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Chopping Block
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 8th, 2015

The boss shifts awkwardly on her chair. BRRRRrrrrruuuuuppp!

She sighs in relief.

Below her, under her ass, Martin softly shook and cawed, trying desperately to survive breathing in the boss' putrid gas.


"MMm, it's good today, isn't it, Martin?"

"Mrrumm," I mumbled, in the affirmative.

"That's a good boy; you've learned well."

She lifts up off my face, clutching her stomach; FRRRRRrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuupp!

The putrid stench paints my face with an almost visible cloud of gas; and she sits back down, proudly, sealing me in with her stink.

After what felt like forever, she finally lifted up and pushed me back; a sign we were done. I coughed as silently as I could as I desperately heaved to get oxygen back in my lungs.

"That's enough, Martin; you're done, I need to speak with you about something rather important."

She looks down at me from her standing position as I breathe heavily, trying to recover from her gas attack.

"Martin, I'm a bit sorry to say this but, I can't justify you as an expense anymore. Your position just isn't necessary; and, as much as I don't want to lose you, I no longer have the money to pay you."

I just look at her blankly, I can't believe this is happening. After all I did for that bitch; literally sniffing her ass!

"There's really only one way you could stay."

"What's that?" I ask, hopeless at this point.

"You'd have to convince the other employees to lose their bonuses this year."

I think hard for a moment; how difficult would that be? Probably impossible. Or maybe not, maybe it's worth, fuck, what am I saying; I could just be free and get away from all this. Finding a new job might be hard this really so bad. No of course it fucking is, you're sniffing gas for a job; that's no life. But it is...sorta easy...I guess. The money's not bad now. Temporary pain, life time leisure; maybe I should give this a shot.

"Well?" The boss asks.

"I'll do it, I'll try to convince them."

"What a determined little sniffer you are, I knew I picked the right nose for this job; hahaha!"

Oh, god...I'm her fucking pet; her slave

"Well, get going; you've got a lot of work to do, Martin."

I exit her office and head to the first desk; it's Janet, she's the only one her kinda nice to me. She says Hi at least.

She sits, working dutifully at her desk; the computer monitor reflecting off her glasses. She sees me approach.

"Hey Martin, how's it going?"

"Not bad, not wanted to ask you something."

"Sure, shoot."

"Uh, well, they say I'm going to get fired."

"Oh no, that's terrible"

"I know, it really would suck; but there is hope. Um...which is why I'm here. I have to convince everyone to not take a bonus this year to keep my job."


"Is that, a problem?"

"I, I guess it's not; I was kind of counting on that money this year but, no I mean...if you're willing to do something a bit different for me, maybe I could work it out."

"Sure, whatever it is; I'll do it."

"Okay, okay, great! This is exciting! Do you mind if we do it now?"

"Uh...what is it?"

"Well, I want you to kneel next to my desk here, okay?"

"Okay..." I say, a bit perplexed as I kneel near her.

"Now, open your mouth."

I do as she asks...but this can't be good...

I hear her scrape her throat with her tongue, grumbling softly before hocking back and spitting right in my mouth; almost choking me on the massive loogie.

She giggled in delight as she watched my eyes wince to her spit.

"Oh, god, that felt amazing. Here, here, here; get on the floor!"

She pushes me down to the floor, kicks off her shoes quickly and plans her panty hosed feet in my face; they smell wretched, unwashed, sweaty.

I moan softly under her and watch, between toes, her start to touch herself.

She takes a moment to lift up to put all her weight on her foot in my face, like trying to crush me.

She sits back down forcefully and grabs me by the hair; tugging me near her already wet pussy.

"Eat me," she whispers down to me like a command.

I'm assaulted by putrid smells of her less than groomed vagina; I force my tongue in and feel like puking almost instantly.

She wraps her legs around my head and holds me there, making me taste her and nothing else.


She let out a little fart, then squeezed harder; "You smell that, bitch!"

I had no choice as I was forced to eat out her pussy, the smell wafted to me; mixing with the sour smell I was already enduring.

She shakes my head violently, gritting her teeth as she spurts out a bit on my face and finally settles down, sitting normally finally. After a minute of holding me there, gently stroking my hair, she released me to fall on my back.

"God, yeah, you can keep your job; just so long as you keep doing that."


"Yes, you will be serving me; you understand? If it's not here, I'll find you and make you my slave, permanently; got it?!"


"Good. Now run along; you've got more employees to convince," she chuckles to herself, no longer even looking at me.

Next was Angela. She hates me. I asked her out once, it was awkward; she never let me forget it. But not even as a joke; just a cruel attempt to make me relieve the humiliation. Maybe I should wait on her until last...

"Martin!" She calls out.

Fuck. I'm fucked.

"Martin, come here;" she roughly grabs my arm, dragging me to the center of the room.

"Ladies! I'd like to make an announcement. Martin here is in danger of being fired; so he's going around begging us to drop our bonuses this year."

I shook with fear under her grip.

"Now, I know we all love having Martin here and he's willing to show us how much he loves working with us. So let's give Martin the chance to serve us all, right now!"

"Oh, god, no," I whisper.

Angela pulls me down to the ground and sits on my face like a stool.


Her fart is hot and eggy; it smells putrid underneath her ass, but quickly she rises up and another, fatter butt, comes into view before the light is sealed out.


A long bassy fart practically blows my face away; as she stands, I fall to the ground where another ass is waiting, squatting inches above; no panties in sight.


A slightly wet fart splatters my face as I continue to inhale the putrid gas around me; dizzy now and losing consciousness.

A hand lifts me by the hair into another ass; jeans pulled down.


As soon as released, I drop my head back and watch a small line of three women spit right in my face.

"Please, no..." I beg but it goes unheard or unacknowledged.

Finally, I hear the women start to depart; one or two remain to rip a few, airy farts in my abused and broken face but the worst of it seems over.

The boss comes out from her office, briefcase in hand; leaving for the night.

She walks over with a big smile, "Well, you did it; you're staying on Martin, congratulations."

I was no longer sure that was a good thing; but now what choice did I have?"

"Well, I'm glad you're staying Martin; and I got you a gift to celebrate."

My eyes light up just a little; maybe this was all some test...maybe now I'd be respected.

"I need you to stay overnight tonight; but you won't be lonely."

From the front doors, walks in a woman of at least 400 pounds; she's gigantic, and tall!

Oh, my god...she's going to be...

"Martin, this is Lynn; she's a new overnight intern. She'll be...urm...keeping you company tonight."

My eyes widen.

"Specifically, your face," the boss added with a slight chuckle as she exited the office.

Lynn stands right in front of me now, I look up at her.

She smiles, cruelly, "Ready to get started?"

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