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Girlfriend Massage
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 14th, 2014

My eyes are heavy after a long day of mindless data entry and trying to look awake during conversations about who gives a fuck.

I stumble into bed, my eyes shut before my head hits the pillow. Sweet slumber, take me away. I feel the embrace of rest rush over me; almost a warmth to it.

MMrrrmppphhh! A sudden weight presses against my face; my groggy eyes open to the sight of a familiar, lightly freckled back of my girlfriend, her ass sitting on my face.

"Hey sweetie, I could really use one of your massages right now," she says.

I muffle a complaint but what's the use; and I love her, I'd give her anything she wants.

I lift my arms up and put my hands on her shoulders, grabbing and kneading into her as she shuddered delightfully; it made me smile, even from under her naked butt. I try to relax my breathing under her.

She moans softly, leaning forward and pushing her butt out more towards my face; she lifts off slightly, I catch a glimpse of her asshole just before...


She giggles, pushing her ass back towards my face; sitting harder now, sealing my nose in her butt with whatever was left of her toxic fart. The smell strong like rotting eggs, I can't help but cough.

She just laughs, "Awww, you're such a good boyfriend."

I kept massaging her shoulders like she liked; moving to her arms, softly squeezing them.

My head dizzying. I breathe in heavily; my throat dry and feeling as gross as my nose smells, like a putrid humidity of my girlfriend's gas in my mouth. I dry heave just a bit as I softly move from her arms to her back.

She recoils back just a bit, I can see a bit better now; she turns to look at me over her shoulder. She smiles.


Her smile grows to a grin though it's hard to watch as the gas quickly encompasses my entire face, even stinging my eyes with a burning sensation; assaulting every one of my senses to her sadistic delight as I did something that perhaps any boyfriend would do.

But they wouldn't be doing it with their girlfriend sitting on their face; they wouldn't be sniffing her cauliflower and egg powered emission as they showed their love for their girlfriends.

But I'm lucky to have her. I know that.

"That's good honey; you can lick my ass now, right?"

I feel my eyes go wide to her request; is she fucking serious? But no, I probably can do that for her. For my love.

BRRRrrrraaaappp! "Well" She asks, holding one of her cheeks up; looking at me sternly.

I shake just a little; nod.

"Good boy," she says, she tussles my hair as she sits down on my face.

I probe my tongue through her ass; immediately I recoil and gag but I fight through it, pressing through her once more so she won't think I'm worthless. I can do this for her.

She has her hand on my head still, shaking it in rhythm that creaks under the old bed springs. I keep my tongue inside her, running it along the rim; running up and down her crack as she shook with pleasure; moaning softly but quickly building in intensity as she rode my face so hard.

She put a hand on my chest for balance as her moans melted to pleasurable, soft cries; and I feel her warm cum flow gently down my chin.

She sighs euphorically; laying back now...still on my face.

My eyes grow heavy; with the action over, the tired that once was sets back in. It's hard to breathe under her; smell still rancid from her gas laden crevice.

Still, I wrap an arm around her midsection; holding her.

She reaches down and takes my hand, squeezes it.

And, hand in hand, face cheek to butt cheek, we fall asleep together.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.