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Ex-BF, New TP
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: April 8th, 2012

It was between periods, the young Goddess darted past occupied classrooms to her ex's locker. She planted her massive booty over the vents and laid a loud, long one minute fart into his locker.

She sighed audibly when she was finally finished and then the bell ring; classes quickly started to empty, the Goddess ran off to the ladies bathroom and peered out from the doorway.

She giggled when he opened his locker and was repulsed by a ghastly gassy smell that everyone immediately assumed was him. No one even laughed, they were pissed it was so smelly.

PPPPPPPRRRRRRRBBBBBBBPPPPPP! The Goddess farts getting a little excited, it echos in the empty tile girl's room. She smiles contently.

Soon, he's close, he's about to pass; the Goddess reaches out and grabs him.

"Wha, what is this?!" He asks as she holds his collar aggressively.

She begins to walk as she says, "Cheat on me will you?"

"Oh, no, I'm sorry about that, okay, I didn't mean to."

"Fuck you! Don't fucking say anther fucking word just..." she drops him against the toilet, his heading falling into the bowl, a loud gurgle is heard as she removes he tight jeans revealing her perfectly big buttocks. "Mmmm...take it," she says as she sits down on the toilet, sealing her ex's head between the bowl and her butthole.

A laughing moan rips a sputtering wet fart against his face as he starts to scream loudly.

The Goddess, just a little afraid of trouble, pushes aggressively to fill his mouth with a massive, solid dump that fills his quivering mouth as he struggles to suck in oxygen around the massive and disgusting log that drips anal liquid down his throat at intervals that make him cry involuntarily as the toxic liquid slides down his toungue. The Goddess laughs, farting a few airy but powerful stinky blasts against her toilet's face.

A defeaning crackle unloads a huge shit that pounds against his face and pushes it back with it's weight, his head touches the shit-filled water around it. It continues to beat against him endlessly and force him lower and lower into the shitty-water; soon he's drowning in it, gargling the shit-liquid before being pulled from the bowl and tossed under the diver into the next stall.

A moment of peace before his light is shadowed by the Goddess' sadisticly smiling face, "Miss me?" She asks, hovering her massive butt over his pathetically shaking face. He tries to work away but she puts a foot over his balls and begins to unload a Nile full of shit over his face and all around the floor of the bathroom.

"I think...urg....I'm almost done!" The Goddess estimates as she releases a massive log that smacks against the toilet's face with the force of a baseball bat.

The Goddess squats down near the toilet's face, sepearting her bootycheeks and blasts a huge fart over his moaning face; an aggressive spray of diahrrea follows without warning, the Goddess laughs.

She looks down at him, "You've probably had just about enough, huh sweetie?"

He barely moves, twitches occassionally.

"There's just one more thing; you may recall a favor I did for you recently, I thought, before we go our seperate ways, you could pay me back for it."

His eyes got wide with fear.

"Lick my asshole," she said cruely.

He shook his head no and she grabbed him by the neck and shoved his toilet-face up her ass; "I said now!"

She aggressively rubs his head against her crack; she presses his nostrils up against her asshole and holds it there.


An intolerable fart explodes inside the toilet's face and burns like putrid toxic waste as it torments every sense in his body with it's odeferous emission.

"Stick your tongue out!" She demands; weakly he does and she continues to rub his face against her filthy ass like well used toiletpaper.

She grunts, holding his mouth to her butt as she fights to push a massive log with unhuman girth and forcing it to the toilet's mouth as his eyes wince in unbearable suffering.

The Roman column-sized log juts from his mouth at least two feet and does not waver or threaten to break.

Through teary eyes, the toilet sees the Goddess' divine booty leave; she turns and looks at him with all the superority in the world, "You just got dumped, punk!" And she walked out.

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