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Adventures with Claire (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 2011

I woke in darkness. My hands bound behind me and my legs tied together.

My shoes and socks were off, the latter being the stranger one; I feel soft

"Hello," I call out.

I hear squeaking; "Oh hey, you're awake."


Footsteps approach. I am blinded by light as my blindfold comes off; it sits like a necklace on my chest.

"Hey Will, I'm glad you're finally awake."

"What's going on?" I ask. My eyes adjust to find myself in a bedroom.

"Well you were so nice to invite me to the museum, I just wanted to repay
the favor."

I smile, snidely, "I knew you were strange but I didn't think you quite
this kinky."

I noticed she was only wearing a long T-shirt over small panties.

She laughs as she turns; she takes my head in her hand and presses it with
unseen strength against her naked butt; her underwear down.


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