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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

Why is life never simple? That is a question I kept asking myself on what was beginning to be my worst day ever. Little did I know, it was only going to get worse.

I woke up in my bed at 11:30 a.m. in a frenzy. My alarm had failed to go off at 6:00 a.m. like it should have so I was going to be late everywhere I had planned to go. I quickly showered, got dressed, ate a slice of buttered bread (no time for toasting), and ran out the door. After a multitude of inane errands and long lines I finally arrived at my final place, the bank, at 3:40 p.m. I was supposed to head for my now late lunch or early dinner after that. I left the teller booth and was half way to the door when three figures quickly approached the doors from the outside. They barged in and I noticed they held guns in their hands. “EVERYBODY DOWN!” The masked figures yelled. Everyone in the bank hit the floor. I kept my head down but I heard four shots ring out. Screaming could be heard but it wasn’t clear to me if anyone had been shot. I raised my head a tad from the floor but all I could see two booted feet standing directly in front of me. I looked back to the floor again. I heard the rustle of trash bags and the sounds of drawers being opened and closed quickly. The screaming had died down to soft whimpering. The robbers were ready to leave when the sounds of sirens approached quickly. I looked up to see one of them go to the window. The figure said something in some language I was not familiar with and then returned to her colleagues. I looked back at the floor. The 3 robbers talked amongst themselves in this language of theirs and then it got quiet. They must have come to some kind of solution because I heard them walking together. This is where things went bad. I foolishly and incautiously looked up and right into the masked face of one of the robbers. “Hello,” the figure said. Then the masked figure roughly picked me up by the hair and before I knew it I was outside with the three figures. I looked with wide eyes the line of cop cars that stood with officers with their guns drawn. One of the officers approached. As she stepped closer, the figure that held me put her gun to my forehead. The officer stopped in her tracks. “I was hoping we could negotiate a deal here.” The assumed leader of the robbers took off his mask and my jaw dropped as I saw it was a woman, and not just any old woman but a beautiful model type woman. “There will be no negotiation. Here is the deal, we take our friend here and if any car follows us he dies. Are we clear?”

“Yes, we are clear.” The officer gave some signal to the line of cops. The three robbers then hopped in their car with me in the middle of the backseat. As we drove off I thought about what a horrible negotiator that officer was. She didn’t even offer herself in my place. I was kind of frightened about what was to become of me in these robbers custody especially since they spoke some other language so I would not always know what they were saying. The driver was probably the leader and I had already established she was female but what about the other 3. I was about to get my answer as the other 3 removed their masks and I saw they too were equally very beautiful women. In any other situation I would have been in heaven but even in this ominous situation things were going to get worse real fast.

After about a half an hour of driving, we arrived at a stop light. Nothing remarkable about that it’s just what happened here. I happened to notice the driver lean to the side and then something happened that I would have never expected in a million years. She farted and pretty loudly. I was surprised at this and the other women just giggled a bit. Eventually, the smell of the fart reached my nose and my god was it rank. I coughed twice lightly and then breathed heavily though my mouth, it helped only a little. A few minutes later, my eyes went wide as I peered slightly the left to see the woman next to me was now bent to her side and I genteelly shook my head in disbelief as she farted a pretty sizable fart as well. The women giggled a little heavier. The smell in the car was getting worse by the minute and I could not breathe one bit without choking. A few minutes of this hell was going to be nothing compared to what happened next. Suddenly and randomly, they were all farting and farting steadily. I could not take it for long. I don’t know how long I stayed with it and took in the awful stench, it seemed like hours but eventually I passed out as they continued their farting quartet.

I woke up looking up at what appeared to be a ceiling. Looking to my left and right it seemed I was in some sort of bedroom. I also noticed I was on a bed. After a few seconds I had deduced it wasn’t my room. I then attempted to wipe the sleep from my eyes but soon realized it was tied to the bed at the top with rope. My legs were also tied to the bottom of the bed. I wiggled to get free but it was no use, the knots were too strong and it seemed with each movement that I struggled the ropes became tighter around my wrists. I tried to relax but it was difficult as I laid and wonder what was to become of me. I tried a few more times to get free but it was apparent I would not be getting out of these ropes. As I struggled some more I heard the door open and like a kid doing something he isn’t supposed to I quickly turned toward the door and put on my most inconspicuous face. “Don’t bother trying to get out,” one of the robbers said, in a slight accent that hinted at a bit of Hispanic origin, “I tied those myself and nothing has ever gotten out of my knots.” She smiled as she looked at my helpless body tied and stretched. “But now I think its time to have a little fun with you.”

