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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 5th, 2012

"Hi, you must be the babysitter; come in."

The long haired twenty-something year old entered the woman's house; it's nicely decorated, posh even.

"Hi...I'm Keith, yeah, I saw your ad."

"Oh I'm so glad you did, hunny. My name is Lydia; you can call me that, you're clearly a fine young gentleman."

"Oh...thanks...Lydia...," Keith says, sort of trailing off.

"Come sit down on the couch there; you have something on your mind?"

"Yes...I, I don't mean to be rude but the flyer didn't mention anything about payment...I'm a struggling student so I was just wondering..."

"My dear, don't worry about money; doing well here means you'll be quite taken care of believe me...and I can already tell you're going to be great," she says with a nurturing smile; her grinning teeth would reveal her intent but they hide behind soft, loving lips; lips that have entranced more than a few men to their demise.

Lydia is lost in thought; fantizising about this young man's face, she shakes it off. "Oh! Well I'm sure you'd like to meet the girls; follow me."

Keith couldn't help but watch Lydia's tight buns pressed against the purple sweats she wore; they bounced in hypnotic rhythm that made Keith regret having to get up to do anything but stare at her ass all day.

Lydia sees, from the corner of her eye, Keith's focused gaze upon her backside; she giggles to herself.

"Hey girls; this is Keith. He's wanting to be your new babysitter."

The girl's eyes light up; they are not that young, maybe 14 or 16.

These girls are probably able to take care of themselves, Keith thought to himself. He shrugged it off; maybe they had a wild side.

One of the girl's approached Keith and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the room. "I'm Shelly; I'm the nice one!"

"You so are not!"

"Am to!"

Lydia is about to speak but Keith interjects, "Girls, you both seem nice."

"Aww, thanks; my name is Jenny, it's good to meet you. You're a lot more handsome than our last babysitter."

"You can't say that Jenny!"

"You guys get to know each other, okay? Play nice. Keith, I'll come get you in a little bit and we can talk some more."


She smiled and exited; it was just Keith and the girls now.

"So, Keith, tell us about what you've done?"

"What, you mean like babysitting?" He asks with an innocent smile.

"Yeah I care about your babysitting; no, sex you idiot!"

"I don't appreciate you talking to me like that." Keith said in a meek fury of kindness.

Shelly laughed; Jenny replied, "I'm going to talk to you anyway I feel like it; that's what you're here for."

"Well what if I get your mother?"

Shelly jumps in, "Oh, I wouldn't."

"Why not?"

She smiles, "Just trust me."

Keith is at a loss; he's unsure how he'll be able to control these girls. Jenny appears behind him with duct tape and gets him across the mouth with it when he turns to look at her charging toward him.

Shelly hops from her bed and holds Keith down as he kicks and bucks away; screaming passionately against the duct tape on his mouth. Jenny cocoons the man in duct tape; the caterpillar figure cannot move a muscle. He shakes as if to try to roll himself and he does but it's pointless; the girls laugh as he rolls a few more times around the room.

"Are you finished?" Jenny asks.

Keith's eyes are wide with fear; his head drips with sweat and he can barely see the girls through his long locks that dangle over his face. He watches the girls, adorning wide smiles, as they pull down their pants to reveal their nude frames, their t-shirts dancing in and out of censoring, tauntingly; he couldn't help but get a little excited.

It was Jenny that finally came over; she holds her laptop in her hands. She stands over Keith's face and then squats still her butt cheeks rest on his face. From fresh air, Keith's face is plunged into a pungent hell of bodily releases from the backside of this teen.

Hands are felt on Keith's erect privates as Shelly digs for his zipper.

"Seriously?" Jenny asks.

"Why not? I'm not going to get him off; I just want his dick. Mom won't let my buy a fucking dildo."

"You're ridiculous!"

"Shut up bitch!" Shelly snaps back; she finally freed the young man's modest penis from his pants.

"Hey hold on!" Jenny calls out.


Jenny strains a little; PPRRRRRRRRAAAAAUUUMMMMMPPPPPPPP! The loud fart echoes wetly against Keith's face, his head shaking back and forth, aggressively trying to get away from the stink blast that explodes terribly in his nose; the blast sends him in a gaseous daze, spurts of giggling are heard.

Shelly is riding the young man's cock; she reaches under her butt and squeezes his balls, gripping them tightly as she pants and moans.

Keith feels a sharp trill of pain as the girl's grip tightens around his sack; she's screaming now, likely near cumming, hopefully near.


A low rumbling fart blasts against his privates; the sensation would be incredible to him if only the circumstances were different.

