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Goddess Collection Inc.
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 11th, 2012

I woke up with a usual blur in my eyes but I noticed it was today filled with a figure not normally seen.

She spoke, "Hi sweetie, my name is Rosemary, I'm from GCI, I'm here to talk about your account."

"What are you doing in my house?!"

"Your creditor gave me your information; now just relax, I'm only here to settle your account."

"What account!? What are you talking about?"

She looks at a clipboard she holds at her side, "You had an outstanding balance to Henry Harrison Hospital for $23,546.87; they've transferred that debt to our company for collection."

"But that debt is outrageous, I can't pay that; I just wanted to not kill myself, not have a mountain of debt because I decided to live."

"That's really not my problem sir, I'm sorry you're having trouble finding purpose in your life."

"Yeah, whatever; so what do you want, a check; installments?"

She laughs slightly, "No, besides, it'd be counter-intuitive, likely they would bounce right?"

I give her a sly smile, thinking she understood, "Right."

"No, at GCI we have a different way of handling debt; we payoff the debt and in exchange you provide us with a little service."

"What kind of service?"

"Highly specialized but anyone can learn it, in time. It might give you a sense of purpose in your life."

I wanted to ask what but I was starting to get it when she started to unbuckle her pants.

I began to get excited, she was beautiful; perfect in so many ways. I wouldn't mind serving her sexual needs for a time, especially if I was licking my way out of a $23,000 debt. Sweet deal, everyone wins; I win twice.

She pulls what looks like a harness from behind her back; it has buckles let a belt.

"Bring your head over here sweetie," she smiled so sweetly.

I did as she asked and she aggressively grabbed it, quickly pressing it against her naked booty and wrapping the harness around my head; I heard the distinct metal clink of buckle and pin coming together.

"What's going on?" I manage to muffle out, my mouth pressed tightly against big cheeks.

"There we are," she says, dragging my body off the bed to follow her around my house.

It's quiet except the sound of my legs dragging against carpet. A loud gurgle sound is heard in front of me.

" tummy doesn't feel too good."


She sighs as a thick, potent fart is pumped through my face and up my nostrils; I scream as I catch whiff of the ungodly odor.

"We have much more to go hun, I suggest you get used to it; in fact, I need you to make me an omelet, it's your house, you'd know where everything is."

"Then let me go, please! I'll do it," I plead.

"No, no, you'll do it from where you are; don't worry," she lifts a leg and farts in my face, the hot air rushing towards me. "I'll help you."

She walks to the fridge; "Here's the eggs, grab 'em," she commands.

My blind hands fumble around the shelves until they touch the cardboard carton.

"Good, now grab some cheese, the bell pepper and onion in there and we should be ready. Oh the butter."

You move the eggs to one hand as you search for the woman's ingredients list in your refrigerator. You grab the bell pepper and the onion, stack them on the carton. You reach in the door for the butter and bag of shredded cheese but you hear the onion fall to the ground.

You feel you face press tight against the woman's ass as she bends down to grab it; "I can clean this up," she says.

She reaches behind her and sticks the onion in between her cheeks, just covering her asshole between it and my face. She groans loudly before unleashing a hellacious blast that goes on forever as it washes past the onion giving a burning sensation to the already hot wind that pressed into my face.

Finally, as the gas subsides, the brunt still clinging to my nostrils, she removes the onion from her butt, "There, all clean."

We walk over to the counter; she does the cutting of the vegetables, thank God.

"Now where's the pan,"

"Bottom, right shelf," I say but it's drowned out by a monstrous and loud fart that zaps all my breath and replaces it with pure hell.

"Oops, sorry sweetie; where is it?"

"Bottom shelf, right!" I scream, exasperated.

"Thanks hun," she drags me there and I reach under and grab the pan; I place it on the stove and turn it on.

"That's a little high, better turn it down," she says.

I do so and then reach for the butter; cut a small piece with a butter knife and drop it into the pan. Then I crack two eggs into the pan.

"Make it three; I haven't eaten yet today," the woman giggles.

I put in a third egg. She tells me it's starting to harden a little so I add the cut vegetables and a little cheese. I fold it over and add a little more cheese; let it melt and then turn off the stove.

"It should be ready," I say from her ass.

"Looks delicious hun, good work," she said, while farting as if it was a reward. I sob a little, involuntarily.

I feel her sit down, seemingly on the couch as she eats her omelet. I hear the TV pop on; Law and Order plays for an endless amount of time.

She watched TV for hours, farting intermittently and aggressively; the smell becoming more potent the longer she remained or perhaps that was just the blend of farts near my face that made it so terrible.

Some hours and blastings of gas later, I made her lunch; a chili and sauerkraut hot dog. I regretted that as her burning hot farts filled and hung in my face like a thick, unrelenting fog of noxious gas; I wanted to die, often I thought I would but I was never that lucky.

I was hesitant to make her baked beans at dinner time but she was very convincing when she squeezed my balls; I think she wanted to make me pay so she had me cook her a second can-full when she finished off the first. Her gas exploded relentlessly and aggressively against my face like a like a tornado, thick and terrible.

I don't know what time it was when I heard her unbuckling; I panted and breathed heavily as my head fell hard on the floor. I gulped greedily at the fresh air.

I watched her smile as she looked down at me; not correcting her position from a squat. I looked at her anus which was pushing out a brightly colored, brown log from her butt and it hovered just inches above my face.

"No please!" I pleaded as it made contact with my face. I screamed bloody murder, as if the shit burned my skin like acid.

Then, like a bubbling train, the logs began to pour out like a horse but massive in size as I was screaming, buried under a deep pile of shit that kept building and building.

The woman groans and sprays the mound with a fresh, almost black spray of diarrhea that drips down the middle of the pile and into my face with it's terrible stench.

