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Heavy Sitter
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 17th, 2012

Jackie's brother sits in waiting, his head lies on the stained toilet bowl; he is sleeping, catching what little rest he can manage before his torment begins again.

"Toilet!" The Goddess yells from downstairs; "Oh toilet!" She calls again.

She passes by the bathroom before pausing and walking back; she smiled at the sight of the sleeping toilet, his legs stretched out on the floor. He snores softly.

She approaches softly and positions her big boot just above the toilet's balls; she lowers the toilet seat to sit lightly on the toilet's neck. Her smile turned to a scowl as she crushes the toilet's balls into the hard bathroom tile; the young boy screams in pain, his neck catches on the toilet seat and he gargles and gags. The Goddess, squishing a little harder, finally releases the boy's balls.

"Good toilet, you're up. I really need to unload; your mom said your face is the one I need if I'm going to unload anywhere."

The toilet, still writhing in pain, looks perplexed.

"She's right; you're pretty ugly, I'm going to look forward to this," the Goddess says, her booty rumbles loudly; "My booty will too." The Goddess turns and sits her massive booty on the toilet seat; the toilet's face pushes comfortably inside as Jackie's brother is treated to a whole host of disgusting smells that emanate from the Goddess' supreme booty.

"By the way, toilet, your mom said she'd be gone all day," the Goddess laughs as her booty opens to a torrent of toxic sludge; it sprays easily out of her and into the face of the poor toilet, the shit drips like a water fountain off his face and into the bowl.

"Oh, that's so much better toilet! I think I still got...oh yeah!" The Goddess exclaims; she strains and from her booty pokes a massive two inch wide, two foot long log that suddenly plows, like a freight train, into the toilet's whimpering face. The logs make steady disgusting splashes into the toilet bowl after being thoroughly pressed into the toilet's face; the Goddess laughs evilly as the crackle of her logs fills her with a great feeling of sexual pleasure.

The Goddess groans again, strains; she farts a deafening fart that sounds as if it could blow the toilet bowl to pieces. Then, like a disgusting slushy machine; the Goddess booty unloads with a ten gallon flood of liquid diarrhea that blasts with hose like force against the toilet's pathetic face. His head shakes in disgust but the sludge continuously pours, even as the toilet opens his mouth to scream. Within seconds, the bowl is full of brown cream; the toilet sputters and coughs, buried underneath at least twenty liters of semi-solid shit. Finally, the idiot emerges his head from the toilet bowl.

"Good toilet; you're not completely retarded! You should know I still have need for you; my booty has more for you."

The toilet's eyes, though hard to see under a thick layer of crap, clearly went wide with fear; the Goddess gives the pathetic boy a sly smile.

"In the tub toilet; lie down," the Goddess commands.

The toilet, slippery with sludge, cautiously walks to the tub and lies down; he reaches for the water knob.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing toilet?" The Goddess asks, approaching the tub; soon she towers over the frightened shit boy.

"I...I thought..."

"Don't think toilet; you're pathetic, think about that," the Goddess says as she hands her huge booty over the side of the tub; it hangs menacingly above the boy's toilet face.

" comes!" The Goddess says in strained sing-song. She sighs as two three inch long slippery logs slide easily from her booty and splat like sludge balloons against the toilet's face; exploding upon impact.

The Goddess laughs at the disgusting sound; the pathetic boy flops around like a fish out of water.

"I don't think I should have had that curry toilet; it's made my booty upset and it burns so...oh," the Goddess exclaims as the spicy liquid sludge pours from her booty like a brown waterfall beating with the force of Niagara Falls against the toilet's pathetic face. The bath quickly fills with a layer of sludge; the toilet floats on it just slightly.

The Goddess looks down at the sight and smiles; "Oh, does little toilet want to play boats? Let me help you."

The Goddess bits her lip and strains; she exudes a great sigh of relief as a liter of sludge pounds almost instantly from her booty and rains down upon the poor toilet's face; his body floats a little more.