Shelly, through clenched teeth, moans as she cums.

"This isn't comfortable," Jenny says finally, she rolls off Keith's face and his nose flairs frantically to suck up the less tainted air.

A little tired, Shelly asks, "What if we play a game?"

"I've got to finish this essay, I don't have time to..."

"It's not that intensive; I'll play by myself if you don't..."

"Fine! What do you want to play?"

"Back to back?"

Jenny nods and lies on the floor.

"I'll go first," Shelly says, lying near Keith. She looks at him lovingly before slinking forward and spinning over onto her stomach.

Jenny types incessantly on her keyboard. Keith feels a heavy hand on his head; a finger twirls around a strand of the man's hair before grasping a large clump. Shelly lies on her side now; Keith's face plunges roughly into her ass, his nose rubs right against her hole.

"Oh," Shelly says, giggling; "I love how he feels in my ass; he tickles my butt."


Keith was spoiled on real air; he tried hard to buck away from the teen's ass but it was completely useless.

Shelly sighs contently; Keith feels another hand on his head. It grasps and pulls his head roughly from Shelly's ass and over to Jenny's.

"I have a big one for you slave!"

Jenny grabs Keith with her free hand as she shoves him over to her ass and lifts her cheek with the other; Keith's eyes are wide watching her hole pucker in and out so far, so aggressively.


Jenny moans euphorically as a wet fart sprayed a thin brown mist over Keith's face.

Shelly looks over; "God! You're so disgusting."

Jenny grabs Keith and shoves him up her butt, she rubs his face against her ass like toilet paper, "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that bean soup, it wasn't even that good."

Shelly laughed. "Here, give 'im to me!"

"No, hold on, I got another one."

Shelly shuffles over and presses her ass against the back of the slave's head.


Keith's eyes water profusely as he fights to open his mouth against the thick duct tape against his face; the gas flows eagerly up his nose.


She sighs as she twirls the man's hair playfully, painfully around her finger; she giggles when he cringes and takes a sharp inhale of her gases.

Keith feels his consciousness leave him as the girls continue to use him for their enjoyment.

A rough grab wakes Keith from his stupor on the floor; it's dark, everything seems quiet. A dark figure handles the young man; as he exits a room, his head bangs harshly against a door frame.

Down a hallway, into a large dark room, then another; finally a light switch, it blinds for a moment.

Keith is dragged a little farther; he is set down, his head rests against cushioned-padding. The shadow figure appears again; it's Lydia, they seemed to be in a bathroom. She's undoing the tape over the man's mouth; she's smiling lovingly, she's wearing a pink pants.

"There we are."

Keith gasps for air frantically having inhaled little but rancid farts through his tortured nostrils.

"How was your first day with the girls?"

"Awful! Please, get me out of here."

"That's too bad; I'd think you'd try to enjoy it...but you will."

"No! I fucking won't, just let me out of here! Please!"

Lydia's evil grin showed through as she descended the frightened young man with her throbbing pussy; she rubs it a little, biting her lip as she feels the tingle of cum waiting to be coaxed from her caverns.

She wraps her hand around the man's head and presses his face against her pussy lips.

"Eat me bitch!"

Keith sticks his tongue out into the woman's feminnity and immediately recoils back.

"You better fucking eat me or I'll use you as my toilet!"

Struggling to breathe and being face fucked by this attractive mother, Keith slowly starts to lap at the woman's pussy.

"That's right, eat through the funk," Lydia laughs, then moaning.

Keith eagerly ate Lydia's cunt; he somehow hoped doing a good job here would just make this all go away, he'd just get to go home and never think about this again.

Lydia screamed as she spurted; she shivered as she came. When she calmed down, she smiled slyly and started to fill up the young man's mouth with hot piss.

The boy gargles the woman's pee, screaming.

The mother starts to stroke the young man's hair, "That's right, drink it down for me."

Keith gulped the woman's burning piss as more began to flow; he wanted this to end, he just wanted it to be over, he drank as fast as he could.

The last drips drop against his throat. "Very good," Lydia says.

Lydia rises; Keith feels a wash of relief, a feeling this is finally over. She turns and approaches with her butt; coming to sit on the man's face. Keith screams as her ass engulfs his face.

"That's good, keep"

Lydia grunts and groans as she pushes a thick log from her ass and down the young man's throat; he cries futilely as he starts to swallow down the woman's log, more pushing aggressively down his throat.

"Mmmm, yes; see Keith, I told you, 'well taken care of.' I definitely made a good choice with you; now eat a little more of my shit dear, that's good."

Keith screams are muffled with the mighty log clogging his throat.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.