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Hers Forever
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 28th, 2016

Okay, this is it...this is really it. I'm going to go right over there and ask here out. There's no delay, I am walking over there...right now and asking her out. Here I go, step by step; nothing will get in my way and I will just walk right over there and...

"Hey Phil," Mindy says, breaking me from my trance; god she's so perfect, perfect body, perfect person...fuck!

"Hey Mindy, are you?"

"I'm good, are you ready for the test tomorrow?"

"Heh, no...not like, not at all; I really gotta cram tonight."

"Me too; hey you wanna come over to my place and study?" She asks.

Wow, really? That seems too easy but who am I to say. "Sure, yeah, that sounds great; I'm sure we'll study better as a team." I say, awkwardly.

She smiles, perhaps forgiving it, "Great, meet me by the stairs after school; we can walk together."

"Okay," I say, happily.

She waves and walks off; the bell rings for the last class as I head off that way.

Time moves slowly as I sit in class practically watching the clock for it to hit three. I can't believe she asked me out, I mean it was just a study date but still...unless other people are gonna be there but she didn't make it sound that way.

Finally the bell rang and I raced out the classroom and sprinted down the hallway for the doors but suddenly I was stopped as something snagged the back of my shirt; I was pulled inside a restroom, the girl's restroom.

That's when I saw Jackie, an overweight girl who had clear affections for me but they were entirely unrequited on my part; she just seemed kinda weird.

She towered over me as I sat on the floor in her shadow, starting to get up, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I saw you ask Mindy out, you forget about me?"

"Technically Mindy asked me out but so what? We've never gone out, forget about what?"

"You made a promise we'd always be together, remember?"

"No...I don't remember that at all, when did I promise that?"

"It was summer, we were in my yard..."

"Are you talking about in the kiddie pool, like thirteen years ago?"

"A promise is a promise."

"We were just playing, we were kids! How could we have made any serious decisions back then?"

"Well I waited for you all this time, so is that worth nothing?"

"I's not but..."

"But what?"

I had to be honest with her, I probably should have been a long time ago rather than just deferring to us being friends for the time being. "I don't like you romantically, Jackie; I'm sorry."

She seems taken aback for a moment, "I can't believe you'd say that to me."

"I'm sorry, it's just the truth; I think we both deserve someone who will make us happy, ya know?"

I see the rage build quickly in her eyes, I try to get up but she pulls me by the hair and into the stall, she wacks my head once against the hard seat.

"You fucking piece of shit!"

Yup, that went well.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and someone walks in but Jackie quickly half closes the door, peering out to see who it is; meanwhile I'm still dizzy from the slam against the toilet.

I shake it off as Jackie looks back and mouths to me, "It's Mindy."

I start to stand to get up but Jackie instead pulls down her pants and underwear, her massive ass hanging out now, as she pushes my head against the toilet and sits on my face.

I start to panic and scream but Jackie took care of that too. BRRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaaauuuuuuppppppp!

A huge, loud fart blasts my face with a noxious aroma of rotting eggs.

I hear Mindy, "Eww, is that..."

I start to kick around, wanting to get Mindy's attention, hoping she'd save me.

Jackie speaks up, loudly, "Uh, yeah, it's me, cafeteria food just is not sitting well with me."

I scream out as loud as I can from inside Jackie's cheeks. PRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrppppppppp!

"Ahhhh, yeah; my ass is practically screaming," Jackie chuckles.

"That sounds really nasty," Mindy says.

"It is really nasty, just be glad you can't smell it; it's deadly!" Jackie emphasizes.

I moan out, quickly running out of strength to do much else as I could feel my breath getting heavy.

"I was looking for Phil but I guess I'll just leave you to...your...urm...yeah."

"Okay, thanks."

I muster the strength to yell out to Mindy but as I open my mouth, Jackie's ass unloads a long, thick log from her butt which pushes against my face before forcing its way into my mouth. I try to scream but my mouth is full of Jackie's shit, it just comes out like a gurgling, sputtering sound.


Jackie made sure to drown me out anyway she could. For a second it seemed like Mindy had heard and stopped but soon the door opened, she was gone.

Jackie finally got up, her ass having made suction with my face for the past few minutes of torture. She looks at the shit log hanging outside my mouth and laughs, "I should show you to Mindy like this." She takes a picture of me from her phone. "Or maybe I won't, depends if you obey and serve me properly or not. If you don't, any girl you find, I will contact her and I will send her this picture; you'll never date again, you hear me?"

I look up at her, weakly, eyes in shock...why would she do this? Was this really over a childhood promise?