The Goddess smiles; a mighty log waits at her booty hole; she pushes, scrunching herself up hard. She smiles euphorically, lip quivering as the five foot long snakes it's way to the toilet's face and coils repeatedly over it, sinking the toilet's face in the putrid sludge he floats on. A few unconscious seconds submerged in shit; the toilet emerges from the spray, gasping frantically.

"Open wide!" The Goddess yells to a disorientated toilet as she blasts him with a hailstorm of slushy shit that pelts the toilet's face like baseballs; they explode against his face and fill his every pore with a stink that will likely never leave his body.

The force of the spray submerges the toilet again in the liquid diarrhea that now fills at least half of the tub. Gasping, the toilet screams, "Please...stop!" His cries are stifled and quickly submerged as the Goddess' booty drops a five pound log mass against his head and he quickly sinks to the bottom of the tub.

Once again, seconds later, the toilet emerges; the Goddess stands waiting by the bathroom door, "Come here toilet; do not make me wait!"

The toilet, slipping constantly, manages to slip out of the tub; he crawls, leaving a shit trail like a snail, behind him. The Goddess laughs at the pathetic sight.

"Put your head against the door toilet," the Goddess says as she shuts the door from the other side; there is a light thump as the toilet's head presses up against the door, lying down just in front of it.

Just above him, a loud drilling begins and soon sawdust falls into his eyes. Before long, a circular cut out from the door smacks against the toilet's face.

"I need your whole bathroom to unload on you toilet; are you ready?"

Regardless, the stream began to flow; a steady liquid stream pours into the room from the Goddess' booty; she strains and grunts throughout.

"This may surprise you toilet but I haven't unloaded in several weeks; I was very much...ugh...waiting to see you," the Goddess sighs in relief as she forces out a quick four inch log that splats against the toilet's face; her sludge stream quickly continues.

Like a sinking ship; the toilet's bathroom is quickly filled with the Goddess' sludge, it blasts aggressively against the toilet's face. More and more sludge pours into the room; the Goddess laughs, taking peeks at the two feet of pure shit that covers the floor.

"Toilet, I'm not even close to done!" The Goddess says, she separates her booty and aggressively sprays the toilet with thick blast of chunky sludge; the toilet chokes as he is overloaded by stinky sludge.

"Mmmm, yes toilet; that feels very good!"

The Goddess continues to pour gallon after gallon of sludge into the boy's bathroom; the boy is very quickly swimming in a four foot pool of diarrhea.

The boy treads shit, trying desperately to stay afloat between sputters and chokes; finally he gives in and sinks below shit level.

The Goddess, seeing this, quickly opens the door and allows her sludge pool to drain; the toilet, during this pour, smacks painfully against the hallway and sits in a lump as the shit pool drains over him.

When he finally opens his eyes, the Goddess stands over him.

"Lie down," the Goddess orders.

The toilet makes the very small movement from sitting to lying.

The Goddess squats her massive booty above the toilet's face.

"Almost done; don't worry," the Goddess says, farting loudly and with a force that blew the child's sludge soaked hair.

The Goddess groans as a massive five inch wide log beats angrily at her booty; it rumbles loudly as it forces the inhuman sized log that drops straight as an arrow into the toilet's face; the massive pile quickly resembles something more from an elephant than a human.

A quick pint of liquid sludge follows the mighty log; coating in drippy, smelly diarrhea.

The Goddess laughs as she begins to stand, "I think that...oh wait..." she interrupts herself as she quickly squats just a little.

Her booty unloads several small logs that rain down upon the toilet like dark brown snow; the toilet seizures aggressively under at least ten pounds of logs and liquid sludge.

"Very good toilet; I may be using you from now on," the Goddess says, laughing cruelly.

The Goddess tiptoes through the nearly empty house and heads upstairs; she stands at the doorway to Jackie's brother's room and smiles. The pathetic toilet snores loudly.

