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Feeling Alienated
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 19th, 2009

Zuk, with no passion or care, brought his hand up and down the shaft of his nose. He was horny as hell but masturbating gave him no real pleasure but it's all that was allowed on his planet of Lykaon.

Sexual contact had been outlawed in the Earth year of 2011 as an 'unsafe activity;' The Lykaons procreated through artificial insemination, solely. Unfortunately for Zuk, he had never had sex with a woman before and now he couldn't. He hoped he could find a girl willing to skirt the stupid rule with him but he didn't know how to get the message out there; all the girls he knew seemed to follow the letter of the law so he didn't bring it up with them.

He continued his back and forth motion on his nose, faster now, as he quickly and disappointedly reached his climax. He sprayed his yellowish liquid directly onto his computer screen, obscuring an image of a sexy female alien with his liquid. He shrank back in his chair and relaxed for a moment as the wiper on his screen cleaned the cum off of it, revealing again the beautiful alien beneath. He sat up and closed the image, returning his computer screen to a blank desktop. His previously erect nose now drooped and dangled lifelessly; he tapped it once making it sway back and forth slightly. He then leaned towards his computer and opened his internet browser; Zuk began to surf the internet aimlessly.

It was all very common and everyday until an odd webpage brought him somewhere he had never expected. He attempted to sound the name of the site out...

"Supper Seky Slights.cahem."

He looked at the images of white colored and black colored women having what appeared to be intercourse with white and black men. He was intrigued by this and had to know more.

"Computer, identify language," he barked.

"Language identified. Earthish. English. American. Warning this content is banned. Continue?"

"Yes." He paused. "I must know this Earthish language; Computer, teach Earthish, English, American."

A beam of bluish light exited the computer and entered Zuk's head. In one minute, he knew English at an advanced level and comprehended much of the Earth customs, including human intercourse. He read the website title again...

"Super Sexy," he said, smiling a bit at the title.

He continued browsing the site, looking for more images of this beautiful Earthling sex ritual. It seems Earthlings not only procreated with sex but also made it a fun activity. Zuk began to realize that this was the society he wanted to live in; a society without rules or blocks on such a beautiful activity as sex. A video began to play automatically on one of the pages...

"Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Yeah! Yeah! Do it more!" The woman shouted.

Zuk was getting very excited, his nose quickly returning to an erect state and he vigorously began stroking it as he watched this white Earth woman get fucked in the ass. Saliva dripped from his lips; he was extremely aroused. Within a few seconds he had blown his load again but he couldn't get enough. He continued to stroke his now flaccid nose as he continued to search the site as the wipers on his computer cleaned the results of his last release.

Days had gone by since Zuk's grail-like discovery and he had not left his room since that day. His nose red and sore, beyond exhausted, having had climaxed an uncountable number times over the past few days.

Zuk was feeling fantastic but, slowly, he started to become used to the American pornography and really wanted more. He wanted to experience the real thing for himself rather than living vicariously through sexy sluts and stunning studs.

He began a search for women on a social networking site for Earth residents. Eventually, he found one who was particularly attractive.

"Computer, locate Shannon Heckart."

"Subject found. Heckart, Shannon. Female. 24. Earth. North America. United States of America. California. Thousand Oaks. Sycamore Avenue. 4897. Bedroom."

"Upload coordinates to teleporter."

"Coordinates uploaded."

Zuk got up from his chair and into the teleporter. With an excited sigh, he hit the button to engage the machine and in a bright flash he was gone.

Zuk reappeared in the dark bedroom of Shannon Heckart. He quietly crept over to the window to get a glance of the world outside but it was the girl that he was truly interested in.

"Hello," he said, timidly.

The woman on the bed did not stir.

"Shannon Heckart?"

No movement.

Zuk approached the sleeping woman and tapped her on the shoulder causing her to instantly snap into a seated position and scream. This startled Zuk and he jumped back and cloaked himself.

Shannon was about to dismiss the unseen threat and lay back down when Zuk appeared out of nowhere. She wanted to be scared but instead she was perplexed by the sight of him.

"Hi," he said, initiating the conversation.

"What are you doing here? What are you?"

"Which do you prefer I answer first?"

"Just start talking alright, before I call the cops."

"No need to bring the local authorities into this. My name is Zuk Uxelu; I am from the planet Lykaon. I am here to engage in the Earth variation of sexual intercourse."

"Sex? You're here for sex?"

"Precisely, should we start?"



"That is what I said. Why don't you fly up out of here, Mr. Alien man?"

"I appreciate the kind formalities miss but they are not necessary."

"Kind form...get the fuck out of my house!"

"Please, allow me to have sex with you; I've pined for it for so long."