She sighs in great relief, tired after a days work no doubt. "Okay sweetie; I will see you, same time tomorrow."

"Wait!" I manage to yell, broken and exhausted, emerging from the monstrous pile of shit sitting on my face. "How long?"

"How long? Oh, the collections? The most conservative estimate I can give you is about...30 years."

She smiles innocently, kindly; only I knew better. She turned and left, finally leaving my house.

The Goddess strolls up to a gorgeous sports car sitting in a nearly empty parking lot around six in the evening. The setting sun caught licked the jewels on the red rose sitting on top her head, holding back her hair with a white claw. Her burguandy V-neck was cut low, her breasts danced back and forth as she walks; her enormous booty sways but is barely covered by a black micro-skirt.

She runs a gold-gloved finger across the body of the car, admiring it; her boots clacked against the hard concerete floor. The Goddess leaned against the car and waited.

It was about an hour later when a man finally started to approach the car. He slowed a little, when he noticed the Goddess, and then proceeded to swagger up playfully.

"Well, well, well..."

"Nice car sweetie!"

"Thanks darlin', so tell me; you wanna go for a drive?"

"Actually I was just thinking that..."

"Hop in then."

"I don't actually go out with debtors."

"What do you mean?" He asks, still keeping his persona positive.

"You owe a lot of money on this car; I'm here to collect."

The man's face melts to disappointment as the Goddess whips her boot into his balls; he doubles over in pain as the Goddess needlessly raises her microskirt as she encases the man's head in her massive booty.

"I was going to demolish your car but it's so nice, I thought I'd just take care of you instead."

The man screams as a heavy, thick log comes firing through the Goddess grumbling booty; he starts to choke and sputter on the enoromous log as the Goddess pushes a little more to create a shit boquet in this man's mouth. She raises a bit and farts loudly into the moaning, sceaming man's face as he takes in her terrible waste.

She giggles cruelly; she digs a hand into the man's pocket and takes his keys. She farts, squatting over his head to shart herself clean, before hoping in the car and peeling out and away from the demolished man.

The Goddess, in her navy microskirt and white shirt top, sits next to the little girl in her room; she looks down at the girl who looks up at her. They smile to each other.

Quick but distant footsteps come closer, they fall hard on the carpeted floors; the door the daughter's bedroom opens.

The man tries to speak but the Goddess stops him, "Before you say anything sweetie, she's fine; okay? Don't worry."

He looks a bit relieved, the Goddess feeling a bit of warmth in her heart for relaxing her soon to be victim.

"So what do you want? How do I stop this?" The man asks, with just a hint of desperation.

"Shhhh, hun; you just need to submit yourself to me, that's all."

He stifles and controls his yelling, "I'm not going to do that!"

The Goddess smiles as she stands, putting a heavy but friendly hand on the girl's sholder. "Then I'll take a substitute but you have to sit here and watch me destroy your daughter."

His eyes go wide; "You wouldn't," he says in disbelief.

The Goddess gently pushes the girl into a prone position as she unzips her skirt, dropping it to the floor. She hovers dangerously close over the girl's face; from the front it would appear his daughter was well and truly buried. She stared at the man, waiting for him to cave.

A groaning grumble echoed inside the Goddess' booty, "Oh, dear you better decide quickly; I had an omlette this morning, I don't think the eggs were still good."

The Goddess raises her head and puts on the look of strain.

"STOP! Okay, take me! Please, just let her go!"

The Goddess sprung up to her feet, the little girl, slowly, sat up, unphazed and unharmed; seemingly unaware.

"Step over here so I know you are accepting this aggreement, I am not the one going after you; you are submitting yourself to me, I am not selecting you."

The man steps over to the Goddess, stands almost directly in front of her; he accepts his fate with dignity and this impresses her some; noble, for a toilet. She looks to the daughter, "Hey darling, can you go wait for me in the other room; why don't you set up the tea party and I'll come join."

The well-behaved little girl stands and walks from the room as the Goddess continues to look down, sinseterly at the man in her clutches.

With ease, she drops him to his knees and lifts her booty to plant on his face; it slips in deep with ease, his face flush against her enlarged, pulsating hole. The smell already putrid and dank like the worst city sewer.

Her booty grumbles and rumbles like a freight train as a giant, bus-sized log barresl from her booty and straight against the man's face, smashing it first before finding refuage in the tunnel of his mouth as the log continues to plow through it, a significant shit lodged deep within the man's stomach, all the way to out his mouth.

The Goddess' waste continues to pour out like solid serve that coils and breaks against the man's tortured, screaming face. The Goddess gigggled, enjoying the relief her work brought; enjoying the screams through gurggling shit. There was no better job for her; she thought as a giant, gassy blast came out wet with at least a bucket of hot, burning sludge that seeped down through the solid piles and touched, melted into the man's skin like a shit-based mud pack.

She rose up off the man, at least five inches of solid waste lay on his demolished face; it drips grossly to the ground as he falls, unconcious or dead.

The Goddess steps over him and into the hallway. Sweating just a little from her work, steps into the play room and closes the door behind her; the air in here is expontentially more fresh than the hallway or her bedroom.

She sees the young girl sharing tea with stuffed animals; she smiles and approaches, "May I sit down?"

"Please do," the girl said, wise beyond her few years.

"I have to talk to you sweetie."

"Dad's dead. I know."

The Goddess looks down, knowing it's the approrpriate response; to be sorry. "Honey, I've got something for you; I'm going to show you how to be just like me, okay? Would you like that?"

The girl thought for a moment and nodded.

"That a girl! Are you ready to go now?"

She nods enthuasitcally.

The Goddess holds out her hand and the little girl takes it as they walk out of the house as Goddess and apprentice.


© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.