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Booty Flu
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 19th, 2012

"That sounds great," the teen Goddess said talking on the phone. She shifted herself on the couch.

"Okay, see you soon," she continued; her stomach growled, she clutched it with her free hand and hung up with the other.

She looked up and moaned softly, a slight smile forming in the corners of her mouth as she slowly ripped a terrible fart right up Darren's nose, who lay trapped between the seat cushions directly beneath her powerful booty. She rubbed his chest softly, nuturingly before she rose, taking only some of the smell with her, the rest baked on, likely forever onto the eldest brother's face; it sits lifeless and cortorted to hilarious proportion from the wretched gas he was forced to take in.

It would only get worse. The two other brother, Adam and Timmy, sat on their knees waiting patiently, obetiently like good toilets with the Goddess is ill.

"Toilets my booty is feeling very sick; get under the table now and help you sister Goddess."

She pulled Darren from the couch and he slupped to the floor before weakly crawling to the table; Timmy followed, careful to avoid eye contact. Adam remained defiant at his own peril.

The Goddess squatted down near the youngest brother and protruted her massive booty out towards him; her cheeks pressed up against his before an explosive spray of diahreea knocked the boy back and against the table; his brothers getting a little residual spray that they tried to block with futility.

"You do what I ask Adam, understand?!" The Goddess says sternly; the last of the spray squirting aggressively out against the boy's face, the partially solid, nutty spray dripping grossly to his lap.

With the boys in position, the Goddess sauntered to the table and sat her booty on the hole directly above her brother's whimpering faces.


The Goddess sighs contently as the boy's convulse by the power of the toxic fart.

There was no warning when an oceanful of sliperly sludge rushed out of the Goddess' anus from above and washed over the poor boys' tortured faces.

"Mmmmmm, that feels so good, doesn't it boys?" The Goddess asked cruelly.

The Goddess shifted and a gassy, echoy blast rains slushy wet fart pieces all over the boys' already drenched faces.

A large, girthy log began to crown as the Goddess silently strained to push out a dump just slighty larger than her hole.

Timmy's face was right above the hole when the rocket proppelled crap beamed him in the head like a penny off the Empire State Building; he feel to the ground, unconsious. The sizable, offending log is stuck to his forehead like a unicorn with a horn made of dark shit.

The Goddess held her mouth to stifle a laugh as her booty unloaded liquid diahreea over the two remaining brothers.

As they gargle the intolerable waste, they too succum and pass out. The Goddess schemes for what's next.

Timmy is passed out in his room as the Goddess creeps in through the door. The boy hadn't woken up since the shit concussion but she was sure he was fine; she was going to prove it.

She hovered her nasty booty just inches above Timmy's face; the smell would be enough to arise any living creature.

Timmy remained still.

The Goddess paused.

She squeezed just a little and dropped a two inch log over her toilet brother's face; it smacked against his face and he awoke with a startle as some of the monster entered his mouth and he tasted a bit. He screamed in horror as the Goddess laughed, somewhat relieved, as she unloaded a backed up series of logs all over Timmy's face, immediately pinning it down under their weight. He struggled to free his head from the ever increasing crap pile but his body just flailed helplessly underneath the sludgy mountain.

"That's good, huh Timmy?" The Goddess said, causually allowing a long SBD to leak from her butt.

Timmy barely moved except for a vain attempt to shovel poop off his head with his exhasted hands. The Goddess enjoyed watching his struggle for a few minutes before moving to the next bedroom.

Darren's room was bright, the light was on but he was no where to be found.

The Goddess was not amused as her tummy grumbled impatiently, she held it to try to keep it in as she pulled a piece of carpet and then a small door underneath.

"Did you think this was smart?!" The Goddes yells down the tiny shaft where her brorther's eyes blink quickly.

"I'm so sorry, please just let me get out of here."

"No, I don't think so; it's too perfect," she says, sitting down. "See, my booty just fits over the hole.

An echoy fart unloads a gallon of soupy sludge down the toilet's hideaway, quickly filling it to his knees. Groans release semi-solid logs that rain down on Darren's face like thick, drippy hail as he whined and moaned from the putrid smell that was quickly building up in his little hole.

"This is what you get!" The Goddess says, straining, as her booty opens wide to unleash a hurricane force of smoothie shit that pours into the pool of crap and quickly reaching Darren's neck.

"Please!" Darren begs frantically almost fully immersed in his sister's waste.

She looks down between her legs at her treading brother; smiled and devistated her brother's face with a thick, heavy downpour of sludge until he was buried.

She closed the hatch door and put his table on top so he'd be quasi-drowning for at least a while in a wretched, lukewarm jacuzzi of shit.

Adam is slightly more clever and his size makes him slippery but the Goddess had watched a lot of crime tv and had started reading many forensics books following her passion of investigating.

The vent cover in Adam's room had been tampered with, the paint no longer matching up.

She pulled down the cover and pressed her booty flush against the now open vent; she presumed Adam would go deep within the ducts so she groaned hard to ensure her unload was a massive wave that would reach him before he could run further.

The waste trapped poor Adam like sticky tar as a loud, wet fart echoed throughout the ducts towards the screaming boy with a light mist of shit brushing against his face.

"Mmmmm, did I get you little punk?" The Goddess asked the young boy knowing full well he was drenched in her unGodly crap.

A pained gron and strain is finally released in the form of a river of liquid shit rushing towards and past little Adam as it quickly disperses evenly a thin layer of shit water all over the ventilation systems.

Adam hot boxes a small area of duct with putrid shit covering and surrounding him but he is offered nothing else to breath in his small, devistated hiding spot.

The entire house reeked of the Goddess' shit but luckily, the brothers would take the blame.

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