The Goddess walks slowly to his bed; she gently lifts her boot and puts it down on the bed. The bed creeks softly but the boy does not stir. She lifts herself, the bed creeks, the boy shuffles but remains in slumber. The Goddess, quietly, turns her mighty booty to the toilet's face, she pulls down her jeans, exposing her perfect booty. Carefully, the Goddess hovers her wide boot heel above the toilet's balls; she giggled silently to herself just before she slams her heel with force into the toilet's testicles.

The boy yelps; his manhood crushed between leather and sharp metal springs; he tries to sit up in pain but the Goddess' boot on his balls holds him in place.

"Good morning toilet!" The Goddess exclaims happily. She pulls a bottle from her jeans pocket and takes a large swig of something; she tosses the empty bottle to the toilet's face so he can see it: Laxative.

The toilet screams and the Goddess laughs as a five gallon flood bursts from her booty and sprays like a fire hose against the boy's face.

"Mmmmm, toilet, nothing like the first unloading of the day huh? Of course this is my first in...ugh...two weeks; I've been...oh...really blocked...up..." the Goddess groans, holding the word as a slushy storm of diarrhea sprays from her massive booty; the wide smile on her face seems to grow unendingly as the waste continues to pout from her deadly booty.

The boy shakes as the sludge drips from his face, onto his bed; the Goddess squats mere inches above the toilet's face. Her booty rumbles loudly; she splits it and blasts the toilet with a five second blast of thick flatulence.

The Goddess ensures she steps on the toilet's hand as she steps back onto the floor; she looks about the room, finally setting her sighs on the toilet's desk.

"Come here toilet; put your head here by all your nice stuff," the Goddess says as she steps on to stand on the boy's desk.

"No...please!" The toilet pleads, out of breath.

"Toilet! You have no need for these things; you are my toilet, nothing more!" The Goddess explains sternly as the pathetic boy shuffles his way to the desk; he places his head on the top.

The Goddess looks down at the boy directly below her huge booty, she smiles, "Besides; you can save your stuff..."

The boy looks at her with hope and confusion.

The Goddess drops to a squat a few inches above the toilet's face, "," the Goddess says with a sadistic smile.

A massive two inch wide log presses forcefully against the Goddess' booty, she moans painfully. She bites her lip and pushes out the mighty log that slowly snakes it's way, curling playfully, before breaking and splattering disgustingly against the toilet's pathetic face.

"Mmmm, toilet, you might get lucky," the Goddess says as the toilet is pinned under a giant mound of logs.

The Goddess groans, she moves to stand a little and her booty unloads a splattering spray of sludge that pounds against the toilet's face and ricochets to every single inch of the toilet's desk; in seconds, his monitor, his camera, his pens and pencils, everything is covered in thick soupy sludge but it only pails in comparison to what blasts against the toilet's face.

"Never mind toilet; not so lucky after all," the Goddess giggles, taking pride in her damage. She scans the room again; she sees the toilet's tv.

The Goddess hops from the desk to the floor; she lands with a loud grace and walks over to the toilet's entertainment table. He has a a PlayStation and a Wii along with his tv, the Goddess smiles as she turns her booty to his things.

"Toilet, my booty would like to play with your video games; come here and show her how to play,"

The caked logs fall off the toilet's covered face as he stands and walks over to the tv.

"Stand in front there," the Goddess tells the boy; he stands in front of the tv, as if to block it.

The Goddess bits her lip as she turns her booty to the young boy again; a look of pure euphoria crosses her face as she unloads a torrent of gassy sludge all over the toilet's face. The spray also hit every inch of the toilet's tv and game systems; effectively ruining them.

The toilet sobs pathetically.

The Goddess, a little incensed by this, steps closer to the toilet; she presses her massive booty against the toilet's sludge covered face.

"Better open wide toilet!" She orders aggressively, angrily.

She moans as her booty pushes out an incredible seven-foot log that smashes with great force against the toilet's whimpering face. The Goddess laughs manically as the logs continue to pour from her toxic booty.

