room and all the women were looking at me and smiling, devilishly. I started to get a chill. One of the ladies got up and approached me; the other girls did the same.

"Madam foreperson?"


"I believe we need to conduct a test."

"I agree," she said as she began to take off her pants, followed by her panties.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked, totally confused.

No one answered. Suddenly I was grabbed out of my chair and pushed to my knees directly behind our jury foreperson.

"Can someone hand me exhibit B?"

"Here you are," one of the women said, throwing the baggy to another woman.

Exhibit B was a ball gag that Ms. Ingram used on her husband during their so called 'play sessions. ' Now, it was in my mouth.

"Push him into my ass ladies," the foreperson said.

The ten ladies pushed my fighting body closer to the exposed ass of our foreperson. When I was mere inches away from it they shoved my face up her butt. The woman, who appeared very clean and well-groomed on the surface, told a different story with her posterior region. Her ass you would predict an ass would; the smell of shit strong.

And then she farted. PRRRRRUUUMMPPPPP!

"Ahhhh, yes, that feels so good! Now tell us, can you breathe down there, Mr. Ellis?"

I fought to free myself from the ass as the horrid stench of her fart surrounded my face and entered my nose. The ladies around me held tight, I was going no where.

"Mr. Ellis? You are our expert...please, tell us. Do you require another sample because I 'd be happy to oblige."

She farted again, louder this time. BRRRRRRRMMMMMMPPP!

The smell was getting to be too much. I began to feel lightheaded as the aroma filled my senses.


Another fart. It was more than I could handle; I passed out.


I woke up staring up at the ceiling. The ball gag was still in my mouth and the room stunk like nothing I 've ever smelled before. I tried to block my nose but I found my wrists were bound, as were my ankles.

"Oh good, you 're awake. For a minute we were all thinking we should vote guilty," a voice said, laughing.

I turned to my side to come face to face with a particularly unattractive juror stuffing her face with a burrito. In front of her were a half a dozen empty, microwave burrito wrappers. I turned to my other side; another woman was eating the same. They were all shoving burrito after burrito down their throats. It didn 't take long for me to figure out what they were planning. I trashed, banging my feet against the table but after a few minutes no one came to my aid. It was about a half an hour when the women finally ran out of food. They all appeared stuffed, ready to blow...and they were. Five of the jurors lifted me off the table and placed me on the floor, on my knees again. I watched as they all made a small circle around me and removed their pants. I wouldn 't have to wait long for the ladies to air their grievances in my direction.

Like a torrent of a terrible storm, gas blew in my direction; first from one ass, then another, then from someone behind me, then a couple at once. There was no pattern, no rhythm to it, there was only gas and from the gas came the terrible smell. The farts combined created something otherworldly and completely unbearable. Atrocious sounds, awful smells, this became my world for what seemed like forever as they all yelled at me.

"What is your verdict, Mr. Ellis?"

I was in terrible pain but I felt I had to stay strong and resist their attempts to torture a 'not guilty ' vote out of me. When I would not vote the way they wanted the girls made the circle smaller, each of them pressing their asses to my face and head. I took in all of their gas at point blank range. Blow after blow of terrible farts all coming right at me. I couldn 't take it.

Finally, I yelled, "Not guilty!"

"I 'm sorry, what was that?" One lady asked as more farts blew my way.

My voice was still muffled by the ball gag. "Not guilty! Not guilty!" I cried, tears running down my face.

"One more time?"

I was losing it, I started to fall to the ground and the ladies crouched around my head, blowing fart after fart at me as I weakly kept muttering pleadingly 'not guilty ' before I passed out.


"Madam foreperson? Has the jury reached a verdict?"

"We have your honor."

"In the sole count of the indictment, murder in the first degree, how do you find?"

"We find the defendant, Ms. Tina Ingram, not guilty."

The court was in an uproar being composed mostly of the defendant 's husband 's family.

"Quiet! I will have quiet in my courtroom. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this court thanks you for your service, you are dismissed."


I rubbed my head as I threw my briefcase in the backseat of my car. I had a terrible headache and a smell that seemed to permeate every pore of my being. I hoped it would wash off but I probably would not be so lucky.

I turned my head to notice a van blocking me in my parking spot. I approached it.

"Hey, buddy! Move it, I wanna get outta here!"

No response.

I started to bang on the door. I jumped back a bit, startled, when the sliding door opened. A few figures, dressed in all black emerged and grabbed me. I tried to fight them but it was no use; I was thrown in the van and hit over the head with something that knocked me out.


I woke up in a completely unfamiliar place. It was fancy looking with good furniture and it appeared pretty big. The couch where I lay felt like silk or something like that.

"Good you 're awake," a voice said.

I jumped into a sitting position and looked in the direction from which the voice had come. It was Ms. Ingram, sitting in a matching chair near me.

"You know, I really did love him."

"Who?" I asked. "Wait, no, fuck that, where the hell am I?"

"My husband. And, you 're in my house."


She ignored my question and continued, "It was an accident, I didn 't mean for him to die."

"Well you 're free now so I guess it worked out. But what am I doing here?!" I demanded.

"I loved him and he loved me which is why he played these games with me. He told me he was beginning to like it but I think he was just saying that to make me happy. I would have done anything for him but he never wanted anything other than my love and affection and I gave it to him. A partner that devoted and wonderful only comes along once in life."

"I guess you ruined that."

Ms. Ingram just looked at me and smiled.

She continued, "As I said, his death was an accident..."

"Yeah, yeah, so you 've sai..."

"But you," she said, smiling, "I may just have to kill you on purpose."

I froze.

With evil intentions in her eyes, Ms. Ingram approached me.

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