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In Trouble
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 10th, 2018

I’d misjudged Sharon when she told me I would regret passing out on her but I don’t think it could have been helped. She pinned her 350 pound weight on me and farted up a storm while she came with her juices dripping down my unconscious face that was permanently contorted into a horrified expression as I was relentlessly bombarded by her gas.

But that pales in comparison to now. With her gagging me with a thick bandana, bound to her very worn in bed where I occupied a groove that many men before me had been squashed underneath her prominent bottom.

“Maybe you’ll try harder not to pass out next time, hmmm?” She insists as she looks back at me from her position on all fours, her big butt just inches from my face.

I shake my head no, my eyes pleading for her to reconsider and accept my apology.

“No you won’t try harder?!” She snaps.

“Nurrmmm….Iiii eelll!” I muffle out but can’t make any sense with the gag around my mouth.

“I have no idea what you’re saying, dear,” she says, feigning obliviousness.

I mumble out a cry as I watch her smile melt into a grin, she starts to lower her butt to me and I pointlessly beg for her not to but I knew she would anyways, the pleas always fell on deaf ears with her and her family.

Like an airlock her butt crack seals in over my face and deeper and deeper it goes until my nose is practically flush with her odiferous crack, stained with the smell of a thousand shits. I feel her pull one of her cheeks, spreading her ass wider so just a little bit of light comes in from above and I can see her rapidly pulsing anus. Then, one push out of a maybe twenty produces a fart so loud that I expected the walls would come down around us. BRRRRRRRrrrrrooooouuuuufffff!

I hear Sharon laugh and sigh as my body stiffens tightly, all senses trying to protect me from inhaling this deadly gas that pollutes my face but there would be no escaping it, I would have to breathe sooner or later and when I do my nostrils are tormented by a deep eggy stench of unimaginable potency. As the smell sinks in my body convulses violently in response to this oxygen robbing blast but also in some vain but survival instinct attempt to escape this torture. There would be no way though, I was pinned down completely by her ass and she showed no signs of getting up.

“Awww, poor slavey wavey has my big fat ass in his face. You know, most guys would kill for this kind of treatment,” she chuckles and wiggles her big booty in my face, taunting me but also refreshing her smell as her anus rubs over my nose like scratching an itch she couldn’t reach.

I could feel my breath becoming more and more labored, heaving underneath her swampy butt crack as my vision started to blur through watery eyes, my throat squeaking out gagging sounds like an old door in need of oiling. My head rattles like a rock in a blender as I feel every sense in me fading but I shudder to think what would happen if I passed out on her again, she’d probably kill me slowly with her gas, feeding it up tubes in my nostrils like an oxygen tank of purely her methane until I turned green and exploded into a puff of her flatulence.

Then, mercy came as I felt her weight lifted off me and the light, the burning light shined through to my face, allowing the fresh cool air to waft in between the putrid smells that eminante from my fart stained face. It was truly heaven in that moment as my long, frantic breaths were finally no longer burning in my nostrils like I was inhaling a putrid desert breeze. I was so thankful, so grateful that it was finally over and…

Sharon’s ass came crashing down at speed, plunking down over my face with the intensity of a speeding dump truck. It felt like my face had been punched by a firm yet pillow that engulfs my head. PRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrraaaauuuupppppppp!

She farts again, renewing the horror of her smells once again, the full force of her gas instead of just the lingering remnants stained to my skin. I was assaulted again by fresh farts, though fresh would not be the best description of their smell which was more like fermenting sewage baking in the hot sun.

She continued this treatment for hours and well into the night, I don’t know how I managed to stay conscious; perhaps Sharon was giving me just enough oxygen before plopping her ass down to maintain myself so I could inhale every single fart she had for me. That seemed to be the goal. Or so I thought.

On what had to be her fiftieth butt pound on my battered face, she quickly pulled down my bandana gag and aligned her anus with my mouth; I could taste her greasy, moist butthole against my lips. I cringe from the taste of it, and the rancid smell although my senses are so deadened that it’s almost all indisgustinhable, just a putrid blur of sense stimulation.

“Open wide!” Sharon demands, rubbing her anus to get the right spot against my lips.

I thought she wanted to fart in my mouth.

But I noticed a building crackling sound, I couldn’t tell what it was at first; almost like a slow roasting fire in a secluded cabin but it built to almost a raging waterfall sound which is about when I felt it. I felt the very tip of her drippy, solid log touch my lips. I try to close my mouth but it’s too late as it snakes its way past my teeth and down to the back of my mouth before taking a ninety degree turn to my throat. My eyes bulge from my head before I start to whimper, barely able to house this massive solid shit that’s slowly barrelling down to my stomach.

Sharon groans and giggles periodically as she listens to the sounds of my muffled choking, her waste squeezing out almost endlessly until I finally see the pinched tip escape her wide open asshole. I moan in some semblance of relief as I watch her anus push in and out before splattering me with a nice coating of wet fart all over my face, like a perfect chocolate topping on this chocolate ice cream that hangs lazily from my open mouth. I can’t find a way to choke down any more of her shit, I don’t think my stomach is full more than my brain refuses to allow me to swallow but I have no other way to get rid of it, so I keep taking pained, forceful swallows of the shit as it pulls in deeper and deeper like a train waiting outside a busy station.

“You see what you get when you pass out on me? You won’t make that mistake again, will you?”

“No Queen,” I reply in the most coherent muffle I can muster and I think she understood because she laughs out loud when she hears it. She leaves her rancid fart cavern hovered over me as I continue to take her shit down.

When I finally finish, she looks back at me and smiles, “Good job, slave. Ready for the next one?” She smirks.

“ please…” I beg with her but she just laughs and her butt comes down over me once again.

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