Shannon turned on the lamp next to her bed, allowing her to see the alien more clearly. She rose out of bed and walked toward the small green alien. He stood no taller than her waistline. Then she saw it, a large dick coming out of the alien's face. She reached over to touch the erect member which caused Zuk to shudder, pleasurably, for a moment.

"Your penis is on your face?" She asked, surprised.

"Yes miss, it's used for sex and for smelling; it's my nose also you see."

Shannon made a face like she thought that was interesting but it was once she came up with a plan that a sly, sinister smile crossed her face.

"You wanna have sex, Moouk?"

"Zuk miss, and yes, I would be ecstatic with that."

"Alright," she said in a sultry voice.

She removed her underwear and approached her bed, mounting it on all fours. She presented her naked, perfect ass to Zuk.

"Well, get in there?"

"Your ass miss?"

"Yeah, my ass! Hurry up!"

Zuk quickly approached her and speared his nose into her ass and began going back and forth. Shannon moaned pleasurably, leaning back and forth herself, ramming her cheeks against Zuk's face with incredible force. A low grumbling was heard but dismissed by Zuk as he continued to ram his manhood within her. He was experience utter and complete euphoria until...


Shannon farted as Zuk fucked her and now his nose was deep within Shannon's bowels. The smell was wretched, smelling of rotten vegetables.

"Don't you dare take it out!"

He couldn't help it; the smell was too terrible within her ass. He quickly retreated his nose from her body. She was enraged by this.

"What the fuck are you doing? Stick your dick back in there now!"

Zuk presumes all will be okay now and returns to fucking the woman. After a few more seconds, however, she blows again.


This one was worse than the previous and as soon as the smell hit Zuk he pulled out.

"You fucking asshole! I told you to keep it in there!"

"I'm sorry Shannon Heckart, it's stinks pretty bad. Your gasses. Do all humans do this during sex?"

Shannon wanted to smile at the comment but she remained angry instead. "Don't change the subject, you little green midget."

"I'm sorry miss, we can try again."

"We will try again and this time I will be sure you're not going anywhere."


She didn't respond, she approached Zuk and knocked him down so he was lying on his back. Then, she turned her back to him and lowered her asshole onto his dick and sat on his face. His dick went far up into her ass and her weight pinned the small alien under her.

"There no, isn't this great?" She asked, rhetorically.

Zuk could not answer but attempted to kick himself from under her but she was far too heavy for him. He tried to hit the transport button on his watch but he could not reach it; he had to face it...he was stuck with his nose far up this gassy girl.


Shannon sighed in sweet relief as the gasses swirled around Zuk's nose in her body. She laughed an evil laugh as she began to finger her vagina.


She farted again and Zuk's head was spinning, he was losing it under her; the smell was other worldly to him. He felt himself fading.

Shannon moaned loudly as she approached her climax and with a perfectly timed ass blast, she farted one last time as she came like she had never came before.


She relaxed for a moment and sat back on Zuk's face as she recomposed herself. After a few moments, she carefully rose off the alien's face and went to sit on her bed. Zuk was barely conscious and did not move for several minutes.

"So, was that everything you dreamed of?" Shannon asked the near lifeless alien on her bedroom floor.

He didn't respond, he just breathed heavily and then began to cry.

Shannon tried to ignore it at first but it pierced her and the nurturing woman inside her needed to know what was wrong.


"Just leave me alone Shannon Heckart."

"Please, I want to know what's wrong. I'm really sorry I did that to you, I just got wrapped up in my own fun and I forgot that you are a person too you know."

"It's not just that, I mean, I came here to experience real sex for the first time in my life. It was banned on my home planet and I was really excited to visit a land where sex is practiced and enjoyed by its citizens."

"You've never had sex before?"

"Not on my planet and the way you humans have sex enticed me greatly."

"Oh, I'm very sorry Zuk. Let me make it up to you."

Zuk sat up.

"Come here."

"Forget it; you are just going to fart on me more like I'm your seat, your toilet."

"No, I'm not. Just come here."

Zuk cautiously approached and Shannon parted her vagina for him, indicating that she wanted him to enter her feminine cavern. And he did; plunging his nose deep inside her. The pleasure was instantaneous and great as he bobbed his head in and out of her bush. She joined in too, placing her hand on the back of Zuk's head forcing him in and out. It was not long before he came inside her. This startled her a bit.

"What? What's going to happen?"

Zuk removed himself from her, "What do you mean?"

"You came inside me; I don't want some alien baby."

"Don't worry, creatures of different species cannot procreate and thus no such baby will be formed."

Shannon nodded.

"That was truly wonderful Shannon Heckart."

"I agree."

"I thank you very much for allowing me to do that inside you, it was the best experience of my life."

"Well thank you; it will certainly be a memorable one for me."

Zuk was about to press the button on his watch to leave for home when...

"Come back again," she said.

Zuk smiled, "I'd love to."

And with that, he vanished in a bright, white flash.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.