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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 16th, 2011

Holy shit, seriously...she's walking towards me? Why? Why? Why would she do that? Is she looking at me? Staring at me? Is there something on my shirt? Relax! Just calm...

"Hey," she says, her voice is a bit deeper than I expected; maybe she smokes.


"I saw you from over there. You seemed, I don't know...cute."

"Yeah? Well you know..."

She laughs; she's a bit older, more experienced.

"Do you wanna come back to my place?" She asks, rather directly.



Her house is mere blocks away; we talk about tv shows as we walk and I catch glimpses of her sweet round ass barely covered by her tiny blue skirt. God, she's hot; I'm so fucking horny.


I start unbuttoning my shirt as she unlocks the door to her pitch black house. I try to kiss her as the door opens but she holds me back while dragging me up the stairs with her; damn she's sexy. She leaves the lights off.

I'm flung to the floor near her bed; I try to get up but a foot comes down across my now bare chest.

I feel the leg; hairy, muscular. This is a man's leg; what the fuck?!

A lighter illuminates on the other side of the room as candles start to burn more brightly and I can sort of make out the face of the man who stands on me.

"Why the fuck does he have his shirt off?"

"What the fuck is this?! Who are you?!"

"I don't know, he started unbuttoning it outside."

"Who the hell are you people?!"

"Can you hand me the tape hun?"

I watch as she hands him a roll of duct tape and he rips a big piece off and comes towards me with it. He puts it over my mouth; sealing it. I try to breathe from my mouth but it's completely shut; I choke a little as I freak and forget to use my nose.

I scream out against the tape but it's muffled; the guy smiles and takes foam plugs and stuffs them in my ears. They expand to fill the space; I can't hear much, just soft whaas and whoos. I'm terrified.

I look up to see the woman; stark naked now, her whole body equally as perfect as her ass. She stretches and I see that tight ass flexed; oh, so fucking hot. I get a little chubby.

I watch, in slow motion, the man's foot come down on it as he notices me staring at, I guess, his girl. Such a bolt of pain running through my body only to retract right back to my ballsack; excruciating.

They are both near me now; they stand over me and make out. Slowly, they begin to squat; the man on my privates and the woman on my face. I feel my still semi-soft penis enter the man's crack; it's warm and sweaty against my member. Then the smell; like cauliflower and beans, it hovers over me. It's awful; I can't focus on anything else. I wiggle to try to get free but it's no use.

I feel a vibration against my dick; it sickly excites it a bit. I puke a little but have to swallow it.


Oh God no! I feel the hot wind blow against my face; the noxious stink follows and overpowers. My eyes water as my nostrils take in the methane-based air. I reach for her hips and try to lift her off but I feel his hands grab mine and start to bend my finger back; I let go.

Finally, she's off my face; he's off my dick but he grabs my head and pulls me to my knees. I wobble there; barely conscious.

He smiles as he turns and plants his naked ass in my face.


My head get squeezed closer to his dirty asshole; closer to his putrid farts.

I'm quickly free from his stink prison as he holds his limp dick in his hand; he pulls the tape from my mouth and then shoves his mound in my mouth. He shakes around a bit; bounces, exciting himself. I gag as his penis gets harder in my mouth; I see his eyes roll back, his dick throbs and he dribbles a little before removing it from my mouth.

I spit his cum. He knees me in the face.


The next thing I remember is being on the bed; it's softness underneath me as soft, skin-like pillows bounce on top of me. It's boobs; the couple is fucking over me.

I hear soft moans and pants; someone sounds close...maybe both. Sick.

Someone grabs my head by the hair; my face goes in an ass.


More humping; I bounce back and fourth, in and out of the ass unrythmically, like someone on their first time on a horse.

I feel creamy wetness across my face. I close my eyes; I don't wanna know who's it is.

Wet lips land on my face; stinky. The woman bounces rubs her pussy against my face slowly at first, then more quickly; she pants, I feel her body shudder.

She squirts all over me. She remains on me; falling asleep. Once I stop gagging from the sour taste pressed against my tongue, I finally pass out.


I awake in a jump. I was still in their bedroom.

The woman is near me; she's on all fours, her naked butt near me. She lifts my head and presses it against her butt.


She rubs her asshole against my face.

I feel something go into my asshole; I try to look back but the woman holds my head against her pulsing asshole.

In and out of my hole; it hurts so much.


Oh God! The smell; I scream out.


A little shit sprays into my wide open mouth.

I feel something shoot up my ass.


Someone's kicking my foot; I can feel the hard ground against me. It's a cop.

"Sir, you can't sleep out here; I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Yes, yes, sir."

I get up; start to walk away, the cop goes back to his car.

"Hey, and take a shower will ya; you smell awful."

I'd never leave the shower again I thought to myself, ignoring him.


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