"You may as well stay with me forever, right?"


"Do you need my ass to remind you?"

" no, please...okay, yes, I'll stay with you forever."

"Promise?" She asks, smiling.

I hesitate, I know what a promise means to her; I gulp, "I...I promise."

"That's a good boy, now, let's go tell Mindy that we're dating and you'll be studying at my house tonight."


She glares at me.

"Yes, Jackie."

At the steps, I see Mindy waiting there; she seems to be getting impatient and why not, she's waited at least 45 minutes for me.

Her face is blank when she sees me arm and arm with Jackie. I try to not look like I'm enjoying it but the image is already sown in her mind.

"Hi Mindy," Jackie says, starting the conversation, "I just wanted to introduce you to my boyfriend Phil."

"Oh, you two are going out, that's great," she says, burying what seems like disappointment; fuck I think she really liked me. Fuck!

"Yeah, we were just heading to my house to study for the test tomorrow, isn't that right, Phil?"

I look at Jackie and then back at Mindy, and I nod.

"Okay, well, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow then,"

"Okay, bye Mindy!" Jackie says, excitedly.

And then she was gone and so was my chance with her, I watched her walk away for as long as I could but was stopped by a rough slap across the face.

"You fucking looking at other girls?" Jackie yells to me as she grabs my head and pushes it against her ass.


"Are you forgetting who you're committed to?"

My hands desperately try to push away from her but she's too strong as I'm forced to inhale her sulfuric gas until she is kind enough to release me.

When she does I fall back on my ass. A few students are still hanging around the front of the school and they look at me, I could tell they were laughing at me. I had to end this, I refused to be stuck with this bitch and blackmailed.

As we walk to her house together, I was mostly scheming; I responded to her bullshit but mostly I thought about how and when to get her phone, delete that picture, and then get on with my life. Hopefully I could get Mindy to give me another chance...some how.

At her house, it was like torture; she liked horrible TV shows that she forced me to watch with her but I had to seem committed to her or else who knows what she'd do. But once I got that picture, I'd be free.

I told her I'd stay over but I should probably sleep on the floor since I wasn't quite ready for intimacy; it was a lie but I really didn't want to snuggle up with her. I mean if her ass smelled that bad, I don't imagine the rest of her fared much better.

Plus I figured it would be easier to get up from the floor without waking her rather than on the same bed. She just seemed to enjoy just having me there, no matter where I slept.

It was difficult to stay up after the tiring ordeal of the afternoon but when I heard her snoring I decided it was time to go to work.

I stood and saw her phone next to her on the night stand. I tiptoe over to it and pick it up; as I hit the button the light shines with a blinding light.

I swipe the phone open and go into photos, I see the picture there, the newest one. I waste no time in deleting it and taking pleasure when it's gone.

As I set the phone down, I notice Jackie's eyes are open. "What are you doing?"

Her voice startles me, like a jumpscare in a movie; had she seen the whole thing?


"What were you doing?" She asks again, sitting up now.

"Just, checking the time; couldn't sleep."

Jackie takes her phone and checks it, "Oh, I see, you deleted the photo."

"That's right, and now you have no power over me." I say, proudly.

"True, I don't...if that were the only copy; if only my pictures didn't automatically sync to the cloud. You think that was my only copy?"

My eyes wide now, how could this be happening to me.

"And you know what, I think Mindy needs to see this now," she says, typing out a message and then sending it, the distinct whoosh of a sent message. "Wanna read it?"

She shows me her phone: "Hey, check out what Phil is into, gross, right? Haha!"

That's the message followed by that haunting photo of me.

"So I guess it's over between you and Mindy, and probably anyone else she's friends with; probably many of their friends. Hell, you could go viral!"

The thought floored terrible would it be to go viral with shit in your mouth.

"And now I think you deserve this," she says; pulling something from behind her bed, "From now on, you'll be spending all your nights cozy up against my butthole; which means a lot more gassy foods for me," she laughs as she slips on the rubberized panties and then my part over my face just past my ears. My face pressed and held by tight plastic against her stinky, bare butt.


She blows an introductory fart, the first of many I'm sure.

"Now come along, I know you said you didn't want to get intimate right away so you don't have to lick my ass right now but I expect it soon enough so get some practice in why don't you?"

"Please no," I beg, my voice echoing inside the rubber chamber.

"Awww, come on sweetie; all the successful couples do it, don't you want our love to last?"


I tried my hardest to break away from the panties, anything to avoid her stink but it was no use; I was hers and hers forever, whether I liked it or not.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.