The toilet falls to the ground but the Goddess continues unloading, almost as if she hadn't seen the boy fall; but she had, she hover a little lower, ensuring his face would continue to be pounded by her unending logs.

"That laxative seems to be working well now toilet," the Goddess chuckles.

The Goddess notices the toilet's bare closet, "Toilet your closet is nearly empty; I'm sure you won't mind if I unload in there as well. Join me."

The toilet, weak and pathetic, gasping for breath begins a slippery crawl to the other side of the room.

"Toilet, this is ridiculous! Get in the closet now or you will be punished!"

The toilet, uncaring or unable, does not try any harder.

The Goddess is enraged; she stands over the toilet's head and angrily grunts. Like a terrible brown waterfall; the toilet's face is pelted with a steady stream of creamy diarrhea as he walks to the closet.

"I'll do this all day toilet! Believe me!" The Goddess says, working hard to hide her pleasure as the sludge continues to pour out her mighty booty.

The toilet continues his crawl to the closet; his slipping even more profound now as his path is soaked in slick diarrhea. The toilet gags as he looks down at his hand but his face is then disappeared behind a hot stinky wave of sludge as the Goddess yells, "Faster toilet; my booty waits for no one!" The Goddess sprays the toilet with another five pint spray.

The toilet tries to crawl faster, he does but not fast enough; the Goddess shoves her mighty booty into the toilet's face; he falls forward.

The Goddess groans loudly and blasts the pathetic toilet with a forceful spray of liquid diarrhea that blows the toilet from her booty. The Goddess can't help but laugh as she sees the boy practically fly backwards at the force of her blasting sludge.

The toilet, determined, crawls quickly, like a soldier in muck, to the closet and lies on the floor; a smile on his face, he looks accomplished.

The Goddess looks down at him with a smile; "Very good toilet; I'm proud of you. Now," the Goddess says turning her booty to him and squatting over his face, "enjoy your prize!"

A massive log crowns from the Goddess' big booty, with a slight push the Goddess shoots the missile length log from her booty and it explodes with great force against the toilet's face.

The Goddess stands and closes the closet door around her massive booty; "What do you think toilet; filling your closet should be easy right?"

The Goddess laughs as a mighty twenty gallon explosion of liquid diarrhea blasts against the toilet's face and starts to fill his small closet; a pungent noxious smell begins to build in the tight space that delights the Goddess greatly.

The Goddess groans again and her booty unloads another several gallons of soupy sludge that leaves the toilet convulsing radically as his small space begins to fill with dark brown waste.

"Mmmmm, I feel much better toilet; I like using you more than most, you should feel privileged," the Goddess says straight faced as a gassy explosion erupts into a five gallon flood of slushy diarrhea to wash over the toilet's screaming face.

"Oh, wait...toilet, I have something for you," The Goddess says, straining a little.

A massive ten pound log begins to push from the Goddess' booty and then smacks with deafening force against the toilet's pathetic face, immediately stifling his cries.

The toilet remains motionless, quiet as the Goddess' booty rumbles loudly; the Goddess smiles as the five gallon flow pours from her perfect booty and rises the sludge level in the toilet's closet. The liquid sludge gathers around his head, nearing burying his already covered face.

"Maybe I should stop?" the Goddess asks the lowly toilet, giving him a chance.

The toilet remains unconscious.

"Okay then toilet; your choice," the Goddess says with a sweet smile as her booty unloads with truckload of creamy sludge that quickly drowns the toilet's face.

After a few seconds, the toilet emerges from the pool of sludge, gasping for air; the Goddess squats and separates her booty; it puckers aggressively before firing a hot spray of liquid sludge that pushes and holds the toilet up against the closet wall.

"Mmmmm, toilet; I don't know if I ever need another toilet again, you can take all my logs and sludge from now on. Does that sound good?" The Goddess ask with a smile.

The toilet's face drips with sludge; he screams and the Goddess blasts his face with another ten liters of creamy diarrhea. She laughs to herself, looking at the pathetic sight.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.