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Weekend With Bernie

Runtime: 19 minutes
Price: $12



Fart Slave of the Witch

Runtime: 9 minutes
Price: $6


Homeless Fart Slave

Runtime: 48 minutes
Price: $30


Fart Prisoner of House Dimitrescu

Runtime: 19 minutes
Price: $12


Step-Mom's Pet

Runtime: 62 minutes
Price: $40



A Perfect Toilet

A young man suddenly finds himself at his mother's mercy when she decides to constrain him into an easy chair and train him as her toilet.


An Honorable End

A valkryire honors a defeated samurai warrior on the battlefield with a traditional Norse funeral rite. 


Anarky Incorporated

Anarky's important work is interrupted by her former protégé but she quickly sets Harmony and her goons right. 


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Handbook for The Femdom Empire

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Kissing the Ring

Commission Collection
Volume 1

155 Pages

PDF Version Only

Paperback or Kindle

Kissing the Ring: Volume 1
includes all 9 stories listed below!

Weekend with Aunt Nora

After four years, Rodney finally visits his Aunt Nora with conflicted thoughts about their last encounter and an obsession that he needs to alleviate.


Anarky for Change

Anarky Rose uses her keen abilities to force a female CEO to improve her company's policies on climate change.

# of words: 1,392

Coup du Korea
The Dictator of Middle Korea has callously ignored Anarky's demands; it's time for her to be succeeded.



Anarky Out of this World

Anarky is abducted by a greedy corporate alien eager to stop her good deeds but she's never one to lose the upper hand and quickly flips it on him.


The Big Applebottom

A giantess terrorizes New York City with her big black booty and has a hell of a lot of fun doing it.




A lesbian couple find domination fart porn to be a lucrative venture and even catch the attention of a world-renowned legend of the fetish, but the pair might be in a little over their head.


Princess Up in Harlem

Reese is the starring submissive in her first fart porn film with Princess and company. She better be up to the challenge or suffer the consequences.


The Big Engagement

Jared's not the most assertive guy but he does alright until his sisters sabotage his efforts with the girl of his dreams, and right before an important birthday. Once it passes, Jared is legally required to submit to his mother and serve her.

Attack of the Twins

Hannah and Jana, a sadistic pair, find a way to
cruelly and fatally torment their favorite nerd when
they stumble upon her growth ray.

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