“Wha…what are you going to do with me?” I asked as my body quaked with fear. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out.” She then began to disrobe completely. I looked at her perfect sexy body in awe and watched as she approached the bed. She got on and lay near me. She twirled around with my hair and felt my face. I for once felt that maybe this would not be so bad. I mean, held hostage by a bunch of hot women? Where’s bad? My mind flashed back to the event in the car but I figured that was some kind of fluke or something. I figure if there was a heaven this is what it would be like. Heaven however, went south and it went south suddenly and quickly. I watched as she gently on the bed rose to her knees and quickly turned around and sat her ass on my face. My mind race, I wondered what the hell was going on as she began to wiggle on her seat, also known as my face. Then she quickly leaned to the side and farted a mighty load in my face and sat back down, locking the smell in the small space between her ass and my face. The smell was awful as I was forced to breathe in the stench. As she began to get up, she quickly frozen and farted another sizable blow in my face. “Enjoy that one for a while,” she said laughing as she left the room. I had no choice but to breathe in the fart that she had left clinging to me.

After a few hours the smell on me and in the room had finally dissipated. I tried once again to get free but it was still no use. I lay in wait for whatever was to happen next. I would not have to wait long because within the hour another of the females entered the room where I was tied. She wasted no time with words and immediately stripped down to her thong underwear. She approached and got on the bed and immediately sat on my face. “Open your mouth wide!” She demanded. I refused to comply, stupidly, so she responded by kicking my stomach hard. “Do it!” She yelled. I opened my mouth and within seconds she produced a wretched fart. “Swallow it!” She demanded. I unwillingly complied and swallowed the awful tasting fart. “Good,” she then said, “Now some for your nose, breathe deep now.”

“No, please…no more.”

“Oh shut up…you know…for that…you will get this.” She got up off my face and pulled a roll of duct tape from the drawer.

“ please!” She wouldn’t listen to my pleas. She tightly placed the tape over my mouth and replaced herself on my face. The smells of her ass were intensified and then she began farting steadily. I fought for freedom from her but she was too strong and the ropes still held tight. She was unfazed by my escape attempt and continued to fart blow after blow for at least half an hour. It was finally over when I had passed out from lack of oxygen.

I was woken up by the 3 robbers who had entered my room. I quickly learned they were calling the police with my ransom. After they spoke for a few minutes they put the phone to my mouth.

“Please, you have to help me. You have to get me out of here,” I begged and pleaded with the mouthpiece.

“Are you alright?” The person on the other end asked.

“Yes but please get me out of here now! They are torturing me and I can’t take much more of this.”

“Listen to me!” The phone barked in my ear, “We have a trace! We will be there soon...don’t act suspicious and everything should go fine.” The leader immediately took the phone and hung up. Without a word to me the girls left the room. I sat in wait for the police. I hope they were right and were able to get here before I would have to be forced to endure torture from these ladies and their deadly asses again.

I lay uncomfortably on the bed and thought about what I would do after I was free. The one thing I was sure to do was take a 3 hour shower to attempt to get this stench off me. I waited for the sounds of sirens and just as I believed they would they come. I heard the girls beyond the door yelling at each other. I smiled a bit. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly the door to my room opened and the leader stepped in. “Well, looks like you’ll have to die.”

“What?! No please, I won’t talk to anyone. Just let me go and I will move on with my life.”

“Hm…..uh…no. Sorry fella but you are going to die but tell you what...I make it nice and quick since we are pressed for time. I heard loud footsteps climbing up stairs. I assumed it was the officers. I watched the leader strip to her underwear and approach the bed. I looked at her with scared eyes and shook my head. She smiled a bit and got on the bed. I heard the police banging on the door. They would be in soon but would they make it in time? The leader sat on my face and immediately placed on hand on the back of my head and pulled my face hard and deep into her ass. The smells here were beyond anything I had ever experience and for once I had actually feared for my life. I screamed out against the tape as I heard a rumble from her ass. I faintly heard sounds of the door breaking on its hinges. I heard shouts of “Freeze” then, as I was off guard, I heard an earth shattering fart which came from the leader’s ass. The gas blew quickly against my face and into my nose. I became immediately dizzy as the leader let me go and my head fell back onto the bed. “Good night,” I heard her say faintly. The next thing I saw was a black figure enter my room. He felt my neck and with a look of horror he shouted “He’s gone.”

What did he mean, gone? I was fine…wasn’t I? I could still see him, surely I was fine. I tried to speak but my mind could not get the message. The man closed my eye lids with his fingers and they never opened again.

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