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Enslaved (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 2011

"How could you be so cruel?"

"Oh come on, it's not that bad," she says, as she lowers herself again, farting a small wet one as her putrid asshole covered my nose. She had heard quite enough. "Command, breathe deeply," she ordered regally.

"You bitch," I muffle as my nostrils flare to the scent of noxious gas.

"Tell me what it smells like," she asks as she rises.

Monkey gasps at the fresh, cool air; PRRRPPPPPPPP! Trip ensures he doesn't enjoy too much.

"Tell me what it smells like!"

"It smells like shit you cunt!"

"No, I don't think so. Command, tell me it smells like flowers."

"Err...uh...your farts smell like flowers."

"Yay! So you won't mind some more than," she said as she leaned forward, her cold hands running across my stomach.


"Oh God," I said before my face was covered in ass.

"I thought you said it smelled like flowers?" She asked innocently, popping a little fart bubble against my nose.

I moan, she laughs.

"Monkey's a good name for you; I wonder what else you can do."

Trip rises off Monkey's face and rotates her petite, naked butt to sit on me the reverse way; she can see my eyes now.

"Eat me."


"Command, cunnilingus"

I went to my commanded task, eating out this bitch of a woman.


"That's it Monkey, take it; breath it in." She bit her lip and clenched up.


Her pussy became wet as she sighs softly.

"Good Monkey."

Exhausted, he asks, "Can I go now?"

"Go? You're not going anywhere; you're mine."

He stares at her, "Take this thing off now."

"Oh, I don't think so; Command, sleep."

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